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I started with this observation. When we are children, we are taught to respect the rules, To listen to adults, to be polite, to work well at school, not to exceed limits. I see that many positive attitudes can encourage to be happy.  I told myself that society. And parents in the foreground had to invest their efforts in the well-being and balance of their children in order to lay for each of them the foundations of the houses. That will constitute them adulthood. This is why after having been a hyper shy child. An angry teenager and an hyper sensitive adult, who tries to make my weakness a strength. I wanted to share with you 6 positive attitude examples to encourage in children, such as:

6 positive attitude examples to encourage in children:

1.Teach them to listen to their needs and desires and to set limits

A child, like everyone else, has a visceral need to be loved by his parents. So to please them he will very early understand that he is more appreciated. If he adopts this or that attitude. And this to the detriment of his real desires or needs. This is why it is good to invite your child to express what he feels and what he really wants, even if we do not agree with him.

2.Invite them to take an interest in others

Children are sometimes centered on themselves. So it is good to encourage them to take an interest in other family members. Friends, new people they meet by asking them questions about how they are. How they feel, being interested in their tastes. And their activities, their passions.

3. Make them develop their empathy and compassion

When a family member, friend, or stranger gets injured or goes through an ordeal. Their child can be invited to put themselves in the place of the other to understand their suffering. And try to listen and listen to them. Help if possible. And by supporting our words by the force of example by showing ourselves empathy towards others.

4. Encourage them to be grateful

To the people who take care of them and who do them good. To the people, they love, to their friends, and to life in general by making them aware of all that they are and of everything they have. For what could be sadder than adults jaded in spite of everything they have. And encourage them to develop their capacity for wonder and to pronounce as often as possible this magic word: thank you.

5. Allow them to express their creativity

When a child can create. He feels that he can take his destiny in hand and have the possibility of transforming the things and the world which surrounds him. So we can create at home atmospheres favorable to creation by leaving. For example to the provision of her children sheets and pencils for drawing. Small notebooks for writing. Books that they can read and that we can continue to read even if they have grown up, by offering to cook together, to listen to and play music, to dance, in short, to vibrate and feel the spark that makes the salt of life.

6. encourage them to develop their capacity for love towards themselves and towards others

By inviting them to think of themselves in a positive way. To take care of their body and mind and by encouraging them to think of others. To talk about others and to behave in a kind and caring manner. Others of sweet thoughts, attitudes, and words. And by teaching them to put love in everything they do and to be good and generous.

Because of this vision of happiness. love and good that we can transmit to our children. By supporting our words with our own behavior. Will allow them. I think, not to believe that happiness depends on such an event that we project into the future or such material acquisition. But rather it depends on our own ability to fully embrace life. To appreciate its good sides, to overcome difficulties. And to reach out to others, having for ourselves, for life and for others, only positive aspirations. And this positive attitude examples.


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