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Barack Obama is one of the best public speakers on our time because he is able to his ideas on the mind of the audience, and he knows how to persuade them, earn their interest. Many people think that we can learn a lot of things from Obama’s public speaking skills. OR we learn the art of public speaking with Obama

Let’s say to you that speaking to 200.000 people is not like our presentation or your potential client. So he is a talented man and we can learn from him some techniques that can help us. So let’s see some lessons and techniques about Obama public speaking.

the art of public speaking with Obama :

1.He knows his audience :

Knowing your audience. What they won’t, how to think, what is their claims is one of the factors that can help you when you speaking to them. Obama knows that and used that in any situation.

2.He uses contact eyes:

When Obama spoke he look straight to us like he trying to talk to each of us individually. Even when you watch TV. Like he talks with a man who knows him or respect him.

That’s a great technique that can reduce your fear and nervousness when you speaking in the audience. You can try that to look at one of the audience and imagine that he or she is one of your best friends and you changed the person every sentence or two.

3.Slow down and Don’t stop speaking:

when we start talking to our audience, we feel so nervous and we try to finish speaking quickly as we can. But people may have a problem to keep us with us. When we see Obama talking, clearly, slowly and he takes his time wisely and allows us to understand and follow him.

4.Use stories:

At the beginning of many speeches of Obama, he says to us a story. This story can summary his message and meaning of his speech. Stories can make your audience understand the situation and feel what is going to talking about.

5.Obama public speaking is clear :

Many speeches of Obama take over that an hour. that’s can’t make his speeches Not understood. He Exploits every minute of his time to talk clearly and concisely.

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obama public speaking


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