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Self defense for women is a very useful skill. After small home workouts, such acquaintance will allow any woman to feel confident on the street at night. Every year, hundreds and thousands of girls and women are attacked. The reasons are different, from the motives of thugs to attempts to steal and rape. Women are called the weaker sex but is it always necessary to have a huge strength to protect themselves from a criminal. And is it possible to save his life and honor? In this article, we will tell you how to behave during an attack, what to do to defend yourself. We will give recommendations on what to learn in training.

Causes of violence against women

The most common reasons for attacking women are:

  • Attempted theft or theft;
  • Attempted rape;

Each of the two causes of violence against women determines its own pattern of special behavior of the offender. The burglar rarely sets himself the goal of raping a woman. Usually, his goal is the property of the victim: a mobile phone, jewelry, a purse, a purse. This is a crime against property.

The rapist, on the contrary, usually does not care about the property. He does not want to have a gold chain, this seduces him only as an adornment of his victim, he is usually indifferent to money. He is primarily interested in satisfying his own lust. It’s a crime against the person.

In the first case, the offender does not want to harm the health of the victim and is ready to run away at the first danger; In the second case, the offender will deliberately injure the woman, and the rebuff should not be less harsh.

Statistics of attacks against women

  • The time of the attack is from 20: 00 to 00: 00;
  • They attack less in winter than in summer, spring and autumn;
  • 75% of attacks occur when the abuser is in a state of alcoholism or drugs;
  • Girls aged 14-17 are victims of violence twice as often as others;
  • The most dangerous age is from 14 to 23 years;
  • 70% of rapists knew their victims;
  • 20% of rapes take place on the first day of appointment;
  • 25% of rapes occur in nature, 35% in rented hostels and apartments;
  • One in three women faces or will face attempts at violence in their lives.

What is self defense for women

Female self-defense is a special form of defense based on sudden, accurate, and sudden strikes. Such strokes are aimed at the eyes, neck, knees, and groin area.

What is the difference between self-defense and types of combat sports?

The fight in the competitions takes place according to the sports rules, opponents are selected from the corresponding weight categories, with the same level of sportsmanship.

There are one abuser and one victim in self-defense. There are no Judges, no rules. A fight can take place anywhere, anytime. In addition, the attacker always has advantages: the effect of surprise, the willingness to fight.

Girls often have to respond to the aggression of a larger, heavier and physically much stronger person. It’s very difficult. Therefore, the main advantage of the girls is that the attacker does not expect resistance.

Why is this

Self-defense for women courses is a cycle of theoretical and practical courses, during which basic skills are acquired:

  • various types of melee combat;
  • Oriental simple fights;
  • the use of techniques of sambo, boxing, karate.

Techniques are practiced in sparring, which allows you to set up skills, if necessary, to protect yourself from the aggression of the attacker.

How are the self defense for women courses

self defense classes

Self defense for women courses are built according to the following scheme.

Warm. The set of courses includes basic exercises for warming up all muscle groups:

  • squat;
  • slope;
  • the body turns to the sides;
  • pump;
  • jump.
  • Main part. In this part of the training, the basic principles of self-defense are learned. Are realized:
  • organize and practice a strike;
  • define offensive combinations;
  • effective movement;
  • protection against blows of hands;
  • kicks;
  • release the handle;
  • correct falls;
  • work against the wall and pear.

part of the lesson studies:

  • distance concept;
  • vulnerable body parts;
  • impact parts of the hands (fist, Palm, forearm, elbow);
  • categories of attack danger;
  • algorithm of actions during an attack;
  • defense in a confined space;
  • passive self-defense;
  • legal aspects of self-defence
  • End of training-stretching and relaxation exercises.

The duration of training is from one and a half to two hours. Classes are held two to three times a week.

How to free yourself from the grip?

Strangulation is one of the most common attack techniques. Using it, they can instantly immobilize a girl and thus scare her so much that she is unlikely to resist, realizing that all attempts to defend herself are in vain. However, you can free yourself from capture by following this algorithm:

  • Perform a painful grip, thereby diverting the attention of the attacker. Since the attack most often takes place from behind, there are two main options for unbalancing the opponent: hitting the ribs or feet in the groin with an elbow. You can also walk on the foot of the attacker with all your might, but this technique is usually not very effective.
  • Slide-out of the handle. When the painful grip is carried out, the opponent will certainly weaken the grip of pain and surprise, and this is exactly the time when you need to sharply slide to the side, releasing from the embrace.
  • Flee. You should not be heroic in trying to finish your opponent. In addition, he may soon regain his spirits, and then a very sad way out of the situation is possible.

