no motivation to do anything

You cannot get motivated or you have no motivation to do anything. And the reason may not be clear. If you only have the energy, the determination to get up and move. But the motivation cannot be found anywhere.
You are definitely not alone. People who are not stimulated find that despite their desire to take action, their bodies and brains make no effort.

Breaking this feeling of being stuck, and not being able to motivate you to do anything is key to changing your life if you can find a way to do it. Let’s look at the reason for the inability to stimulate and what you can do about it.

If you feel you cannot motivate yourself, this may be the reason

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your intuition tell you that something is wrong?
  • Have you had digestive problems recently?
  • Do you feel powerless and out of control?
  • Are you involved in dangerous or self-healing behaviors?
  • Do you lack physical energy?
  • Do you worry about how others see you?

This may seem like a strange set of questions, but it can reveal the reason for your banned motivational energy.

If any of these symptoms seem familiar, you may not be able to wake up and move due to a “chakra” clogged.

The good news is that this blockage is spiritual, psychological, or metaphysical. This means that you can treat
Restricted energy, and get the motivation again

Energy blockage

The invisible flow of surrounding and penetrated energy to your body is your aura. He says the treatment of “Ayurveda” the old theory that energy flows like a force to provide energy to Oazaik through 7 energy centers or chakras.

When there is a blockage in the solar plexus chakra, above your belly button, you cannot stimulate. Feel tired, mentally exhausted, and you feel less than yourself. If you’re giving mental and physical energy to something that isn’t helping you, choose to stop now.

How to remove prohibited energy

Working to open the solar chakra is an emotional process. The solar plexus is thankful for intuition. This is precisely the energy center we refer to when we say “Trust your intuition.”

Your instincts have been idle recently, causing you to fail to act out of fear. You may have recently had a setback, or have discovered that you do not trust someone you believed to be trustworthy. Something happened that made you stop listening to your intuition.

The healing process of the solar chakra begins with a vision with open eyes and a heart and mind that harms your feelings today. Ask yourself these questions:

What hurts or frustrates me now?

  • Say it out loud.
  • What part of your life is not going the way you want it?
  • Why do you keep allowing this circumstance to continue in a way that causes you frustration and anxiety?
  • Why did not you decide to act yet?
  • When will you decide to act?
  • why not now?
  • What are the other excuses that prevent you from making progress?

Why do you make excuses when all you have to do is admit that you failed to act?

Other reasons why you have no motivation to do anything

A thankful, balanced solar plexus should help you feel confident, controlled, and energetic. If you still feel that you cannot motivate yourself, evaluate whether or not you are ruining yourself by creating a blockage.

Ask yourself any obstacle that you did not attempt to remove to succeed in getting the impulse.

For example, you may be afraid of failure or fear of success. Not being able to get motivated may mean that you prefer to stay where you are rather than go ahead in the unknown. Do you fear the pain of failure? Decide not to be afraid


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