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Almost everyone knows the benefits of reading: it expands horizons, develops imagination, improves memory, and other cognitive abilities. But not everyone understands how to force himself to constantly read without losing his enthusiasm. And this is not difficult to do, the main thing is to be able to motivate yourself and follow a number of simple rules, which we will consider in today’s article. If a person knows how to find the motivation to read, then this process always gives him pleasure and does not have to force himself. Therefore, before moving on to the tips, let’s remember once again why reading is so useful:

Motivation to read: What does regular reading Give?

In addition to the usual pleasure of reading, reading fiction and educational literature has other beneficial effects. Let’s highlight the most important:

  • Development of imagination. Reading, you involuntarily draw pictures in your head, trying to imagine what the characters look like and the environment in which certain events take place. Thanks to this, regular reading significantly develops creativity and imagination, and in the future, you will use it in your work without even realizing it.
  • Expansion of vocabulary. Everyone knows many more words than they use in colloquial speech. Reading can greatly reduce the gap. As you read, you constantly see how different authors formulate their thoughts using different words. This makes it easier for you to use rare words in a conversation.
  • Improved memory. Reading any literature is associated with memorizing information. Finishing reading a three hundred-page detective novel, you need to keep in mind many facts in order to solve the main riddle of the work with the main characters. This is a pleasant and effective exercise that significantly improves the quality of memory.
  • Keep the brain in good shape. Reading is a great workout for the brain to keep it in shape. Read every day and your thoughts will be clear and pure. And people who constantly read are much less likely to face sclerosis and other age-related diseases.
  • Improve concentration and attention. Almost everyone was faced with inconveniences due to their own distraction. This is where reading can help, as it develops the ability to focus on a specific task.

Reading is a great way to combine work and pleasure. And the tips below will help you consolidate this habit.

How to force yourself to read: 10 Motivation to read tips

Find the most interesting topics

Having spent some time choosing the right book, you can read it with much more pleasure. You don’t have to start reading a novel just because it’s popular. Read a few reviews in advance to understand how close and interesting the topic is for you.

Remember that the fame and popularity of an author does not guarantee the quality of a work. But if you like his books and the genre in general, this is a great reason to read another creation.

List of books to read

Determine how many books you want to read next year. After that, make a list, take important notes on each book and sort them by priority. You can make a list on paper or use a specialized organizing program on your smartphone. The software option is better because it allows you to group and sort books by authors, topics, and tags.

Set goals and track progress

This is a universal trick that can significantly increase motivation and productivity in any company. Challenge yourself, for example, to read 20 pages a day. It is not necessary to raise the bar. Only by making sure that the goal is easily achievable, you can slightly complicate the task.

It is also recommended to keep a diary of what you read. The ability to observe your own progress is a powerful motivational mechanism applicable in any field.

Do not read several books in parallel

Many people do this, starting several books and changing according to their mood. But “multitasking” is inappropriate here. Interesting work will give you many more emotions if you read without distraction.

Developing a habit

Our life is determined by habits, and it is good when useful ones prevail. Regular reading is definitely a good habit. You should practice reading a little, starting with 20 minutes a day. In the future, the time allocated for reading should be gradually increased to 1 hour.

Look further on the availability of free time. It is recommended to leave 60 minutes as a mandatory norm, external circumstances will not be able to force you to skip reading. To achieve maximum effect, constantly adhere to this habit, without even missing the holiday.

Read as much as possible

Even the busiest person has free time to devote to reading. You can read online, in a traffic jam, on public transport, taking a bath, or waiting for someone in the park.

In order to always have a book with you for reading, it is recommended to purchase a reader with an E-ink screen. The text on it seems to have been printed on the surface, which makes it much more pleasant to read than on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Try to read before bed. Just be careful when choosing literature. Too exciting a plot can drag on for several hours, and even when you put down the book, worries will prevent you from falling asleep quickly. Better prefer something quiet.

Learn how to close a boring book

We tend to lead any business to its end: finish reading a book, listening to a song, watching a movie or TV series. But if it becomes clear that the book is boring, do not look for a way to force yourself to read, it is better to close it and choose something interesting. This will save you a lot of time and make reading much more enjoyable. Read-only what really interests you!

Stroll through the bookstores

Many people take pleasure in stopping in bookstores and strolling between the shelves in search of new items. This approach is good not only for the opportunity to find an interesting book. The bookstore has a special atmosphere in which, looking at the abundance of books, a person is involuntarily imbued with a thirst for Literature.

Create a reading environment

Reading is more pleasant in a comfortable environment. Spend money and time to create the perfect environment. You may need to buy a comfortable armchair, a large bookcase, or soft pillows on the sofa. The setting should create a feeling of comfort, calm, and serenity.

Increase your reading speed

Imagine how your motivation to read will increase if you learn to read 3-4 times faster, which means that you will receive many more benefits, spending less time on it. The most interesting thing is that working on increasing the speed of reading is not as long a process as it may seem at first glance.

Motivation to read: Why do most people read Little?

  • Most of us read our first books at school. No one asks children what they are interested in, and the classic stories and novels provided by the program do not inspire everyone with a taste for reading.
  • Parents force their children to read, prohibiting them from playing or doing other activities until a given standard is read. This approach also discourages the child’s interest in reading.
  • Children often do not get really interesting books that they themselves would like to read.
  • Many people are too lazy to read. Therefore, in order to introduce such a useful habit as reading into life, you need to try to get rid of laziness.
  • Many modern people are convinced that time is an extremely rare resource, so they deny themselves the opportunity to read.
  • Reading and education are no longer fashionable today. To look erudite, you need to know the latest movies and read popular audiences on social networks. Yes, and today it is not accepted to quote classics, but status messages from the same social networks.
  • Despite all these obstacles that separate the modern generation from books, you should try to read as much and often as possible.


Successful people often say in interviews that they read dozens of books a month. For many, this sounds fantastic, because they do not know how to force themselves to read at least one book a month, let alone dozens. But using the recommendations of this article, you will find your motivation to read and you will soon be able to become an avid reader, reading a new book almost every week. And believe me, it’s worth it!


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