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Achieving speed reading is one of the difficult goals that different readers seek and many cannot achieve. This skill depends on the specificities of each person, as it has been proven that there are some things and steps that increase the speed of reading and get rid of slow without reducing the efficiency of the reading process. So how I can increase my reading speed? Let’s see some tips that can help you

Tips to increase my reading speed

1- Stop the subconscious

Spoken words inside you hinder you greatly while reading. And is an obstacle to achieving rapid reading.

The degree to which people use internal pronunciation varies during reading. And this method requires a lot of time, which constitutes an obstacle to fast reading.

Speech control is the key to reaching the maximum reading speed while maintaining an understanding of the readable material. By following the techniques of increasing the reading speed, the number of words per minute can be raised to 350 words.

2- Get rid of reading word by word

Reading word by word is one of the most important reasons for disrupting reading and reducing its speed. As it affects understanding the readable material and reduces the desired benefit from reading it.

The solution is to train the eye to understand and better track the finger that walks through the words. Thereby increasing the ability to consciously read with understanding without reading each word separately.

Another point to keep in mind is that each word your eye may pass on is not focused on. So a quick reader has to learn to move between lines more professionally.

3- Choose the right time to read

You have to choose the time when you are open-minded to reach fast reading. Reading in times of fatigue in the morning or evening or after eating, for example. Is an obstacle to achieving reading at a suitable speed in record time using eye movement techniques

4. Use the 5 Minute Learning Machine program

5 minute learning machine product

The product is a program that can boost the strength of studying. And enhance your ability to read and comprehend by defeat crippling mental habits.

The author suggests you should read every day for five minutes to get the results in days

What will I get from 5 Minute Learning Machine

  • Boost my reading speed:
  • develop a tape recorder memory
  • Improving your vocabulary
  • learn the cognitive math and computation skills


  • written by an expert in memory techniques. Who knows his material
  • available in the PDF eBook format
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • easy to understand


  • You will need to put in work on it

Where you can buy 5 Minute Learning Machine?


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