Public speaking phobia or Glossophobia is a kind of social fear .this feeling of fear affects up to %75 of the population. People who suffer from panic attacks due to public speaking try to avoid public speaking situations, But it’s come a moment that we need to share our ideas with people and influenced them. So with preparation and persistence, we can overcome this fear. In the article, we are going to talk about panic attacks due to public speaking and try to help you to solve this problem and answer the different questions about this problem.

Physical symptoms of public speaking phobia:

public speaking anxiety has symptoms like the social anxiety. Before weeks or months of your show or presentation you well think to much about it then you”ll feel nervous . And when it’s come the moment of the presentation you’ll have some physical symptoms

  • sweating too much.
  • Blushing.
  • Increasing blood pressure.
  • Dizziness.
  • Shortness of Breath.

public speaking phobia causes

panic attack public speaking comes for many reasons. Some scientists say that’s the panic come from genetical and environmental biological reason. And psychologists say that the main reason is the bad experiences. So people fear being rejected again and they try to avoid a situation like that.

public speaking phobia consequences

  • You can avoid a university course because that contains a presentation.
  • Bad speeches or presentations.
  • You can change your job to leave your upgrade in your business because you can’t handle public speaking.

Some keys to overcoming it

1.Accept the Anxiety: even the professional speakers are nervous before their presentation.So accept that anxiety is a normal thing.

2. prepare and practice: That can help you to reduce your anxiety.

3. Accept your weakness: If public speaking doesn’t work with you or you feel that is not for you remember that is only one aspect but try to improve it.

4. Find a Friend to Focus On: to ease your nerves and connect with your audience.

5. Engage the Audience: that gives you time to reorganize your Ideas.

Treatment of public speaking phobia

This panic is treatable and easily managed used therapy and meditation.

therapy treatment

This can be in a short time. Is can be helpful to manage anxiety and it’s better to see a doctor who has experience in treating the public speaking anxiety.

Meditation treatment

that’s can be used before you speak to people. It’s can stop the symptoms of the panic attack. And when you use therapy treatment and meditation it’s can be very helpful.

Tips to overcome the public speaking phobia

They have a lot of techniques can help you to become less nervous in public speaking situation it’s can boost your trust reduce your anxiety so let’s see it

1.Choose a topic that interest you:

use topic that can boost you Emthusion and motivate you to prepare and research. That’s makeable to communicate we your audience and make the interest.

2.Discover the place of the Meeting:

Try to know were will you present. In the hall, classroom, or banquet and know the audiovisual the component. To not be surprised at the time of the speaking.

3.Don’t read all the topic :

understand what well you presenting and say it to the audiences with your method and you can prepare a list with the key point. You can refer to.

4.Prepare your self for the question and assault:

we are not able to persuade all the people. So be prepared for the criticism and the questions and try to prepare yourself before that. And try to find something that you agree with them.

5.Say sweet words:

This sweat words can have a great effect. it’s can motivate the audience and engaged with you and that’s can help you to speak without any anxiety or problem.say” I like what you say” or” I appreciate that.

6.Try to practice and practice:

Even who doesn’t have a problem with public speaking they practice and repeat their speeches Dozens of times. That can give make you more confident.

Procedures during a panic attack

  • Try to breathe instead of thinking what gets from the panic.
  • close your eyes.
  • Don’thide yourself . complete your presentation and made contact with the audience.
  • find a focus object.
  • Move and Don’t stay in a single place
  • picture your happy place.


Finally I say that you can overcome this social problem by trusting your self and giving you the tools and the belief e of your possibilities and using these strategies all that help you. Remember that a guide you can come to see it when you want.

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