lack of motivation

Many people lack motivation every day when they have to go to work. This may be due to several factors that should be detected and analyzed in order to successfully regain the urge to do your job. We, therefore, suggest that you discover 5 tips to combat the lack of motivation at work.

1 – Determine the source of this lack of motivation

Lack of motivation is often the result of widespread malaise that blocks the urge to do a task that seems meaningless. The demotivated person will try to avoid as much as possible what he has to do by turning away from it in different ways, that is to say, by seeking to achieve something more pleasant.

The sources of this lack of motivation at work can come from:

a delicate personal situation (divorce, separation, loved one, etc.);
a lack of recognition of his hierarchy;
repetitive and unrewarding tasks;
poor management;
a worrying general situation (strikes, political events, weather, terrorism, etc.);
a bad atmosphere in the workplace;
very tired;
too much stress (responsibilities for example); etc.
Identifying the cause of the lack of motivation makes it easier to find suitable solutions.

2 – Work on personal development

Once the cause has been identified, you can work on your personal development, that is to say, make sure to refocus on yourself in order to find the inner strength to move forward despite external influences. This can for example involve the practice of a sporting activity, yoga or even work on self-esteem.

Take stock of what can make you happy, your priorities, and focus on all those things that prove essential to your well-being.

3 – Succeed in valuing your work

Your work may not be rewarding. you would try to find the positive side of each task. Some are motivated for example by a salary, others by a warm atmosphere with their colleagues. What are the positive points in your profession? Can’t find it? You can try to think of what could be improved in your daily tasks: how could you make them more fun, more fulfilling?

If you do not see any way out, because your work does not motivate you at all, then you may want to consider job development, training and / or retraining.

4 – flourish outside of your professional activity

Deviating your mind from what is bothering you can be a good way to get motivated. Indeed, if you remain obsessed with your demotivation, you will have little chance of finding a smile. In this context, flourishing outside of your professional activity can allow you to free yourself from your stress and this tiredness which becomes heavy. This will allow you to realize that your work is not necessarily the center of your life. Family, friends, hobbies and your passions should take pride of place. The less you focus on this job and the problems associated with it, the more you will manage to value your daily life in a global way.

5 – Practice mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can represent the synthesis of the first 4 points. It allows you to work on your personal development, to focus on yourself, but also to free yourself from stress and negative emotions. In addition, it is ideal for realizing what prevents us from moving forward, which hinders our creativity and our ability to move forward.


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