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Motivation is something that many do not have enough for Jogging. Absolutely, in any case, you need to understand what the goal is and what should be the first step to achieve it. Making a decision forces a person to think not about what reasons to find for retreating, but how to achieve their goal more effectively and faster. Motivation to run gives strength and confidence to move, everyone can have their own motivation, the main thing is that it is sincere and strong.

motivation to run: Jogging

Running for health is a very useful habit. It activates the reserve capabilities of the body-increases the volume of the heart muscle, increases the supply of nutrients in the cells, and with deep breathing promotes massage of internal organs with the diaphragm.

Benefits of Wellness running:

  • For the cardiovascular system. When the heart rate increases, blood circulates more actively through the body, which helps to accelerate metabolic processes, remove toxins, saturate tissues and organs with oxygen and useful substances. The heart is strengthened, its vascular elasticity increases, and its systolic volume increases. This reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, including heart attacks.
  • For the respiratory system. Even if a person runs slowly, they still breathe more intensely, which means that the lungs are better ventilated. This strengthens them and restores their function after getting rid of Smoking.
  • For muscles and joints. While running, a huge number of muscles are involved, they train, therefore, they become harder and stronger. Most of the load falls on the muscles of the press, legs, and back.
  • For the musculoskeletal system. With a sedentary lifestyle, the risk of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system increases significantly. Running will save you from atrophy of the bone tissue and help to prevent other problems.
  • For digestion. When running, the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder is significantly reduced – stagnant processes are prevented. In addition, running improves digestion and prevents constipation and other troubles.
  • For the psychological state. Any physical activity provokes the production of the hormone of happiness-endorphin, which protects a person from nervous tension. Wellness running is recommended to fight insomnia, neurasthenia, and other ailments that provoke nervous tension.

According to recent sociological research, the main motivational prerequisites for health-improving running in middle-aged people are:

  • health promotion;
  • disease prevention;
  • improving performance;
  • getting pleasure from the process itself;
  • striving to improve your running results;
  • the following fashion;
  • communication;
  • the desire to know your capabilities;
  • raising and strengthening a family is a family-run.
  • Running for weight loss

motivation to run :12 reasons not to go for a run

  • I’ll start running. from Monday.
  • Monday – but next Monday will be the first day, this is a much more suitable day to start a new sports life!
  • In the morning-I didn’t get enough sleep, I’ll run in the evening.
  • In the evening-I’m Tired, I’ll run in the morning.
  • Sunday is the day Off, I’ll run away on Monday morning!
  • In the rain-it’s Raining! In this weather, a good owner will not even turn a dog out on the street. I’m better than a dog.
  • In the snow – In weather like normal people ski and ride, and do not run. I wish I had skis.
  • Summer Is Hot… And there’s beer in the fridge…
  • It’s cold, and there’s whiskey in the bar.
  • I’m too old/old to run.
  • It’s good for you… You only have broken arms and legs.
  • And anyway, I don’t have time for a run!

motivation to run: 12 reasons to go for a run

  • Running brings new emotions and impressions, almost always positive.
  • Stress goes away while running, sometimes even a slight depression disappears.
  • Running helps you lose weight! Well, weight retention, it certainly helps.
  • Pull in – you want to run easier, longer, faster – start doing exercises on different muscle groups. A good figure will be a side effect, not a hard-to-achieve goal.
  • Running increases self-esteem. How many of your friends can run 5 km, and 10? And you can, ten in a year-easily!
  • You can run and smoke, but not for long. Choose to run? – Quit Smoking naturally (99%).
  • Running is significantly less expensive than a fitness room. And not only for money, but also for time.
  • Running gives you the opportunity to be alone with yourself or make new acquaintances – the choice is yours.
  • With a reasonable approach, the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system will thank you for running.
  • Cold? No, I don’t know.
  • Amateur running improves the quality of life and extends its duration.
  • Running a marathon today is much easier than in 490 BC. Why not?

Is it useful to run in the evening

The main question for those who want to work out later, without forcing themselves to get up in the morning: running in the evening-the benefit or harm. The problem concerns fans of a healthy lifestyle, as well as everyone who wants to improve their figure, improve their metabolism and overall health.

The benefits of running in the evenings

 running in the evenings

The main purpose of training-to improve health, increase endurance, increase fat burning-is observed both in the morning and in the evening. Since all people are different in their psychological status and biological rhythms (so-called” larks “and” owls”), everyone decides independently on the best time for sports. Any time of day has its advantages and disadvantages for running.

The advantages of classes in the evenings:

  • The most free organization of training. For “owls” it is difficult to get up in the morning 1.5-2 hours earlier. Many simply do not want to deprive themselves of a part of the night’s rest. In addition, there is no need to keep track of the time in the evening, for fear of being late for work.
  • According to scientists ‘ observations, at 18-20 hours the body is at the peak of vitality. the Muscles are well warmed up, the joints are developed, and the blood supply is in full force.
  • It is noted that in the evening, the excretory system of a person works more intensively, ie, improves metabolism, toxins are quickly removed from the body.
  • After classes, sleep improves. It becomes stronger and calmer. Many people who practice running in the evening notice that less sleep is enough to fully recover.
  • It is possible to lose excess calories acquired during the day.
  • The most important thing is that evening races relieve stress, negative emotions, etc.

