motivation and learning

Motivation and learning are some of the most important pillars through which we reach to achieve the goals of education. Whether general goals, interim goals, or behavioral goals. And raise productive capacities of the axis of the educational process “student”.
Motivation is one of the educational tasks that is a delicate and sensitive process of learning. The teacher requires special competence in order to achieve educational and learning goals.
In this educational bulletin. We will learn about the concept of motivation its importance. General principles and types, and the characteristics of the parameter in order to be able to motivate.

The concept of motivation and learning :

Motivation is energy generated by the learner or from outside it, emanating from the surrounding environment, provoking and moving it . Directed to his general behavior. To achieve a psychological or material goal that he seeks. So motivation is an energizing driving force for learning.

motivation and learning importance:

  1. It helps the active participation of the learner.
  2. It helps to fulfill the learner’s precious needs (the need for security, physiological needs, belonging needs, appreciation needs, self-realization needs).
  3. Increase the relationship between the learner and the teacher.
  4. Improve and develop creative ideas.
  5. It helps increase motivation and learning ability.
  6. It helps to increase the creation of an atmosphere of excitement and competition among learners.

General principles to stimulate motivation and learning:

The teacher must consider the following principles to motivate her students:

  1. Focusing on the goals and objectives of education. Providing an opportunity and allowing students to choose activities to reach these goals.
    2- The scientific subject should be related to previous experiences and current interests of female students as much as possible.
    3- Focusing on self-motivated incentives originating from individuals, It is the most continuous and permanent incentives and motives.
    4- Linking the achievement incentives to the students ’private lives.
    5- That the incentives do not contradict the values ​​held by the students.
    6- Providing the teacher for various beneficial educational conditions.
    7- Encouraging female students when they fail, by touching their counselors and understanding their excuses.

Types of motivation of learning:

1.Social incentive:

It is the student’s feeling of the need to belong to others. Collaborate with them and befriend them. The teacher can socially motivate students by identifying and choosing their personal goals and planning social activities. And they are directed and guiding them, and they provide the appropriate atmosphere for that.

2.Achievement incentive:

It is the feeling of the student to achieve important achievements for her. And the teacher can provide her students with useful experiences related to their achievement incentives. And provide rich opportunities to practice their achievement incentives.

Reward incentive:

This gives the student a reward as a result of the distinguished work she offers.

And practiced by the teacher in the classroom, which is three types:

  • a. Verbal reinforcement such as (well done, may God bless you, this is excellent, …).
  • B. Written reinforcement, which is what the teacher writes on the student’s notebook or the activity submitted by her.
  • C. Physical reinforcement “awards in kind”.

Parameter properties for motivation of learning:

There are characteristics that a teacher must have

in order to be a successful teacher and able to motivate her students including:

  1. Be compassionate in their dealings with them and not pretentious.
  2. To be human in her inclinations that take into account the students. And their circumstances and be able To guide their behavior for the better.
  3. Being in-depth about the subject of her specialization able to link it to reality and the needs of female students.
  4. Being able to use educational aids and teaching methods Interesting and useful.
  5. Be familiar with psychology and its educational applications.

Ideas for motivation of learning in the classroom

1- Sensitizing the student to responsibility:

Let the learners control the way they learn. And leave them to choose the homework they want and tasks. Also do not forget that the classroom is a small society. It is good for the student to feel its importance in the classroom.

2- Setting goals:

It is necessary to clearly define the goals of the tasks assigned to each student. he needs to know what to complete in the best way.

3- Create a safe environment:

Students need to learn in complete safety. the fear of failure lead has bad consequences try to encourage the students to learn safely and believe in their abilities

4- Changing the learning space:

you need to change the environment and renewal, make a trips research in the school library or what you see is good for your student

5- Create an atmosphere of honest competition:

5- Create an atmosphere of honest competition: competition can Show up their competence and get them motivated. In some cases, students can be motivated to exert more effort and excel through educational applications, for example, or traditional group games only.

6- Offering simple rewards:

It is one of the most important means to motivate students. It does not require you a huge budget. Box of chocolate or pen can be more effective at

7- Encouraging teamwork:

Teamwork is one of the methods we agree on its efficacy and importance. Especially for faltering and shy students. Everyone is eager to cooperate and help the group and complete tasks and it is a good way for scientific subjects that adopt observation and experimentation.

8- Getting to know the students:

Not mean to know their names . its to know their abilities their hobbies and their love and hate.

9- Dialogue and Discussion:

Some classes can be used to discuss some of the deficiencies and weaknesses that may create a kind of frustration among learners. Standing there and looking for ways to overcome them is enough to give everyone a sense of hope and the possibility of success.


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