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Excitement before a performance, as a rule, leads to the fact that the throat “dries”, the voice can turn into a squeak or squeak. And generally, these are not all surprises of the body. You can also add a general nervousness, trembling limbs, and a lack of thoughts in the head. The following 6 public speaking exercises for the speaker. will help you avoid these problems and connect to successful public speaking.

6 public speaking exercises for the speaker.

Anxiety tends to tighten the muscles of the chest and throat, preventing oxygen from reaching the lungs. This leads to the fact that the voice can turn into a squeak or squeak. Deep breathing, on the other hand, will supply your lungs and brain with oxygen and, by releasing your throat and chest, will help your voice to sound.


Exercise # 1.

Learn to breathe slowly and deeply. This is the breath of a calm person. If you noticed, when we worry, we breathe shallow and often. Our condition determines breathing. And vice versa.

Breathe in your belly. This is especially true for women accustomed to breathing through the breasts. The biggest advantage of abdominal breathing is that it is very beneficial. Internal organs are massaged, cells are enriched with oxygen. In addition, a calmer breathing is very soothing and relaxing.

Exercise Number 2.

Talk with your hands and feet before playing. Imagine that these parts of your body are not connected to the body and hang as they wish. “Shake the negativity of yourself”, as I say :). Surely, intuitively, you did it yourself several times. By the way, my athletic coach always advised me to do this exercise before a competition. Perfectly relieves excess stress and pulling.
And doctors and psychologists confirm that gymnastics of the hands not only allows to reduce the paralyzing effect of excitement, but also stimulates the work of the speech apparatus, increases intelligence and even eloquence.

Exercise Number 3.

Move your jaw vigorously back and forth twenty times. Trainer Radislav Gandapas (by the way, I recommend reading his “Kamasutra for a speaker”) assures that this technique should balance your condition. This is due to the fact that the vagus, irritated nerve transmits a signal to the central nervous system, which controls the release of norepinephrine in your body.

For reference: the level of norepinephrine in the blood increases in conditions of stress, shock, trauma, anxiety, fear and general nervous tension.

Exercise Number 4

In general, remember that any physical activity can relieve nervous tension.
Walk fast, wave your arms, do 10 squats. But remember that before the actual performance, you need to catch your breath. No one needs a breathless speaker. The second positive point of physical activity: after doing a few public speaking exercises, you will be more active in front of your audience. In this state it is easier to conquer J. It is such a “pendulum effect” -use it.

Exercise Number 5

The connection between the brain and the muscles of the body is bilateral. What does that mean?

Make a simple experience with yourself. For example, sit comfortably on a chair, put your hands behind your head, tilt your torso … and follow your thoughts. You probably want to dream. And now, on the same chair, bend over, curl your eyebrows, support your head with your hands. And see if you want to dream in this state?

In general, if shortly before the performance (preferably immediately after physical exercise) you relax in turn: the muscles of the face, arms, torso, legs – the body will understand that everything is in order. That the source of fear is false. Thus, you deceive the body, and then you yourself begin to feel that everything is really fine. It’s easier for me to relax when I imagine that I’m lying near the sea and the rays of the evening sun fall on me – from head to toe. After this relaxation, immediately try on the image of a confident and successful person. Pay close attention to your posture. And I strongly advise you to do this in advance, in the presence of acquaintances and friends. Feedback is very important!

Exercise Number 6

Just before the show, rub your hands nicely. Thus, you yourself adjust your body for something good, for pleasure. Take a closer look at people, very often, in anticipation of something good and joyful, this is exactly what they do.

And finally, remember – the main thing is not what you do, but how you do it!

Good luck!

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