street fight

A Street fight is something anyone can be involved in without any warning. It is certainly a very life-threatening situation and can be very brutal. Here are some street fight tips that, if followed, can save your life.

Street Fight Tips #1 Evaluation of Surroundings

Most of the fights take place in lonely areas generally in the radars of the evenings. When there is no one around. The basic commonsense says that you should avoid such places especially at late hours. However, if you do get surprised. One of the best street fight tips is run if you can, and fight only if you have to.

If you are at a lonely spot, try to attract attention while making as much noise as possible or shouting for help. This would un-nerve the opponents who certainly would not like to be confronted by law or help of any sort.

If you feel you are outnumbered, and have no chance of escape, it is better to start a negotiation. More often than not, the criminals are not after your life but are simply after your money. Gave them what they want, if you have to in order to save your life.

Street Fight Tips #2 – Physical Conditioning

It goes without saying that if you have not practiced your martial arts or self-defense techniques enough; it is not worth getting into a street fight. Your opponents are generally ruthless and would not stop at anything to get their way. Hence, it is important to keep up your optimum physical conditioning and practice regularly.

If you are not physically fit, do not try to get into a fight based on certain misconception of what you see in the movies. Chances are that you might get hurt grievously as there are no rules during a street fight.

Street Fight Tips # 3 – Innovativeness

When you are walking home alone after a day’s hard work and are confronted with criminals, chances are that he would not be carrying weapon for your self defense. The only in that you can use is your own hands and legs. You must use them effectively on the opponent’s vulnerable areas so that you get the best results in the best possible time.

Be innovative, and in case you can get hold of something by that you could be used as a weapon, do it.

Street Fight Tips #4 Be Alert

If you are alert and can think calmly, you would be able to judge effectively what your course of action should be and act accordingly. Keeping your heads over the shoulder is most essential of the street fight tips since it may not only help you to think and defend yourself appropriately, it may also un-nerve their opponents since they normally expect a panic reaction from their victims.


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