How and where to strike: self defense for women tips

there are a number of simple but very effective self-defense techniques for girls that you can practice at home. They can be successfully used in self-defense:

  • A blow to the nose. If it is applied correctly, it can cause a painful shock. It must be struck sharply, with the edge of the palm directly into the nose of the opponent.
  • A blow to the jaw. The beating should be in the lower jaw from the bottom up. In boxers, this is called an uppercut.
  • A blow to the ears. Palms should be folded like a boat, after which we inflict several strong and sharp blows to the enemy’s ears. Causes painful shock, possible damage to the eardrum.
  • A blow to the eyes. Capable of causing not only a painful shock but also disorientation in space. It is worth striking, giving the palm The Shape of a cat’s paw. You can also tap on the eyeballs of the opponent.
  • Knee blow. The patella and the area around it are among the most painful points. Therefore, a dry and strong blow can stop the enemy. You should beat with your feet, sharply and loudly.
  • Adam’s Apple. A very dangerous technique, which, in addition to painful shock and severe cough, can lead to bleeding, fainting, and even death. You can strike with the edge of your hand or with your fist.
  • A shot in the groin. Can be applied by hand or foot. In the first case, the palm should be kept in the form of a boat, striking a dry blow in the groin area. Such a blow will be especially effective if the enemy is behind.

Is it worth scratching, screaming, crying?

Il faut comprendre que les pleurs de la victime n’arrêteront probablement pas l’agresseur. Mais ce comportement peut le mettre en colère. Par conséquent, une fille qui se trouve dans une situation aussi désagréable devrait, si possible, rester calme.

But the cry may well be used as a frightening factor. Do not underestimate its influence. A loud and shrill female scream scares intruders and attracts unnecessary attention. It is possible that after a few prolonged screams, an inexperienced burglar decides to try his luck elsewhere.

The loss of stability is a permanent loss

many aggressors try to unbalance their victims. And they do it for a reason, because once on the floor the girl will almost completely at the mercy of the criminal. Therefore, you should immediately get rid of high-heeled shoes and it is advisable to spread the legs more widely, which will provide additional stability.

Should not give up without fighting

the confusion of the victims is the most important asset of the attacker. In no case should you give up without a fight? All the actions of the girl in such a situation should be aimed at achieving two goals: to break free and run away.

Giving up resistance is initially a good tactic. Imitating submission, the girl can strike suddenly using self-defense for women, thereby buying herself time to escape.

Useful skills

in addition to knowing the techniques of self-defense, a woman can use several useful skills that will allow her to get out of a number of difficult situations worthily. Let’s consider some of them.

What to do in case of kidnapping?

Unfortunately, cases of abduction of girls with the aim of exporting them to another country are quite common. And if this can not be avoided, a woman should know a few simple rules that will allow her to stay in relative safety:

  • The kidnappers must win the favor. Most security companies advise abducted victims to do their best to establish contact with the kidnappers. To do this, you can use the themes of family, religion, sports, etc. it is very important to know what exactly the kidnappers look like,
  • You need to take care of yourself. Refusing the proposed food and water will serve no purpose.
  • If you are kept in a room without a window, the sounds around you can give you an approximate idea of your current location.
  • If you are kept in a room without a window, the sounds around you can give you an approximate idea of your current location.
  • Exercise regularly to stay alert.
  • It is advisable not to panic, calm down, and keep cool. It will not be superfluous to observe the kidnappers, to know how many there are, to what extent they are prepared, what they are armed with, etc.
Self Defense For Women: What Should You Do If You

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10 effective self defense for women tools

Women, although the beautiful half of humanity, are rather weak and lack physical fitness. We can not always stand up and protect ourselves in a dangerous situation, sad as it may seem. Not everyone has the slightest skill of self-defense for women, and compared to the male sex, the chances of a real rebuff are practically zero.

But unfortunately, these days, women increasingly have to defend themselves, and the danger lurks at every step. That’s why you need to think carefully about your safety, and if you do not learn the basics of melee combat, you should at least acquire seemingly harmless things that will help protect yourself in a dangerous situation.


Many return home quite late, and no one knows what to expect behind the alley. So, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod, returning home in the dark, met a young man on his way, who began to persecute her. He caught her near the elevator, where he began to force her to sexual acts. The girl tried to defend herself but realized that the man was much stronger and tried to run to her apartment, simultaneously taking a bunch of keys.

Later on the stairs, the pursuer again caught up with her, but the girl was not disappointed and struck a few violent blows to the groin and face, thus giving a fairly powerful rebuff. By the time the man regained consciousness, the neighbors were already screaming and the police were called, who arrested the offender. Unfortunately, there are many such cases, but lives saved thanks to a seemingly ordinary set of keys are also not uncommon. In all self-defense courses, this method of defense is often mentioned, you just need to firmly hold the keys in your fist and hit the sore spots with sharp ends.

