Low Self Esteem Characteristics and Symptoms

Low self-esteem, self-contempt. All of them are terms that indicate our inner view of ourselves that interacts with our behaviors, and experiences. let’s show you the Low Self Esteem Characteristics and Symptoms

Symptoms of low self-esteem

Below we show you the main Low Self Esteem Characteristics and Symptoms

1- Excessive sensitivity to criticism.

2- Social withdrawal and introversion.

3- Aggressive.

4- Excessive preoccupation with personal problems.

5- Permanent comparison with others.

6- Not being able to easily accept failure.

7- Shame on oneself and feeling ashamed.

8- Pessimism and blackness.

9- Resorting to others’ sympathy and emotional blackmail.

10- The constant escape from responsibility.

11- Work involvement or work addiction is also considered a form of low self-esteem. Provided that other signs are available, low self-esteem makes us more inclined to perform clear work and walk in a clear achievement plan that avoids us using skills that we do not trust or face unexpected problems.

Reasons for low self-esteem

low self-esteem is one of the most complicated psychological problems in terms of causes. This complexity is due to the effect of our interaction with everything around us from different experiences and environments and at different age stages on our self-image and our internal view. In addition to mixing the causes with the results in many cases and the interaction of the causes Together dynamically. The most prominent causes of low self-esteem can be mentioned as follows :

1- Genetic factors:

Despite the controversy surrounding the influence of genetic factors on personality and their interaction with the social environment. Research indicates that genetic differences that cause differences in levels of happiness hormones play an important role in promoting confidence and self-esteem, or vice versa.

2- Personal experiences:

Personal experiences greatly affect your perception of yourself and the extent of your appreciation of and respect for yourself. Among the most prominent experiences that are considered a reason for low self-esteem


The various shocks that a person goes through and the way they interact with them contribute to drawing features of the self-image. Exposure to sudden psychological shocks or going through an extended bad experience is one of the reasons for low self-esteem.

Unfortunate childhood:

When childhood was one of the most important stages of forming a self-image. Unfortunate childhood leads to low self-esteem, and manifestations of unfortunate childhood are evident in exposure to cruelty, physical or emotional abuse, humiliation, poverty, a broken family, or addicted father … and others.

The educational context:

Even if childhood is not miserable in the full sense of the word, but some wrong educational practices may threaten the self-image and make the child less self-respecting, such as continuous comparison, demoralization, or emotional neglect.

3- Gender, race, and sexual orientation:

4- False intellectual premises:

Our understanding of the nature of self-confidence and self-esteem and its requirements largely controls the drawing of the self-image. The feverish essence behind perfectionism is one of the disturbances that lead to low self-esteem. And every misconception of self-confidence leads to low self-esteem, and therefore we found that it is The necessity of explaining the concepts of self-confidence and self-image in detail in the previous paragraphs.

5- Depression and anxiety:

A common symptom of depression and anxiety is a distortion of the self-image and a decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence. A decrease in self-esteem may be a cause or a result of depression.

6- Other experiences:

Other experiences that lead to low self-esteem also [7] are teenage pregnancy, drug or alcohol addiction, criminal behavior, school dropout, and academic weakness, eating and appetite disorders, sexual activity, external appearance, and others.

7- The world around us:

believe it or not; The marketing methods resorted to by commercial companies may be a reason to reduce self-esteem when it highlights a deficiency in your personality or capabilities claiming that it is able to compensate for it.

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