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What drives people in business? We can list many reasons that make us move forward. However, the basis of everything is the right motivation in business. People who know how to make money have managed to create a motivational boost for themselves.

Why do you create a company? What makes you invest your personal savings, take risks, worry, and fuss, and waste your time?

After all, many entrepreneurs could easily work for 8 hours at work, and not think about what kind of letter came today from the tax service. Or how to tell employees tomorrow about the delay in payment of wages.

There are many reasons that encourage people to do business. All of them can be grouped into four large groups of factors:

  • Money.
  • Excitement.
  • Creation.
  • Power.

But if an entrepreneur, opening a business, seeks to satisfy only one of the motives, then he is almost doomed to failure in business.

This is because the market, as in the jungle, survives the strongest. Not someone with more money, or ambition, or talent. The one who survives in business is the one who is willing to sacrifice his personal motives to achieve the company’s goals.

If you only need money, but you don’t want to manage it, and you don’t know how to manage it, and you are not ready to take risks and generate new ideas, then your company will not be able to be competitive. Most likely, it will simply cease to exist after the first setbacks.

The company must constantly develop, expand, offer new products and services. Be ahead of the competition.

A successful entrepreneur himself is interested in the development of the business.

Main incentives for motivation in business


Most of us want to earn more than we currently get. This is normal. Especially if the salary is below the subsistence minimum.

But if only the desire to earn money pushes you to open your own business, then this is clearly not enough.

You must be able to manage, organize your time, plan, set goals, and constantly learn new things. Don’t be afraid of change.

Currently, many people are passionate about the possibility of earning income through the Internet. Most new freelancers do not have any knowledge or skills. But few people think that to get a result, you need to spend twice or even three times more time and effort than in a normal job for hire.

After a while, these people realize that even the prospect of getting a lot of money does not give them enough incentive to work.

Then comes to the rescue…


Another powerful incentive for a novice entrepreneur. A constant desire to implement some incredible projects that hundreds of occur in my head in one night. The adrenaline-boosting feeling of near success, the opportunity to get rich, change your life, prove to yourself and the world that you are worth something.

This is a strong incentive, but if it does not come with the ability to focus on achieving the goal, choosing the best option, cold calculation of prospects, then the excitement will only become a barrier.

In this case, you will rush from one brilliant idea to another where consistency is needed. And in the end you will get nothing.

For two hares, as they say…

What will help you in this case?


It is getting pleasure from performing creative work that helps you focus on your goals and bring them to the end.

A Manager with creative potential will also help his employees develop. In many ways, the result of the company’s activities will depend on it. Therefore, it is important to organize the work of the enterprise in such a way that the most routine activities of managing the company do not prevent the entrepreneur from participating in the development of new products, improving management and production processes.

This approach will bring a lot of benefits and allow the company to develop quickly.

The desire to realize their creative potential and encourages a very large number of ordinary people to quit their jobs and open their own business.

But the palm tree still has the most important motivation in business…


And don’t you want to start your own business because you are tired of the whims of your Director? Isn’t it to be independent and work independently? Organize your own work time, spend more time with your family?

Many entrepreneurs are leaders who don’t like to submit. They themselves give orders and control the execution of works.

After all, everyone wants to be the masters of their life!

But the more powerful your motivation in business, the less good it will do your company.

Usually, such a Manager wants to control every little thing, every detail. And if the company is big? This will definitely reduce the efficiency of management and the speed of decisions. And even their quality.

When doing business, each of us sets certain goals. Everyone gets satisfaction either from the process itself, or from the result expressed in financial independence. Many people really know how to manage, and they like to lead people and their lives.

motivation in business is individual for everyone, and the most important motivation is for everyone. It is only important to harmoniously combine personal goals with the goals of the company. In this case, the company will develop, and you will get satisfaction from your work.

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