the comfort zone

You probably heard more than once that a person needs to get out of his comfort zone to grow. So let’s see what a comfort zone is and why you need to leave it.

What is called the comfort zone

There are several answers to this question:

  • In science, the concept of “comfort zone” is associated with anxiety and implies a certain type of personality behavior, accompanied by a low level of anxiety.
  • For example, you prepare dinner, watch TV, read a book. All these activities do not make you uncomfortable, anxious, or anxious. They are familiar, you do them automatically. It is these actions that make up your comfort zone.
  • This is the “My world” in which everything is familiar and understandable, stable, and predictable. This living space, in which a person leads a habitual and appropriate way of life, feeling confident and safe.
  • The comfort zone is a psychological state expressed by a sense of satisfaction with life and a reluctance to change.
  • Each person has his own” fortress”, his own comfortable world, determined by his age, behavior, habits, and daily needs.
  • The comfort zone can also be considered a certain stage of life that has come, as it happens when growing up, or that a person has achieved by making certain efforts and surrounding himself with comfort.
  • Living in a comfortable space, a person is happy and it is difficult to accept the fact that this happiness can be fraught with pitfalls.

Why is the comfort zone dangerous?

A long stay (closure) in the comfort zone is accompanied by a stop in development. In addition, over time, a process opposite to development begins – degradation.

It is enough to realize this fact to understand the seriousness of the situation and take steps to change it.

How to know that you are “stuck” in a comfortable space

To do this, it is enough to analyze your own emotions that arise when you think about changes. For example, a change of place of residence, work, travel, or the need for new knowledge. Think and follow your emotions.

Having negative feelings is a sign of being stuck. The stronger the emotions that arise, the more firmly your comfort zone holds you.

The feelings that arise determine the further behavior of a person:

  • negativity causes resistance, protest, the desire to abandon the new, to leave everything as it is;
  • positive emotions contribute to the acceptance of the New, its adaptation, and further development.

As a motivation for change, we will give several arguments in favor of leaving the comfortable space.

Advantages of leaving the comfort space

the comfort zone


You can only speculate and fantasize about how life would have turned out if you had acted differently, choosing a different life path.

This will never be known, unless you experience it personally – for this you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Developing the ability to take risks

History teaches that a person owes great achievements and bold discoveries to risk, going beyond everyday life, and hard work to achieve his goals. Try it!

Example 1

Perhaps you are a designer, Read yourself about bold new trends and have ideas. You thought about how to give them life, but you found a dozen ” but»:

  • but will I be understood;
  • is it necessary, is it interesting for someone in our time;
  • but will I have enough strength?
  • Believe me, you should not be afraid to take risks, because you can always return to Old positions.

Example 2

Let’s say you have your own small business and you don’t mind expanding it. But for this you need to create new connections, meet and communicate with strangers, and you do not like it so much. But this does not mean at all that it will be so. In addition, old friends stay with you. But the comfort zone will expand significantly.

Example 3

You work alone for a long time, you need help. But how to trust strangers, where to find the strength to introduce them into the process? It is better to do everything yourself. Let less income, but more reliable.

Victory over laziness, complexes and fears

Too lazy to think, make decisions, change something, because everything is not bad anyway. And even if there is something to change, then a person finds dozens of reasons to justify his inaction, apologizing: “I have enough of everything” or “I need a little.” Laziness prevents you from getting out of your comfort zone.

Personality problems or complexes: low self-esteem leading to insecurity and discomfort, attitudes and prejudices. These rigid frames you erected to protect inner peace.

For example, you do not dare to change your profession, settle for low wages simply because you doubt that you will face other responsibilities, that you will join the new team.


which of us did not make them? It is generally accepted that to be mistaken is bad.

  • Any failure, any forgetfulness is a kind of lesson, knowing that we gain experience.
  • It is only through trial and error that one is destined to understand one another. It is up to you or not, whether it is necessary to “go” in this direction or it is better to refuse.
  • Analyzing your failures and mistakes, learning life lessons from them, you become wiser.
  • Overcoming your complexes, laziness, and fears, you conquer the force of attraction of your comfortable world and advance in development. Perhaps you yourself will find the answer to the question of how to get out of your comfort zone.

