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Men’s confidence is a feeling that all men try to improve it. This is an important thing because all of us must make decisions and choices in his life and these choices can impact your future. So if you are confusing about what to choose or you feel less trust in yourself. Probably you can choose bad choices. Many men ask himself If he can be more confident and how to Be confident men.

A Question coming when someone thinks about men confidence

when we try to increase their confidence they are a lo tof questions come:

1.How do I know if I am confident?

2.Does everyone bear with natural confidence?

3. does confidence have a kind?

4.What’s the difference between self-confidence ans self-esteem?

5.Which activities should I take to be more confident?

and More questions so let’s answer it and see more about “man confidence”.

1. How I Know if I have men confidence :

confidence Is one key to success and our accomplishments. So if you ask your self how I know if I am confident this is signs for it:

  • you Speak With Authority. This comes with knowledge and practice.
  • Help others and encourage them.
  • take action and you Are Decisive.
  • focus on what you made you stronger. .
  • make other people feel good about you.
  • you are humble and accept your self.
  • beleive in your abilities.

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2.Does everyone bear with natural confidence?

Some Scientists say that many people born with high self-confidence and the ability of working hard and under pressure.

Psychiatrists say that kids at school who have high self-confidence are more perform than intelligent kids.

But Confidence can be gained and improve it by some activities and tips and practice

What confident men look like?

  • To Acquire the male confidence you must set a goal in your life or vision on your future. And you must know what you do and what will do.
  • Confident men know themselfs.Their skills and thier person strength and weaknesses and they evaluate themselfs and try to be better.
  • If you try to acquire the male confidence you must take action .and don’t let the failure or the fear stop you.
  • Confident men treat failure as a normal thing.So don’t let the failure break you or put you down.
  • Confident people take care of themselves in terms of health, physique, and mental.
  • If you try to be more confident so push your self and don’t give up in the first trouble or obstacle.
  • They think and focus only on positive things.
  • Confident people lesson more they speak.

Self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence :

Your self-image is the conversation with your self and what you tell your self about you, what you think about it. It’s influenced by what the other says about yourself

self-esteem is the ability to like, love, respect your self and what the other say about you they can’t heart you or impact in your beliefs.

Self-confidence is what you feel about your skills and your abilities and what you can do.

Kinds of confidence

1.External confidence :

this kind depends on our competence in the Specific domain. So you can see a man is very confident in his work and his computer when it comes to the relationship he is horribly unconfident.

2.Internel confidence:

Our felling and choices control on this kind of confidence. Some studies say that people who feel confident about the wrong information are more effective. So if you don’t know what you saying but you feel confident about what you talk, you are more effective than who knows what he talks but it’s not confident.

Activities can help you to men confidence gained:

1.sets goals and trust in your self that you can make all your goals.And promise your self that you do all that you plan it for.

2.Practice sport and exercise .this can help you to build a healthier body and be more confident about your body and shape and your health. and this can have an effect on some hormones that can improve your confidence.

3.Learn a new thing new skills and talent .Confident people don’t stop learning they try to Improve themselves every day. So try to learn a new thing.

4. take a shower and take care of your personal cleanliness. Staying on your hygiene can make you feel great.

5.Surround Yourself With Nature and Try meditation. Some studies say that staying in nature and meditation can boost men’s confidence.

6.Wear The Right Color.Some studies rank the people who wear red, green, blue, and black are more attractive.And make you better looking.

7.think in the happy think and do what makes happy like a video game. These simple things can boost your confidence.

Mistakes can crash your men confidence us, man :

men regret
  • Think about what other they say about you, about your accomplishments. and Your goals in life.
  • Not taking care of learning new skills.This new skill can give you value and gaining time and money in the future.
  • Don’t take care of your health.This can have negative consequences and can kill your confidence.
  • Staying in bad relatioship can prevent personal growth so take courage and stay away from this toxic relationship.
  • Feeling Sorry about our Yourself.self-pity Kill your confidence.
  • Not Forgiving Yourself about what you do in the past.don’t let the past control our future. Remember that all of us make a mistake. So forgive yourselves.

you can read this article for more information: Lack of confidence

What about your men confidence:

What the thing you’d like to be more confident about it?

So choose the step and activities that can help you.

Leave a comment below on what you try to work on.


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