The problem of negative body image seems to be, frankly, beaten to death. Resurrected, and beaten again.

Wherever we look, we see the titles of the media to condemn the creation of this obsession with the body. But the owners are from the same source, which has treated the photos developed and put deadly skinny models in the center of attention first. Looking like it could go to eternity, a cycle of image distortion and deliberate glorification of very low body weight. With consequent damage self-esteem in women. And then we have half of journal articles to be played as we love feeds as we are, “only for the page to another anti-wrinkle cream photo-30-year-old shop sells.

The cycle begins again.

Psychology Today refers to studies which show that women in their 40s look at this cycle. We recognize as a bad strategy for selling magazines, formulas for weight loss and anti-aging skin care. If studies say, is because I think many of my clients who are still grappling with issues of age and body? I assume I have an unusual cross section of society? If I go with the outside world?

Of course not! The women who come to me are brilliant: confidence in their skills and knowledge on what they can offer the world and highly respected in their fields. However, some of them even hit the self-esteem. As a competitive platform often means starting from the level of success that they know they can win their heads. This despite the fact that these women have triumphed over adversity. Are hunters.

Yes, as an agreement of good boxer with a sucker-punch? There can be a time to reassemble, but once achieved a good control fist beats the socks response from someone, or something to tell her that she can not try, do something!

How the hell down damaged negative self image? Here are some suggestions:

  • Knowing that the woman believed to be younger, fitter and more beautiful than you think of yourself less than you might imagine. I was. Trust me. It may also be intimidated by his experience and I doubt much more than you know.
  • They are not your thighs: Be aware that if you set in a conversation or on foot, in an interview to launch his product, the producers of the show are rooting for you! For God’s sake, want to know that results will make the audience happy, so get CUDOS to do a good job! Appearance alone is not cut in this department! You should know that your order will be fun and effective in its message. Teach them what their audience wants to hear. Knowledge, if you do not Nip Tuck and will never be good enough for someone to stand in their way.
    Know that you * have stronger your negative thoughts. OK, be that as a quote from an article in a nursing magazine that I mentioned earlier the sound, but I like this, and I’m stickin ‘with it! Successful people are programmed to survive, and survive to leave the negative thoughts with positive things need to beat. It can lead to a net increase of mental effort but the more you practice, that positivism, such as a laser beam for dismantling the pump to work negative self-image.

Considered armed and ready. The Battle of negative body image was won. Your audience expects fans. Give them what they had come, and much more, of course!


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