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In Thailand, the” science of eight limbs ” is taught to children from an early age. In the police of the country, muay Thai is included in the training program because of its powerful potential and capabilities in close combat.

Around the world, Muay Thai is considered one of the most dangerous and deadly martial arts in the world. Fighters are tested for strength and hardened in battle. However, victories are not limited to success in the ring. Training in Thai Boxing requires the development of such qualities as dexterity, flexibility, endurance, willpower, and spirit.

What is muay Thai?

This is a type of martial art originally from Thailand. At the beginning of the XX century, it was officially recognized in the world as a sport.

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai, is called sports science-based research on the sport of muay Thai: A review of the literature is the art of eight limbs because it allows punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.

You epidemiology of Muay Thai fight-related injuries to hit the head, body, and legs, work in a clinch when opponents grapple and try to reach each other with an elbow or knee. At the same time, in Thai Boxing, suffocation, painful techniques, high or amplitude throws are prohibited, when performing which the legs of the opponent come off the carpet, and the torso is at the level of the chest of the thrower.

Where did Muay Thai come from

There was a system from an older style-Muay Boran, which existed for several thousand years in the territory of the present Kingdom of Thailand. The type of martial arts was formed in the XVI century and was known as” Oakhurst”, which means”multi-directional fight”.

the modern history of the term “Muay Thai” began during the official formation of Thailand in 1934.

Thai Boxing was considered an integral part of the training of soldiers and authorities. There was a fight at every festival and major event. In recognition, tournament winners were given a title of nobility with permission to join the king’s guard.

do the first half of the XX century, the best Muay Thai fighters became an elite unit called the “Association of Royal warriors”.

How is this better than other martial arts?

Muay Thai  martial arts

Many martial arts, such as Boxing, Taekwondo, or kickboxing, involve punches and kicks only, which makes them less effective in real combat, especially at close range.

Muay Thai involves a combination of simple twists, cuts, throws, and excellent striking techniques. This is the Arsenal closest to real, applied hand-to-hand combat. Andrey Bolgov says that a blow from the elbow, even a slight one, can send an opponent into a knockout, breaking his nose or jaw.

tacky Boxing is an integral part of the training of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters-mixed martial arts. Many taiboxers make a successful career in this spectacular sport.

I don’t fight like that in real life. Why do I need Thai Boxing?

Even if you do not accept the possibility that you will ever have to repel an attack, it is still worth trying Muay Thai. Thanks to it, you will upgrade:

  • Endurance. You will learn to work longer at different intensities. Running when you’re late or climbing the stairs to the ninth floor will be easy.
  • Dexterity and coordination. You can’t do Thai Boxing and be clumsy. You will learn to feel your body well, and your movements will be more precise. And You will stop dropping and hitting everything, you will fall less in the winter, and you may be able to catch the glass on the fly.
  • Muscle strength. Punches and wrestling will strengthen the arms, chest and shoulder girdle, kicks-the muscles of the lower body. The involvement of the body turns and protection will provide the iron muscles of the cortex. At the same time, Thai Boxing will not help you get pumped up, so if you want a mountain of muscle, choose another sport.
  • Flexibility. Without mobility of the joints, especially the hip joints, you will not hit the knee in the head or even break a straight line in the chest. So in each session, you will work on mobility until your body becomes flexible and docile. Remember that this will save you from injury in normal life.
  • Self-confidence. Many problems in life arise from fear. Thai Boxing teaches you not to be afraid to fight and be defeated.

Can you lose weight with it?

During about, the physiological responses and energy cost during a simulation of a Muay Thai boxing match is about 11 kcal per minute. Of course, you will not be able to maintain this pace for a long time, but Thai Boxing classes do not consist only of fights.

Do not forget about warm-up, working out blows and sparring. If you train hard, you can burn at least 600 calories per hour.

In combination with a diet, this load will help you lose extra pounds and make your body beautiful and fit.

It’s all the benefits?

Martial arts require complete concentration: if you get lost in your thoughts, you can get hit on the head. Therefore, in training, you work not only on coordination and strength but also to improve your awareness.

Both physical activity and mindfulness improve martial ARTS: MINDFUL EXERCISE TO COMBAT STRESS mental health, help manage depression and anxiety, and manage stress. Therefore, regular Thai Boxing classes will make you more relaxed and increase your sense of satisfaction with life.

In addition, such training helps to develop personal qualities that are useful in everyday life.

What about injuries? Can I get hit on the head?

maui tgai injuries

In 58% of cases in Thai Boxing, the limbs suffer, the head gets less often: this conclusion was led by a small study of the epidemiology of Muay Thai fight‑related injuries. Most injuries are bruises and bruises (39%), as well as cuts (14%) from elbows to the head.

However, this is more true for professional sports, where fights take place almost without protective equipment — only in gloves. Amateur competitions include protection of the head, elbows and shins, which reduces the risk of bruising and cuts.

At the same time, injuries are rarely serious: in 72% of cases, the fight continues, and injuries do not affect subsequent fights and training.

