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The Manager of any level knows about the importance of motivating his subordinates. We already had an article on self-motivation on our blog. Now I suggest you analyze some practical tips that will help the team leader motivate the team to achieve goals.

Many managers have faced a situation where a good team of employees loses in achieving high results in a team of newcomers. The situation is not as rare as it might seem at first glance. Practical experience shows that a motivated employee works 20-50% more effectively than an employee who is not motivated. I offer you 5 recommendations from experts, adhering to which you can motivate the team to achieve their goals.

Advice to motivate your team

The involvement of the team.

Employees are often demotivated by the awareness of the uselessness of their work. Many do not even understand why and why they do this or that work. This situation is typical for projects of large customers when employees are assigned tasks without giving an explanation of what it represents in the real world.

In order to avoid this situation, you should initially involve employees in the project. A positive effect is given by a well-prepared presentation, which will include all the stages of the project, goals, KPIs, as well as the product that should be released and an explanation of its application in everyday life. Give your employees a chance to participate in the presentation and conduct it in a question-and-answer format. Thus, employees will have an understanding of the importance of their own and work, and they will hardly be visited by thoughts about the uselessness of their work.

We are doing a common thing.

As practice shows, motivation is present at the very beginning of the project and dissolves into everyday life by the middle of the project. To prevent this from happening, the Manager must maintain team spirit in the team. To do this, emphasize to each employee the importance of their particular area of work. Do not hesitate to repeat this, almost any subordinate knowing that the quality of his work will depend on the result of the entire project will be more responsible to approach their work.

Optimistic attitude.

Keep the team upbeat at all times. Start your working day with pleasant words and a friendly smile. Note the results of the work done by your subordinates and do not hesitate to praise them in front of others.

If the work is associated with constant stress, the team quickly burns out and approaches work with their sleeves down. Your task is to prevent this, you need to feel the emotional atmosphere in the team and make a positive contribution in time.


If an employee does monotonous work day after day, their motivation gradually decreases. To prevent this from happening, set clear goals, gradually raising the bar. Goals for development can be both career growth and the development of new professional skills.


Don’t forget to give feedback to your subordinates. Very often, an employee who does not know what to do in a particular situation turns to the direct Manager. In this situation, the manager acts as a mentor and must direct the employee in the right direction. Any team member should promptly receive feedback from you in case of any questions or difficulties.

After reviewing the five main principles of team motivation, I suggest discussing them in the comments.


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