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The attackers attack anyone and fart everything. They can do it because most people can’t fight them because you don’t know how to fight them. You don’t know the self-defense tips and tricks. To learn martial arts at home or self-defense, you have to go to a self-defense academy and learn how to fight against attackers. If you have a smartphone, then you can save your money to go to the academy, you can easily use some popular self-defense apps on your smartphone and easily learn self-defense techniques and tricks and fight attackers.

In this article, we list the 9 best popular apps to learn martial arts and self-defense for Android and iOS users. Few of the apps in this list work like SOS, they will send an SMS to your loved one when you go in your seat. You can easily use these applications using GPS and Internet connection. Easily send the predefined SMS to your parents or loved ones with one click when you are in difficulty.

Learn martial arts at home apps:



Boxx is one of the best and popular boxing training apps for Android and iOS users. It helps you easily learn boxing without joining an institute. It has a free and paid service so everyone can easily use it for free. This application provides perfect flexibility on your body. You can easily use it as an app stretch to stretch your body for free. He listed all the exercises. All workouts are listed with a time limit, you must complete them on time.

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2.Life 360 ​​Family Locator:

life 360 familly

Life 360 ​​Family Locator is another popular security app that allows you to get the location of your family member. It is one of the most popular real-time location apps in the world, thanks to which you can easily get the exact location and easily coordinate with your friends and family. It automatically sends a notification to your friends and family while you are coming or going from home or another place.

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3.GeoZilla GPS Locator:

life 360 located

GeoZilla GPS locator is a self-defense artificial intelligence application for the family safety assistant Android and iOS. You can easily keep your loved one safe by following them on your smartphone using the GPS service. It allows you to assign a task to your family member in the app and easily get notification and track status on your electronic device for free.

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4.Krav Maga:

learn martial arts at home krav maga app

Krav Maga is another good and popular app that helps you to learn martial arts at home, and know how to protect yourself from problems. you can easily learn a step-by-step process for self-defense so that you can easily learn them. This app is a popular self-defense app used by the Israeli military to learn how to defend one or more attackers at the same time. It has allowed you to learn to defend both without weapons, as weapons, and blunt.

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5.Wing Chun Kung Fu:

learn martial arts at home kung fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a good kung fu self-defense app that teaches you kung fu for free. This app will teach you how to protect yourself from common attacks on you. It provides step by step to learn kung fu for free on your smartphone. He listed a different technique, you can easily learn how and when these techniques to use.

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6.Martial arts lessons:

learn martial arts at home boxx

Martial arts is an art that allows you to easily defend yourself and your friends. With the help of these techniques, a person can easily protect his life from attack. Martial arts lesson courses app let you easily learn popular martial arts techniques with video tutorials. All of the techniques in this app are listed with a full description with clear 3D views so you can easily and quickly learn these techniques. It’s easy to use and the user interface app lets you learn self-defense techniques for free.

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7.Boxing training:

Boxing training app

Boxing training is a popular self-defense app that allows you to easily learn the steps of boxing. It mainly focuses on punching, defense, footwork, and others so that you can easily be a professional boxer. There is also a paid option for this app which has different and unique security techniques for you.

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8.Dynamic Self Defense Academy:

Dynamic Self Defense Academy: app

Another popular self-defense app developed by Mindboy Incorporated is the Dynamic Self Defense Academy. It allows you to learn self-defense techniques, boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, jiu-jitsu, judo, and others. It’s all in one app where you can also learn yoga for free. You can easily book your training based on your interest and schedule. This app is fully equipped and tangled with different facilities.

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9.Bully Busters Revenge:

learn martial arts at home for kids

Bully Busters Revenge is a fun app for kids to learn how to be safe when they are in trouble or out of the house. It is easy to use and a game app for kids in which they can learn some basic shots, kicking tips, box, and other self-defense techniques. With these, you can also use it as playing the game on your smartphone for free and killing your time. It has great graphics and the sound effect option so that everyone can easily play and enjoy this game.

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