Tactical keychain

It is the little things that often help us, in a seemingly desperate situation. If in a state of effect, you do not always think about protecting yourself with ordinary Keys, then buying a tactical keychain for self-defense, you certainly will not forget about them. The statistics provided on one of the Los Angeles information portals talk about the incredible benefits and the need for this thing on the keys of a woman. In appearance, a tactical keychain can look completely harmless, with a long steel or plastic case, with floral color, but a surprise inside. Many, of which, with some pressure, extend the tip, and some do not need to do this. They already have a fairly sharp cut and the right shape for adequate protection.

Pepper Spray

pepper spray

There is a lot to say about pepper spray and it is not necessary, thinking that every woman already knows the advantages of this device in self-defense. Pepper spray is not only able to take enough time to escape, but it really does huge damage to the retina of the eye, slowly corroding it. It is worth keeping it in your bag, but the main thing is not to forget about the safety rules and carefully study the instructions before use, for example with the help of training video courses or consulting a specialist. Also pay attention to the fact that it can not come into contact with children’s eyes, because such products often have a rather bright design, which, of course, attracts children.

Tactical pens

Why are these pens good? The fact that they are universal and do not attract attention at all. This tool can not only be thrown deep into the bottom of the bag but also worn by fastening, for example, to the inner pocket of a jacket or trousers. All thanks to a comfortable and strong fixation that does not fall off even during active operations. In appearance, everything looks classic, although the frame differs, which is most often made of high-quality steel, and the inverted tip of the handle, which is more reminiscent of calcin. You can knock with any side, in the area of the arms, neck, groin. In addition to protection in self-defense, such a pen always carries its original vocation, so to speak, and writes beautifully in all conditions.

Japanese hair sticks

Prepare to go to work in the morning, plan a late return in advance, always think about which hair clip to use. Japanese sticks repeatedly saved the lives of women, becoming a very dangerous weapon of self-defense. Having a sharp end and a long shape, such a hair clip will easily pierce the venous armor, causing huge injuries. In Japan itself, deaths were recorded more than once when using this thing for self-defense. Therefore, you should always be careful, and if you do not want to inflict serious injuries, hit in the area of the hands, groin, legs, in no case touching the face, neck, and chest.

Heavy bag with spikes

Do you remember this trend with huge peaks that everyone has had enough of? So we shouldn’t be like this. When such an ornament was at the peak of its popularity, cases of successful self-defense were recorded with the help of a heavy bag with spikes. The women who were attacked assured that this trend is one of the most useful in recent years, and it was he who helped them survive. Fighting with a heavy bag is not quite convenient, but useful. She drops the attacker from his feet, and he loses his orientation in space, and thanks to the spikes on the bags, you can well claw the offender, and while he regains his spirits, run away, very far.

Taser and stun gun

Many girls, although they realize the advantages of a stun gun in self-defense, are still afraid to acquire it because of their inability to use it correctly and fear of getting hurt. A taser, a kind of electrocution weapon, came to the rescue. Its peculiarity is that a laser sight is installed on it, thanks to which you perfectly see the point of attack, there is the possibility of remote combat, using special cartridges that fly out of a pseudo-pistol, blocking the attacker when he is a few meters from you. At the moment, the stun gun and taser are ideal means of self-defense, both for close combat and for long-range combat.

Polish for hair

If a taser or a stun gun did not hang in my purse, and the Keys remained in another jacket, but I went to my friend’s house to get her hair done, and taking lacquer with me, they still attacked you, do not panic. Next to you is a direct analog of a pepper spray. Just remember the unpleasant sensation when applying lacquer, the eyes and nose seem corroded by chemistry, and we try to cover our face. Now imagine what would happen to the attacker if you spray the contents into his eyes. The answer is obvious, incredible bastard. There have already been some cases of self-defense, but what happened to the attacker is unknown. And it does not matter, they will know how to attack defenseless women.

Pointed heel

If you still refuse to wear heels and complain about tired feet, first think about choosing shoes with correct and comfortable instep support, and then remember the self-defense tips. Many women, and not only in the movies, pushed the man to the pointed heel, having completely pierced the skull. But do not forget that we defend ourselves, not attack, so you need to think about where to strike, so as not to remain guilty. During an attack, it costs nothing to sharply remove your shoes, the main thing is to get into the men’s sore spots, groin, legs, arms, and upper back.

Scarf pins

Did you notice when fixing a scarf with a hair clip that this infection sometimes stings us incredibly, as if it reminds us of itself? So, if you use a hair clip with a needle or a special elongated stick, remember, this is a real fighting girlfriend in self-defense. It will help no worse than a tactical pen or Japanese hair sticks, and if you glue it deeper, it will give a lot of unpleasant sensations to the attacker. The most important in such situations is to have long legs to have time to escape when the aggressor loses control because sooner or later he will still be able to recover.


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