training motivation

It can be easy to get discouraged or lose motivation while training. Here are 12 tips that can help you to stay motivated.

12 simple tips to boost your training motivation

1) Know why you are doing this

Determine the real reasons why you want to take care of yourself, beyond fitness and weight loss. Write down in detail the benefits of your care and how the benefits will be felt. Above all, keep this list close to you and go out during moments of reduced motivation!

2) Find a workout you like

If your program is boring, complicated, or too long … your chances of giving up are greater! Make sure you have a tailor-made program that respects your tastes and the time you have for training. I like circuits where there is no rest time between exercises, I work all the muscles of the body in less than 35 minutes. This can boost your training motivation

3) Be guided by a health professional

The difference is clear: people who train with a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist are more diligent than those who train alone. And that does not mean having a coach with you at all times, but their recurring presence, whether it is weeks, two weeks, or even months, has a positive influence! Here are the main reasons:

  • They motivate you
  • modify the plan as and when required to ensure results are obtained
  • help you find solutions to the barriers you face
  • They accompany you through each step to succeed in finding YOUR lucky combination that will unlock the padlock of your health, in order to maintain your new habits of life… for life!

4) Set small goals to achieve

It is important that you are able to see your progress. To do this, set yourself realistic goals whose achievement will be easily identifiable. Choose small goals rather than just one big one. Wanting to lose 20 pounds can seem daunting while wanting to lose one pound a week seems easier… and more encouraging!

5) “Just do it”

Once on the schedule, stick to this training session without wondering if it tempts you … chances are it doesn’t tempt you! I like this famous Nike signature, “Just do it” because it simplifies the act of training and closes the door to excuses!

6) Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

The body has the ability to continuously adapt to the efforts that are imposed on it … which is absolutely great! However, this is also the reason why we reach a plateau at certain times, during a weight loss process among others. This is why we must continually increase the intensity of our exercises and vary the nature of them. Avoid falling on “autopilot” and change your training routine at least every 4 to 6 weeks.

7) Count on a friend

Meeting your friend at the gym is a significant motivator! She is also a person to share your progress with. Be sure to set a clear schedule with a friend you will be training with. As bizarre as it may seem, it’s easier to drop yourself than it is to drop a friend!

8) Weigh/measure each Monday

Monday is often the day when motivation is at its peak! Make it the day of measurements: weigh yourself or better yet, assess your body composition. Write down your weekly results to follow your progress and readjust each week! Knowing that the measures will be taken on Monday, you may be more concerned with maintaining your good habits on weekends!

9) Every gesture counts

Whether it is for exercise or food choices, remember that every gesture has an impact … as small as it is! If you do not plan to exercise for a day, be sure to walk more, use the stairs or park further. Multiply the opportunities to move.

10) Join a group

Group lessons today are many and varied. Whether with a facilitator or a personal trainer, sign up for a 10 or 12 lesson session, and make friends with the other participants. The guilt factor can help here: if you don’t show up, others will notice…

11) Reward yourself

Give yourself a gift when you reach your goals. Recognition is always appreciated… why not “self-recognized” yourself? Whether it’s a massage, a new training set, or a restaurant outing with a friend, there are good reasons to celebrate.

12) change your perception

Exercise should not be a temporary means of achieving your desired weight. From the moment you perceive your training as part of your personal hygiene


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