selfesteem and self awareness

People who lack self-awareness are hard to lead a happy, productive life. However, keep calm and continue reading the topic. And the quality of self-esteem is a consequence of self-awareness. Many confuse self-esteem and self-awareness, while self-esteem is a consequence of self-awareness. But self-esteem is the mental image of the person in which he sees himself, and this image is present in the subconscious and is either good or bad. so let’s discuss all things about self-esteem and self-awareness.


  It means understanding the soul in a peaceful and healthy way and in a better way because most people do not fully understand what is in the depths of his personality, so the discovery of the soul needs a long and continuous time, so there is no end in the discovery of man himself except when he is dying. He will think better and act in a healthy and healthy way to do better and better.

The meaning of self-esteem:

Self-esteem can be defined in a comprehensive way, as one’s overall self-evaluation is either positive or negative. It indicates a person’s belief in himself, his capabilities, and his simplicity of self-esteem is one’s feeling of self-efficacy and value.

Factors affecting self-esteem and self awareness:

An individual’s self-esteem is shaped by both internal and external factors:

Internal factors:

Those factors that an individual generates for himself. Such as his thoughts about himself, personal aspirations, and personal accomplishments, clarify the different factors that determine a person’s level of self-esteem.

External factors:

They are environmental factors such as the influence of parents and important people in our lives. And external factors play a decisive role in shaping self-esteem in people during childhood, especially during the first three years or years of age. For adults or adults, income factors are crucial. We can promise to educate ourselves and free ourselves from internal obstacles and negative thoughts, into a shift between us and strengthening our self-esteem.

1- Family environment:

the growth of self-esteem from birth. Psychologists generally agree that early experience during childhood or adolescence will have a major impact on the growth of self-esteem. The family is the primary factor in social formation. It provides the child with preliminary indications as to whether it is acceptable or not acceptable or not likable or trustworthy.

2- Others’ opinions:

The level of self-esteem is also affected by the way we treat others. Individuals who have been treated with respect and concern by important people in their lives, such as their teachers or colleagues, often have a high level of self-esteem.

3- Appearance:

Research indications that one’s appearance is an important element in determining the level of self-esteem. This is mainly due to the fact that the values ​​and opinions of others are often based on our appearance. Attractive people are more likely to love compared to non-attractive people.

4 – Academic Achievement:

Good academic grades enhance one’s sense of value, competence, self-worth, and academic achievement. They appear to be closely related between the seventh and fifteenth years.

5- Self-Ideas:

In appreciation of our self, especially during puberty, we define our own ideas or our image that we draw for ourselves. Self-ideas are thoughts in our minds that we accept and recognize as real. They form the basis of our self-image

6 – Personal aspirations already affect the feeling of self-esteem.

What represents success for a particular person can be a failure of another. The level of self-esteem in one increases if he fulfills his achievement or exceeds personal aspirations in a valuable aspect of behavior.

7- Dexterity in tasks and accomplishments:

Finally, one’s self-esteem is influenced by his dexterity in performing the previous tasks and accomplishments, as Leon Tic says, a famous psychiatrist without feeling accomplished and without feeling that we can be effective in our behaviors. Real self-confidence and self-esteem become impossible.

self esteem and self awareness and love has nothing to do with genetics

A person is not born with low self-esteem and another with high self-esteem. The mental image is formed in our subconscious whether we are competent and enjoy fit and deserve success and are worthy of love or not in very early childhood. A child who has received acceptance and unconditional love by his parents and the surrounding environment becomes an adult of appreciation Self-high and there are other factors that influence our self-esteem. Which I will mention later. According to the research. About 66% of us have low self-esteem. We constantly criticize ourselves and flog it with us. And those who have become self-refuse are self-infatuated in their hatred of them. The reason is that low self-esteem is accompanied by shattered negative thoughts. Negative and obstructive thoughts make one disruptive capability do not take advantage of the capabilities and enormous potential created by it.

General characteristics of people with high self-esteem:

  • worthy of life.
  • worthy of high.
  • have no self-destruction.
  • responsible for their lives.
  • deal with frustrations well.
  • accept themselves unconditionally.
  • always strive for continuous self-improvement.
  • characterized by decisiveness.
  • social and extrovert.
  • feel inner peace.
  • Willing to take calculated adventures.
  • Have good personal and social relationships.

General characteristics of those with low self-esteem:

  • Do not like an adventure.
  • afraid of competition and challenges.
  • their entitlement is low.
  • their self-destruction is high.
  • reluctant.
  • ironic.
  • lacking self-acceptance.
  • not decisive.
  • feel unworthy of love.
  • lacking entrepreneurship.
  • pessimistic.
  • blaming others for their personal limitations.
  • Their ambitions are low.
  • they are quickly affected by others, and they look for the satisfaction of others at the expense of themselves.
  • they find it difficult to accept compliments.
teem and self awarness


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