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How to train alone in krav maga? Is it really possible? The current fashion is to try to sell absolutely the whole web. Now, any kind of knowledge is easily accessible with video. So even courses can now be found online. These are easily found on the web and there are even some that are available for free. This is why it is quite possible to learn krav maga at home and to learn krav maga techniques at home.

You ask yourself the following questions: How to free yourself from your attacker when you are on the ground? How to perfectly protect your head, elbows forward to counter the blows? Where to kick or knee if you get strangled? In this case, krav maga is the sport you absolutely must practice! Don’t hesitate to watch videos to practice krav maga alone at home. Quality content is available online and shows the different techniques of krav maga.

Watch videos to practice krav maga alone?

Watching and using videos to optimize technical points of krav maga can be really relevant. However, you can completely do another learning in front of a screen. In order to learn various techniques at home, you can invite a partner. Indeed, a cooperative partner who is strong enough to be able to really repeat the techniques can prove to be really relevant. Everything seems to work when the technique is performed without any resistance but when it is tried against a resistant opponent, and you put the stress of reality into it.

Acquiring know-how in the practice of krav maga

When you learn krav maga at home, you have to understand and understand the difference between the feeling of knowing and the possession of a result. It means being aware of the acquisition process and what is really acquired. This perspective makes it possible to differentiate the action of knowledge as well as its result: knowledge. Knowledge includes theoretical knowledge such as mastery of vocabulary and principles. The know-how corresponds to the mastery of all the techniques. In terms of interpersonal skills, it is characterized by the attitudes and behaviors of the practitioner.

Thus, knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills are the different resources that an individual must mobilize in action in order to prove his competence. In order to be able to practice krav maga alone, we advise you to perfectly master these three factors.

How to learn krav maga at home: the different methods

There are various points to take into account in order to perfectly train alone. First of all, we recommend that you start your session with a small warm-up in order to stimulate blood circulation, stretch your muscles, and optimize the elasticity of the extension of movements of your joints. After having chosen a specific technique and having studied it in detail (whether in a common or private course), try to imagine an attacker making this same attack. Slowly execute the various adequate defense movements. It is also quite possible to use a mirror to check that your movements and your positions are done in an optimal way.

A basic defense technique is generally done in a single movement. However, if the technique is more difficult, it is necessary to divide it into a series of different movements. Again, having come to train in a common class or in private will give you the opportunity to perform the right series of movements. Then, follow all the steps in order to reconstruct all the techniques.

When you learn new techniques at home, we advise you to mentally repeat them. Then, you must repeat them in a vacuum, optimizing the speed according to the sensations experienced. Finally, be aware that this solo work is to be done, if possible, the same day that the technique was acquired.

Opt for online courses

you can easily learn Krav Maga with high-definition videos from your home. Self-defense courses are found to be available for all levels, from novice to advanced levels.
As a reminder, krav maga means “close combat” in Hebrew. It is an Israeli method of self-defense. It was originally thought by Imi Lichtenfeld to protect the Jewish community of Bratislava after the First World War. This simple method is based on reflexes as well as the speed of action. Aimed at everyone, this self-defense discipline can be practiced by a man as much as a woman. So, in order to learn krav maga at home and learn krav maga techniques at home, do not hesitate to return videos with different techniques, methods, training as well as scenarios. Each video is categorized for easy research.


The main goal of krav maga is to prepare oneself to face contexts of aggression of reality. Science has proven that in conflict situations we are stressed and find it difficult to deal with rational and specific things. This is why krav maga is a relevant solution. Learn the latter at home and preferably with a partner to accompany you. However, it is also entirely possible, even advisable, to carry out continuous training under the supervision of an instructor. The latter will introduce you to certain movements in order to execute them well. So, don’t waste any more time, and learn krav maga and its many


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