self esteem exercises

Low self-esteem has never been considered the norm and it is very important to change your opinion for the better. A new world filled with opportunities and productive communication will open up to a person who will learn to value himself more. One of the ways to improve your opinion about yourself is to use special psychological techniques. Self-esteem exercises do not require any special skills or preparation – they are simple and understandable to everyone. The proposed 8 effective exercises to increase self-esteem are best performed comprehensively – choose at least 4 techniques from the list and take enough time to complete them.

8 effective exercises to increase self-esteem

10 attractive qualities

Make a list of the qualities that you like in yourself. It is very difficult to discern your own positive traits if your head is constantly occupied by negativity and self-flagellation. But believe me, you definitely have good qualities!

Think about what attractive properties you possess, how they help you in life, how rare and unique they are. Also think about the reasons why you like these traits in yourself.

It is better to make a list on a sheet of paper-so it will always be at hand and at any time you can at least cheer up.

Focus on the opinion of friends

List some qualities that others like in you. Surely you should hear something pleasant about yourself from relatives or friends. Perhaps you have heard compliments from strangers?

Remember what others said about you and write these qualities on a sheet of paper. Sometimes a person does not notice anything in himself until he is informed about it. Most often this happens to people who have low self-esteem.

Remember everyone: family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers. Some of them have definitely noticed the good in you! Sometimes just thinking that someone sees you as attractive can cheer you up and become an excellent incentive to value you more.

List of skills and talents

Write down at least 10 skills you possess. All the skills that a person possesses are of great value.

Perhaps you know how to do something that is not given to everyone. Next to each skill, write how it is beneficial to you, how unique it is, and how often other people have praised it in you.

It’s funny, but often a person treats his talents as something ordinary and does not deserve special attention. People get used to their abilities and, over time, cease to attach importance to them.

But imagine: after all, someone wonders how you manage to do something so well and admires you!

List of achievements

List some of your personal successes that make you proud.

  • Everything can be considered a success
  • free one-person assistance;
  • carried out independently of repairs in the apartment;
  • excellent performance at school or university;
  • buy a car or real estate with the money earned.

If an event makes you proud and makes you feel positive emotions, you can rightly add them to the list of your achievements.

Overcoming difficulties

Think about the situations in which you were able to cope with adversity. Self-esteem is greatly influenced by the ability to overcome life’s difficulties and trials.

You faced, found a way out, withstood any adversity. Remember how many times you fought with yourself, overcame your fears and doubts. You have experienced everything that has happened to you

If you do this kind of psychological exercises, your self-esteem will improve very quickly. Always remember that you are a strong person.

Place of self-esteem

To finish the exercise, draw a square and divide it into 4 equal parts:

  • appearance;
  • thoughts;
  • feelings and emotions;
  • Action.

In each part under the title, write in what percentage you accept your appearance, thoughts, feelings, and actions, respectively.

For example, you take 50% of your shares.

Analyze what is included in the remaining half:

  • Why do you like your actions so much?
  • What should you change in yourself so that you like your actions more?
  • Who could you turn to for help and support?
  • Who could you learn from?

Take all the necessary notes in the appropriate box and think about how you will change, if you need it (do you exaggerate your shortcomings?).

There are no perfect people and everyone makes mistakes. You can work with the square of self-esteem for several weeks, or even several months. After working on yourself, draw a new Square and compare it with the first option.


The exercise is to talk about yourself to a few people, interview them.

Ask your loved ones, friends or co-workers as much as possible what they think about you, what memories they have with you.

You can ask your friends:

  • What do they remember, do they remember the moment when you met?
  • What did they think when they first saw you?
  • How has their opinion changed over time?
  • What don’t they like about you?
  • And what always pleasantly surprises them?

After completing this exercise, you will not only hear a lot of nice words about yourself, but you will just have a good time – remembering different moments from the past is always interesting and fun.

To strengthen self-esteem, this type of exercise is best done with people who generate positive emotions.

I love myself

To do this exercise, go to a mirror and carefully look at your reflection.

  • What kind of person do you see?
  • How are you feeling now?

Close your eyes and mentally smile at yourself, hug, pat your head. Think that you should take care of yourself and be responsible for your happiness.

Remember yourself as a child – cheerful, happy, spontaneous. Promise yourself little that you will care, love, and appreciate it. Remember how important it is to be a support for yourself, to be able to rely on yourself and not depend on the opinions of others.

self esteem exercises


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