low self esteem in teens

Although it is normal for a teenager to lack self esteem and self-confidence at times. People with problems of self-esteem perceive themselves in a very different way. low self esteem in teens can be difficult. Especially when they move to high school or start a part-time job, and make new friends and relationships. Read on to understand the teen’s low self-esteem problems and ways to help him get around this problem correctly.

How does a teenager consider himself?

When you ask a teenager to describe himself. He usually does so according to external attributes related to his physical appearance (attractiveness, features, figure …). And activities practiced (intellectual capacities and relationships with others). Likewise, his vision revolves around the concepts of value and competence. Therefore, it is closely linked to academic achievement, social ability, and emotional balance.

Teenagers’ self-esteem experiences gender differences:

Girls tend to develop their younger and weaker. They are very concerned about their physical appearance, their social success, and their academic results.
Boys’ self-esteem is more governed by the difficulty of sticking to the stereotype of the assertive, tough, and fearless man.

Reasons for low self esteem in teens


Bullying is one of the most important reasons that can cause kill self-confidence and self esteem during adolescence. Bullying is often a form of negative speech that can destroy the teenager’s psyche and lead to a significant decrease in his self-confidence, especially since he is exposed to it all the time. To the point that he can believe what he hears of criticism about him and his form.

Relationship with parents

Parents have a very significant impact on a teenager’s mental health and self-confidence. Parents ’words and behavior with their teenage child can be a factor in their self-confidence and self-awareness. For example, if the parents ’words are constructive and supportive, the teenager can increase his self-confidence significantly, but if they constantly criticize him and repeat hearing that he failed, he will indirectly believe their words.

Conditions of life and family

That is, if the child suffers from difficult family circumstances such as his parents’ divorce, the teenager may feel poor self-confidence. He lives with persistent and persistent problems at home, which greatly affects his mood and mental health, and can increase his sense of weakness and depression.

Ways to treat low self esteem in teens

Consult a psychologist

Psychotherapy can help a lot in treating a teenager’s psychological weakness. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, a doctor can help determine the causes of the problem and teach him how to deal with it.

Encourage activities

Encouraging the child to exercise and social activities help a lot to increase his confidence. In addition to doing some sporting activities that change his mood, he can also be active in the volunteer field as well. That is, he can be an active member of associations and help the needy, which helps him to improve his self-confidence.


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