But the women’s fights are somewhat different from men’s?
Women’s Thai Boxing differs from men’s more sparing conditions of the match. For example, it can increase the rest time between rounds or reduce the minutes of the fight. As for the technique, all the elements are preserved, and the risk of getting a bruise or cut is no less than that of men.

If you like Muay Thai but don’t want to get it, learn to block it and try it. This is an intense type of fitness with elements of Thai Boxing punches, but without any sparring and Boxing bags.

Am I even allowed to do Thai Boxing?

This sport is contraindicated for people with disorders of the cardiovascular system, as well as any diseases in which high-intensity training is not recommended.

if you have old injuries or disorders of the musculoskeletal system, be sure to inform the trainer about your problems at the first session.

What is waiting for me in the first lesson?

As a rule, training begins with a warm-up: running or jumping rope, as well as warming up movements. Then it all depends on the coach. You can work out of a combination of two or three beats, practice on bags of sand — Boxing or Thai. The latter is longer to make it easier to work with your feet.

In addition, training sometimes includes Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai (Thai. มวยไทย) exercises with paws – small leather pillows that are put on the hands and allow you to practice blows in pairs. Also used are “Thai paws”, or “pads” – rectangular flat pillows with a thickness of 6-12 centimeters, on which it is convenient to hone kicks and knees.

Muay Thai training at home

In order for your home Muay Thai training to be effective, it must be conducted with high intensity. A typical lesson plan has the following format:

  • warmup;
  • working with a skipping rope;
  • shadow boxing;
  • working on sports equipment;
  • practicing tactics and techniques of combat with a friend;
  • strength training;
  • exercises to increase flexibility and stretch.

This is a General scheme for conducting home Muay Thai training, which can be used by all athletes at the initial stage of training. Then you need to select the training program on an individual basis and a professional trainer will be able to do this.

During the warm-up, you must pay attention to all the muscles and joints of the body. Then you should work well with a jump rope, which will improve your jumping ability and increase your endurance index. After completing the warm-up, proceed to perform specialized exercises. Each movement is performed in several sets of three minutes each. The pause between approaches is 60 seconds.

To put a good punch, take the time to work with the Boxing bag. However, it is not necessary to beat in full force. Also at this time, you need to monitor your stand, which is quite difficult to do at home. Training with a Boxing bag is also a shadow fight. You should not just strike, but also perform inclines, blocks, and so on.

However, the real “fight with the shadow” is still ahead and for this you should sit in front of the mirror. As a result, you will be able to see all possible errors and take measures to fix them. I would like to note that without sparring with a real partner, your home Muay Thai training will not be complete. You can beat the air for a long time, but only during real sparring can you progress as a fighter. Each session should end with stretching and flexibility exercises.

Shadow fight in Muay Thai

The meaning of shadow fighting in Muay Thai has no fundamental differences from its meaning in classic English Boxing. It is also used for practicing movement and striking, performed at a pace comfortable for a boxer, “shadow fight” can also be used as a warm-up element.
Take a stance characteristic of Muay Thai and move, controlling your movements in such a way as if you have an opponent and he is in front of you. Start adding punches to your movement, control your distance with your imaginary opponent with a jab, add kicks, elbows, and knees, and don’t forget about your blocks and maneuvers. Use linear, lateral, circular footwork, follow the technically “assembled” execution of all elements. You should pay special attention to good technique, so do not rush. If you have a mirror to monitor the execution of technical actions, use it.
Shadow fighting is the Foundation on which all other types of Muay Thai training can be built. This improves and supports the boxer’s technique, no matter what level he/she is at. Each technique must be worked out in the “shadow fight” mode before moving on to other types of training.
One of the advantages of this work, as an independent one, is that it does not require any inventory, only enough space to move. You can also add light dumbbells to your shadow fight for endurance training, shoulder girdle development, and explosive qualities in striking, but this is only appropriate in cases where their use does not affect the quality of technical performance

Techniques and duels in Thai boxing

before you tell us about the rules of home training Muay Thai, you should pay attention to the specifics of fighting techniques. Experienced athletes feel equally good in close combat and at long distances. However, the greatest danger they pose is in the near and middle distance.

According to the main principle of Thai Boxing, the elbow always wins the fist, and the knee is stronger than the leg. These parts of the body are actively used in close combat. One of the favorite techniques of Thai boxers is lowkik-a circular kick with the Shin in the thigh area.888practically, in all martial arts, the impact surface of the foot is the rise of the foot. In Thai Boxing, preference is given to the knee. To strengthen this part of the body, athletes use various exercises and as a result, an experienced fighter is able to break a baseball bat with his knee.

If we talk about handwork, it is similar to European Boxing, but it is more diverse. Today in Muay Thai it is customary to distinguish two styles:

  • Muay laik-a fighter always strives to occupy a stable position, and his movements are quite slow. Previously, this style was popular among farmers, but today it is rarely used.
  • Muay Kieu-the style is based on various feints, deceptive movements, and exits.


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