This training system has only 2 disadvantages:

  • It is difficult to force yourself to study after a long working day. However, from the very first training sessions, the runner will feel their need and usefulness.
  • In the evening, the atmosphere of a large city deteriorates and is filled with harmful substances. To reduce their negative impact, it is better to choose places away from roads and businesses: forest, Park, square.

Motivation to run: 8 ways to improve it

you will definitely not regret doing it, and you will almost certainly regret not doing it

The return from running is always greater than the effort it takes to get out and start. I have not had a single run that I would regret – in the end, you still get a full set of bonuses in the form of excellent health, cheerfulness, orderly thoughts, and a good mood. But from missed training sessions for disrespectful reasons, there is almost always an unpleasant residue and dissatisfaction with yourself. It is enough to fix these feelings in your head, and then remember them at the right moment. For me, this method is one of the most effective. And can improve your motivation to run.

Turn running into a habit

A normal person does not think about whether to brush his teeth or put it off for tomorrow. This is a fully automatic action that does not require a brain connection. The process of collecting and going for a run can also be “automated”:

  • develop a ritual-a sequence of actions to follow each time. After a while, the whole process will go on a roll, even without the need to Wake up ?
  • prepare your clothes and everything you need in the evening, charge your watch. The less annoying little things and “complexities”, the less chance of skewing.
  • select a clear time in the chart. The worst option is to plan a run “when you can”. Usually, there are a thousand and one good reasons why you need to move it to a little later, and it usually ends with the fact that oops, today did not work. How to find time to run-useful ideas.

h. one-step Rule

The idea is taken from a method of survival during long-term training: when you run only to the nearest landmark, and not the entire distance, which is abnormally long. Here everything is the same: we think only about the next necessary action. When I don’t feel like crawling out, I agree with myself that I will just get up and wash my face, and then, if anything, go back to sleep. Then, so be it, I agree to have another glass of water and look out the window. Then get dressed. And so on. It sounds primitive, like “run to that tree and then walk a step,” but it works somehow.

By the way, the method is also good for complex training. For me, this is intervals and other high-speed work with a pace above the threshold – I know too well that I will only get pleasure from running when it is completed. Knowing in advance that it will be hard and will have to endure, it is harder to start, the cunning brain resists and looks for excuses. Then I decide to just go out and easily trot at a comfortable pace. Naturally, after 2-3 km, the body warms up, and the mood becomes more cheerful. Okay, let’s do 1-2 intervals. We do…not so terrible, we can still do it. We do more, in the end, there is only nothing left – there is an incentive to be patient and count yourself a good workout.

Register for the race

I have already shared my thoughts about why an Amateur should participate in competitions. When you register, you set the right goal: not a vague “run regularly”, but measurable results and specific deadlines. The goal should not be easy to achieve: it is better that it requires a slightly higher level than the current one. If you are just starting to run, it can be, for example, to finish in a 5 km race. Then finish in a certain time or run 10 km. There is room for development and new goals at any level.

The best way for me to register for a marathon is to automatically eliminate 99% of my “maybe not today” brain problems. At the moment of clicking the “Register” button, I do not subscribe for 42195 meters, but for all the training sessions that precede it. The marathon is a demanding distance and does not forgive shortcomings (it will hurt), but it is easier and more interesting for me to prepare qualitatively than to suffer and run on “morally painful” (with).


Even if you are going to “just run for health”, without goals and competitions, it is worth making a plan. This discipline and allows you to distribute loads reasonably and evenly.

For me, the race preparation plan is a puzzle that needs to be put together. Each training session is one of its parts. To get a solid and beautiful picture, you need to collect all (okay: almost all) parts.

Running in the company

Pleasant company is a good incentive, especially for people who are sociable. The desire not to let down those who rely on you, and not to break the agreement usually overcomes laziness. However, there is a condition: my fellow runners must be sufficiently disciplined, otherwise, there may be a reverse effect – you did not go, and I will miss the training for the company.

Use social networks

Usually, harsh TRU runners are disdainful of novice girls who post their running selfies, legs in Nikes, and heroically overcome kilometers on Instagram EN masse. Their own motivation to start running was, of course, exceptionally high-spirited in the form of a growing belly. If the desire to post in social networks at least sometimes makes you tear your fifth point from the sofa, then why not? The main thing is that it works, and then, quite possibly, there will be another motivation, and a lot of things change in the process.

Some people are disciplined by virtual training reporting, either publicly available or for a circle of friends. There will probably be a harmful and boring reader like me who will notice the missed run and cheekily ask why you deviate from the plan.

Gadget lovers unite and compete in tracking services, from Strava and Garmin Connect to Nike +. This is fun and allows you to add a competitive element, even if you are running alone.

Don’t forget about pleasure

For sure, there is something in running that you especially enjoy: speed, running through the forests-mountains, training in a pleasant company, traditional coffee drinking after ? I, for example, am a runner-traveler: I like to explore new routes or run along with my favorite old ones, observe and consider. Almost all my recovery and light training sessions take place in this format, and it is a continuous rest and reboot. I run at a comfortable pace, do not look at the clock, stop to admire the views or take a photo (most of the photos for reviews of routes for running in Kyiv were taken during such runs).

In the pursuit of pace, mileage, and progress, do not forget about the simple pleasure of the process – perhaps then you will have to force yourself less and search for lost motivation.


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