Time Management For Teachers

Mastering time management for teachers is such good support. It will help the teacher managing his professional life as a teacher without sacrificing his personal life. Time management gives a clear direction of how you can face your busy day and make your time count to your goal achievement.

As a teacher your life will frequently deal with a lot of tasks. You have to calculate the student’s score, prepare your tomorrow’s subject, attend a meeting, and complete your daily teaching.

You will spend most of your time dealing with stacks of paper, letter, memos, schedule, students quiz, picture, diagram, chart and so on. If you do not manage each element in your teaching life you will easily get confused and overwhelmed, you will lose your own way and wonder to which you should go.

In a big picture Time management for teachers will deal with two big factors :

  1. The task.
  2. The student.

Dealing With the Task.

You need to manage and organize the tasks in order. Identify how you can keep your task load under control. They must not make you feel intimidated and overwhelmed. Or, if not you can get some problem in your teaching process (The overload task can tear your concentration in your teaching).

Below a few tips that could be helpful in dealing with your task :

Review the syllabus

 that you will complete in your semester and compare it with the class that you will have. You will know how broad your lesson and the time that you have. You can then make a proper allocation for each topic that you will teach. Identify the biggest chunk in those topics that could be a problem for the students and think about how you will handle it.

Plan your teaching.

Identify the critical point that you will convey to the student and think about how you will do that. You need to arrange the steps in your teaching process in the right order. You can start from the basic concept of the topic and then move to more details.

Learn about the student’s study techniques.

You should teach the student indifferently. Time management for teachers involves the learning strategy. Some students may be audio, some may be visual but the others may be kinesthetic. You should teach them base on their own learning style. This will help them understand and absorb more information given. If there are few students in your class, you may be able to identify each student study techniques and match your teaching process according to the techniques. However, if you have a lot of students then you must involve both techniques (Audio, visual, or kinesthetic) in your teaching process. See a few tips below to enhance your teaching process :

For the audio student :

  • Speak in a clear and loud voice.
  • Use the help of music.
  • Turn the fact in beautiful rhyme. It would be better if you could create a poem or a song of the fact the need to memorize.
  • Keep the class quite. An audio student cannot concentrate well if there is too much noise in the class.
  • Repeat your explanation properly.

For the visual students :

  • Dress in a well color. Do not wear a dress that does not fit each other. It can distract the visual student view.
  • Use a diagram, chart, slide, or any kind of picture in your teaching process.
  • Be sure that the student can see your explanation well.

For kinesthetic students :

  • Use a model or tool to help your teaching process.
  • Ask a question and let them find the answer.
Ask your colleague about the topic that you will teach.

They may know the best way to teach the lesson that they had used. This will be your stepping stone from which you will start your lecture method. This will save you time, you do not need to formulate your own method. You just need to adapt to their system and implement it in your own class. You can modify or change their way properly.

Manage your file well.

In time management for teachers filing often becomes a big distraction. A teacher will frequently deal with stacks of paper, memo, letter, schedule, student’s quiz, chart, diagram, and so on. This paper will mess your workspace, make it awful and unorganized. Do a few things below :

  • Classify the files into a few categories. You can categorize the paper into a student task, memo, letter, paper, teaching tools, and so on.
  • Bundle the files in a color container and complete it with the note.
  • Have a visible cabinet. Put the file in an easy to find the place so you can save time whenever you need to use it.
  • Make a regular schedule to get rid of some of your old files. This will be useful to avoid your cabinet from being overload.

Dealing With the student

Manage the student to support your teaching process. Ask them to participate in each activity to make the class clean, tidy, and friendly.

Time management for teachers should enable students increase their willingness to accept more responsibility in their learning process. They are willing to accept any kind of task that you give without feeling intimidated. They are willing to research any material that could support their lesson and they are willing to develop their insight continuously.

Time management for teachers tips below could be a stepping stone for you :

  1. Ask them to always pick any garbage around their seat before they leave the class. It will be a good habit if they could do this regularly. The student will need less time in cleaning their room.
  2. Ask the student to prepare a question about the subject before they enter the class. It will trigger them to have a preliminary study before they listen to your lecture and increase their understanding in the subject that you teach.
  3. Do not hesitate to delegate. Some of the students will gladly accept the tasks to help you.
  4. Give 5-10 minutes break in the middle of your teaching. You will give them time to refresh their mind to be ready to accept the next lesson. This break will be their chance to rethink what they have just listened. They may find a good question that could widen their insight.

Time management for teachers give a clear and straightway to smooth your task as a teacher. It helps you control your daily life and give you more achievement.

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