types of martial arts

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People choose a style of martial art or types of martial arts for any reason. Some people choose it for Strengthening the muscles and some people take it as a hobby. And others Training for self-defense on the street. if you try to know the types of martial arts or you are confusing about what to choose. So this article can help you.

Best 7 types of martial arts:

1. Kickboxing :

kickboxing  types of martial arts

The kickboxing sport literally means “kick” legs with boxing, and it is a fairly modern sport. As it was founded in the 1970s in the United States of America, and then spread widely. This sport has its own techniques in punches, knee strokes, and even kicks, Which you hit as soon as there is a defensive gap in your opponent. Your strokes must be fast, direct, and confusing to the opponent. :

  • Attack your opponent with a forward kick in the chin with the maximum force you can, and if you are well trained you will be able to deliver a severe and fast strike so that your opponent will not absorb what happened until it is too late.
  • If you attack with enough force you will be able to break the attacker’s jaw, break his teeth, make him bite part of his tongue, or you can even break his neck.
  • You can also get away from the opponent’s attack. Carry his weapon, and steer a strong grip on the opponent’s nose. But this will confuse him badly, and your gun control may lose his focus completely.

2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

brazilain jijutsu types of martial arts

It is one of types of self-defense or martial art. When you hear « Brazilian » you think that his original is Brazilian but they only develop in it. They are Japanese. They based on ground fighting and grappling. This sport allows small people or weak person to defend himself again bigger opponent Using submission and leverage

3. Krav Maga

men using krav maga move

Krav Maga is not a martial art in itself but rather a combination of more than a martial art developed and used by Israeli special forces, and it is not considered a sport of self-defense in the ordinary sense because it mainly depends on violent skills, and attacking the opponent in vital places It may hurt him a lot. The main objective of the attack is the eyes and the genitals, as well as the head strokes or even using anything as a weapon to inflict the greatest possible damage, and it consists of three main stages which are: direct dealing with the danger, whether a blow or a weapon, preventing the attacker from preparing for the next attack, and finally subjecting the attacker as Full. Watch the next clip to learn more about this violent art

4. Karate:

karate types of martial arts

Who doesn’t know karate? it is one of the famous martial sport and the roots of this sport go back to the year 1300 and mean empty hands where the trainee does not use any weapon, except the arms of his body such as feet and hands In the past.

karate was used in particular to confront thieves, criminals, and bandits without a weapon

6. Judo:

judo combat types of martial arts

Founded first in Japan by Dr. Jiguru Kano as a result of the mockery of others it was during his childhood.

combined a set of basics and methods of Jujitsu and other martial sports to establish his new style. the main idea of ​​judo is based on the use of the opponent’s strength against him for this reason they do not need strength Great, this sport is also based on the idea of ​​throwing the opponent to the ground instead of direct cohesion with him during self-defense, then followed by the most important step which is to subjugate the opponent by suffocation or fix it in a very painful way to him.

In fact, Guru Kanu has not introduced dangerous moves from the art of jujitsu to Judo to enter the game into the Olympics!

If you need to start learning judo I recommend this judo for fitness program check it here: judo workout program

5. Aikido:

aikido tarining

A Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba in the early twentieth century as a product of his studies of martial arts, philosophy, and religion. This sport relies on using the opponent’s energy and power directly against him. It is surprising that aikido trainees are trained to care for the opponent’s life. Due to the severe injuries, they may cause, and their goal is to extract the weapon from the opponent. Not their injury. Weapon training is available, and as such, it helps them deal with stick attacks, swords, and even knives. (Morihei Yoshiba), the founder of Aikido, always tells his disciples: (You must prepare to receive 99% of the opponent’s attack to stare at death with ridicule).

7- Taekwondo :

taekwando types of self defense

Taekwondo is famous for kicks and foot strokes, it combines physical and mental strength together. To find its trainees distinguished in strength, stamina, speed, balance, and also flexibility. And many ordinary people can learn about taekwondo style for the ability of its players to break brick blocks with their bare hands or even their feet. Taekwondo means (the way to grip and foot).

best 7 styles of martial arts

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