lack of confidence

self-confidence is a powerful force that drives the motivation of the individual and achievement of achievement And wishes. It’s easy to think about confidence as something that we can’t lose it. So confidence comes and come but we must take some presides when we lack of confidence.

lack of confidence:

Is the State of lack of self-confidence and kind of self-deficit and a feeling of self-degradation. It’s affecting our thinking and action by lost the feeth on our dreams and ability. It’s can destroy human capabilities, and the ability to be natural Living, goals, and benefits.

lack of confidence Signs :

The process begins from an early age when the child begins to like his first steps. And it develops until he tries to eat his food without anyone’s help. From here his sense of responsibility grows and builds trust. However, there are people with signs and behaviors that indicate the lost self-confidence:


1- Frequency:

it is especially prevalent among young people. Difficult to choose and suffer from mood swings and behavior. Take, for example, that a young man loves a girl and does not reveal her love. It is a sign of a lack of self-confidence, and its reasons are to compare himself with others.

2- You strive to provide explanations about something you have done:

Submit a detailed leaflet of everything you’ve accomplished. People who trust themselves do not, but they act completely automatically. For example, if you go somewhere to see someone, and when the meeting happens, you start explaining why you are there, you stutter and what you say is incomprehensible.

3- Unity and self-esteem:

You try as much as possible not to engage in groups, and not to confront one or even look into their eyes. Few are your friends, do not try to develop your relationships, believing that they will fail.

4- Take a large number of selfies every day:

No, it is not a trendy fashion, but rather a warning that you suffer from a lack of self-confidence. To take many pictures that allow you to say to yourself “I am beautiful”. Selfies allow you to draw what you want. When you take it, you determine how it appears in the image, you choose how to stand, and you often resort to the imitation of the “duck mouth”. They are signs that no one is giving you praise, you feel ugly, and you are hanging yourself on your outlook to increase your confidence.

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5- Wearing big glasses and staying smiling all day long: It might be an attempt to hide the real “yourself”. As if you were wearing colored clothes or glasses. You strive to prove yourself and others to see you.

6- Parents: Educating you based on your learning how to make a decision.

They often think of you and control your decisions. It’s a negative factor because this makes you feel that you don’t know how to handle things well, and accompany you until you get older. And when life experiences you, knocks on your door in search of your decision or intervention, you certainly cannot present it.

7- Hold onto your cell phone if you find it on its own in public places:

often our eyes fall on such scenes. For example, two people are in a café, and one of them leaves to wash his hands. The other immediately takes his phone to read the “never reached” message and then takes a tour to browse Facebook. No, he didn’t act because he was bored. Anyone who sits alone in a public place has a feeling that those around him will criticize him and appear disappointed. So it passes its fingers. He pressed the phone buttons until they thought he was talking to someone waiting for him, or that he didn’t care about them.

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lack of confidence Reasons :

Loss of social media skills:

low voice Feeling very shy and overwhelmed are all things that hinder your outreach to your environment and limit your ability to appear. What next? Next is your feeling of insecurity and shaking your image in front of you.

Give great importance to the opinion and view of others:

Affecting and awaiting the opinion of others is one of the most important things that can weaken self-confidence. Why? Because you give this opinion authority over you regardless of the extent to which this opinion is paid or is it cruel or unwise.

Work to get everyone’s admiration:

What if I start working to get everyone’s admiration? The result will be frustration and a loss of self-confidence. This desire can never be achieved. Everyone has their opinion, and everyone has their own way of evaluation.

Not accepting mistakes or failures:

It is an addiction to idealism and success, fear, and extreme anxiety of failure. With the first mistake made, you will begin to blame yourself and feel guilt, and thus you will begin to distrust and increase with every mistake, no matter how small.

Failure is only a lesson that we should appreciate and learn from.

The constant feeling of watching everyone:

We are close to the previous reason for the lack of self-confidence, but here is your feeling that everyone is watching you and waiting for you to make mistakes that will make you unable to move forward because of the fear of failure in front of them.

Make sure everyone has their interests and nobody is watching anyone.

Fear and not to accept any criticism:

Are you concerned about being criticized or getting negative comments? So you are more likely to lose self-confidence than others, as well as constant anxiety and stress.

You should view criticism as a personal opinion from which to learn and cannot be influenced.

waiting for appreciation many others:

I will get everyone’s admiration, everyone will love me and feel appreciative of me, and then find a normal reaction, how will you feel here? Your photo will automatically vibrate in front of yourself.

Reducing your abilities and feeling unworthy:

Could you be very straightforward on this point? How do you feel about yourself? So you can find out if you are the reason for the lack of self-confidence.

Your picture in front of yourself should never shake, and whatever the reason, you should always feel self-esteem and self-respect.

Addiction comparing oneself with others:

Comparing successes, materialities, and morale, especially what is circulated on social media sites and specifically Facebook – Instagram, although such photos and other information constitute only a very small part of the truth, is the part that its owners want to transfer to the world.
The role of parents and their lack of appreciation for any work done by the son
As if any work issued without value, it is the wrong method of education that makes the child feel that he is worthless and does not do anything worthy of appreciation, and then begins to feel a sense of inferiority and lack of self-confidence

Negative hadiths between you and yourself:

What kind of talk is going on between you and yourself? the failure you can’t achieve much, why do you always make mistakes? ” If this is your talk, then this is the most important reason for lack of self-confidence

Pay attention to every word you direct yourself, it must be positive.

Exaggerating the interpretation and analysis of every word or reference:

Why did he say this word? What is this look? Did he not like my opinion? Does he want me to act like this? What should I have done? And all this is not based on explicit statements, but on exaggerated interpretations that restrict you and restrict you.

Tips to help you restore your confidence:

Do not be cruel to yourself

You must value what you have achieved, and when you fail, you do not have to be hard on yourself. Days are states: a day for you and a day for you.

Raise your voice by one

Do not hesitate to interfere in front of people, because fear first affects everyone. Avoid the fear of embarrassment in speaking, as this can lead to stutter and error.

Learn body language

It is important that you learn how to express with the face, and the movement of hands and shoulders, as it delivers more feelings than words, and gives you a positive response from the other.

Be prepared

The secret of some people’s success lies in their degree of readiness for possible situations, be you like them, get ready for what came up with a confrontation plan.

Try again

If you fail during your previous experiences, do not hesitate to try again, if you do not, you stopped at halfway.

Pay your credit for the success

Do not forget that you have succeeded in the past in many situations. It is worth inspiring these experiences. Try to remember them whenever your confidence level decreases.

Do not exaggerate

Perhaps you are trying to justify your mistakes in front of others for fear of their judgment on you, do not pay attention to the rule of the other as long as you are sure of your capabilities.

One of my sanctities is how I feel proud of myself, even if the achievement is not worth much in the eyes of others, my eyes always win as the measure that I trust.

Why not take advantage of the experiences of your successful friends instead of thinking that they are better than you, perhaps you neglected many aspects that you had to take care of.

Expand your awareness

If you are facing a job interview, for example, you should broaden your awareness of the institution or the job.

Take care of your appearance

Pay more attention to your appearance, it helps you to value yourself, and appear fit in front of others.

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lack of confidence


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