How to get out of a comfortable world

You need to understand and accept, agree with the importance of stopping

As long as you do not understand the meaning of the change, it will not move. This is the main condition for getting out of the comfort zone. The exit from the comfortable world must be gradual and prepared.

For the overwhelming majority of people, leaving a comfortable world is associated with some discomfort: emotional and even physical. For many, it’s stressful. In order to reduce its destructive power, it is worth preparing for such a change.

Change your daily routine from time to time

It’s great if you live according to the diet. It helps you connect, focus on your activities, and save energy.

From time to time (once a week, for example) choose a day when you can change the routine without large losses to include something new in it. This is the most affordable and simple way to let change in your life and overcome your fear of them.

Meet new people

Meet and communicate: with neighbors, new employees, other random travelers. Each person is a special world, recognizing that we are making new discoveries, which means that we are developing, and with this, your comfort zone expands.

Thanks to new knowledge, the comfort zone expands, its borders weaken.

Find yourself a new profession

Go to the courses that you have long dreamed of graduating from, in a club, Real or virtual, but certainly interesting for you. Be creative. Try to do it regularly and your life will be filled with new content.

Practice small trips

It can be weekend trips. Choose a destination and route, pick up the necessary things. You will receive a lot of new impressions, expand or even leave your “fortress” for a while, realizing that it is not at all scary.

Take on new responsibilities

We spend most of our time at work. Try to add variety to it:

  • participate in the implementation of a new project;
  • volunteer to assume certain responsibilities.

Do this by setting yourself a goal of success. It will be an enriching start to your career and development.

Doing sports

Do you play sports? Otherwise, it’s time to start by choosing the optimal, pleasant, and useful look for yourself. Already doing exercise – increase the load.

It is not so much the recordings that are important, but the process itself, which makes it possible to feel the strength, energy, so necessary for the transition to a new level.

Expand your menu

Over time, we get used not only to a certain daily routine but also to a monotonous diet. Discover a new world of flavors. Now it’s so accessible: just use an Internet search, fill out a query in the search bar and buy everything you need. It is not only interesting but also useful. And at the same time, you will have the experience of learning new things.

Set yourself new goals

New aspirations should involve a change of environment or personality, both externally and internally. And do not just dream, but act by determining the time frame for achieving what is planned. This will teach you how to plan and implement your plans.

Strive to learn new things

Get information from books, The Internet. This is an excellent brain training and an opportunity to expand your horizons. By doing only what you like or what you already know, what you already know-how, you limit yourself. Try to do something new and maybe you will like it, become a part of yourself. And you will wonder how you did not know this before, you lived without it.

New knowledge helps to push the boundaries of a comfortable area, helping to get out of it.

Improve your passions

Let’s say you are already passionate about something. Try to bring something new to your class:

  • growing flowers – making compositions from them;
  • collect stamps – participate in a thematic exhibition or quiz;
  • have an apartment ( cottage) – start repairs.

the comfort zone Output algorithm

Whatever you do, try to advance your studies by setting new goals and achieving them.

Practice and very soon it will be easier for you to decide the main thing – change the usual course of life, decide on drastic changes, leave your comfort zone. To do this, you need only 3 steps.

  • Set a goal. You need to know why you need it, what you’re willing to take risks for.
  • Think about specific steps to achieve your goal. Set aside time for each step.
  • Strictly follow the described plan, constantly reviewing the process.
  • It should be remembered that when you leave your comfort zone, you are not immune from certain manifestations of emotional discomfort. They are natural and even necessary because they allow them to mobilize all forces for new achievements.

How to minimize inevitable losses

How to get out of your comfort zone and save what you already have? To protect yourself, you must:

  • Plan for drastic changes in your life (change of country, city, profession, lifestyle) up to 35-40 years.
  • Act gradually, in stages, according to your plan.
  • Support yourself with praise for the slightest achievement.
  • Always remember the motive and purpose.

Now you know how to get out of your comfort zone. This is the only way of personal development. Outside, this is the zone of growth – the place where miracles occur.


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