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Unfortunately, such a beautiful human invention as a knife, falling into the wrong hands, often becomes a weapon of attack or murder. In domestic quarrels, the blade is the most common object for causing grievous bodily harm, resulting in disability or death. It’s pretty sad. But there is no escaping this, this is our life. No one is immune to this. So it’s important to know how to protect your self from a knife attack

And no one can guarantee complete safety, being late at night in a dark alley. Robbers also like this item for threats and taking away values from decent citizens. Interesting is the fact that even if you can disarm the attacker, and you yourself arm yourself with his own blade and harm him – the law will accuse you of exceeding self-defense. It’s very unfair, because you were attacked.

Let them judge you – but you will definitely stay alive! Everything happens in a matter of seconds and you will not have time to think, but the instinct of self-preservation will tell you what to do. Unfortunately, this is true.

The shortcomings of most techniques of protection from a knife attack

For a considerable time, a sufficient number of different techniques of protection from a knife attack have been invented. There are well-known masters of knife fighting who claim that the best defense is flight. They are just sure that you will be attacked around the corner by a professional and you will not be able to do anything.

And oddly enough, many people, perhaps most women, agree with this. How can a man accept such a decision? And if you are not alone, but with a child, for example? The child should be given the command to run fast, but you will have to take the hit unambiguously.

There may be an unknown number of situations, but the mistake of many defense techniques is that a person thinks like a victim. And if you study the behavior of the attacker more closely, you will discover quite a lot of interesting things.

It is not taken into account that a knife strike can be applied from any point, and in any fraction of a second, its angle may change.

It is not taken into account that the time for applying the subsequent stabbing motion is very short. And it’s easier to strike when you get as close as possible. Many technicians do not see these small nuances.

And as you know, to catch a criminal, you need to think like a criminal. And in this case, when training, you need, on the contrary, to become an attacker and ask the question: – “what can I do to kill him?”. Here lies the whole truth that will help you protect yourself.

Basic rules of a self-defense knife attack

A person who knows absolutely nothing about self-defense and how to protect himself from a knife attack, really, except to run, there is really nothing to do. Or alternatively, give the robber what he demands.

One sure hit with the blade and the fight is over. There are several rules to follow when attacking you. But in order to comply with them, several environmental factors must coincide. Don’t forget these little tips:


Assess the situation realistically, if the attacker is not alone-run immediately, if you can not for any reason, then try not to let the enemy within striking distance. Even if you are a trained boxer, the hand with the blade is longer, it will reach you faster. And in the case of your successful counterattack to the jaw, the exchange will still be incomplete. He has a bruise, you have a knife in your stomach, think about it;


obstacle knife attck

In this case, the environment plays a big role. If you are in an apartment, any object can help you: a stool, chair, floor lamp, large pillows. All this will help keep the enemy at a distance.

And, perhaps, with a stool leg you can knock the blade out of the attacker’s hands.If, the situation on the street, try to run around cars, shops, gazebos and similar structures, it will not allow you to come within striking distance. Run, do not hesitate – the advantage is clearly the enemy. Maybe you will find a stick or a log, which will also be a plus for your situation;

protection of important places on the body:

If the above situations did not help and the situation came into contact, keep your hands outstretched, there are no death points on them. Avoid getting the blade in the neck and face. Here the situation is extremely dangerous, one hit in the neck and it can be fatal;

never give up:

knife attack defense

If you can’t get away from your opponent, watch not only the knife, but also the entire body, so it becomes more clear how and where he wants to strike. Going into melee, your goal is a hand with a blade, try to intercept it and hold it all the time, let you be showered with fists, do not let go of the armed hand. If you’re lucky, you can bite it and the weapon will fall out, but this is ideal. As long as he doesn’t wave it around.

It is clear that all these tips will not protect you from possible situations. But if it turns out to be a similar option, your chances will increase. And if you can” remotely ” knock out the weapon of attack, this is almost a sharp advantage in your direction.

The technique and tips to survive a knife attack

Today, there are many schools that teach how to protect yourself with your bare hands from attacks with cold weapons. And even competitions are held to see who can do better. But if you look closely at this “circus”, you will understand that it is just a competition.

The opponents are fully equipped, they can’t hurt each other, and the price of a miss is just a lost ball. And how they courageously throw themselves at each other, take off their protection, and see how they will behave in real life. After all, there is already a penalty – would mean a lost life!

To learn how to defend yourself on a real level, you need a specific dramatization of a certain situation, and there are many of them. And every moment, you need to work out, with very slow movements, gradually accelerating them, and bringing them to automatism. The real technique involves four ways to practice techniques:


Working out the real situation looks like this: it is impossible to deviate from the strike. Hands should be held slightly outstretched forward, at the level of the forearms or chest. The opponent delivers a stabbing blow, regardless of the right or left.

You need to be able to react sharply and preferably with both hands to apply a response movement with the edges of the palms in the place between the wrist and forearm. A retaliatory strike may disorient the opponent, and if it is sharp and clear, there is a chance that the blade will fly out of the hand.


With a certain skill, thanks to training, you need to learn to knock down the rhythm of the attacker. Quite unexpectedly and effectively act pokes in the eyes. Throwing out your hand sharply in the face, try to make a stabbing blow to the eyes of your opponent with your fingertips.

This may cause you to lose control of the knife. But do not rush, perhaps this maneuver is better to do a couple of times. And at the first opportunity, try to intercept the hand with the weapon.


If the situation turned up to grab the opponent by the armed wrist, with two hands, almost half of the job is done. Then we pull it to us, and in the meantime, we shift our hands to the side and approaching the opponent closely, we try with all the weight of our body to overturn it to the ground.

Connect your legs at this point, throwing through the hip can help you a lot. Hands hold the wrist in a “dead” grip. If you can’t throw the opponent, kick him with “all the dope”. Use your head, you might hit him in the jaw. After capture, you must act quickly and furiously – your life is at risk.


If the capture was successful and you were able to knock the enemy to the ground. We try our best to use twisting movements and wringing hands with weapons. If you manage to knock out the blade, still hold the enemy in this position and call for help.

If possible, push the knife away from you. This, of course, is not all tricks and tricks, but having basic knowledge, you may come up with something on the go. Your main assistant

And, of course, the best fight is the one that didn’t happen. Try to get away from trouble, do not go to dark courtyards and do not drink alcohol with incomprehensible personalities.

Belt as a weapon to counter the knife

Against the knife, you can use simple household items, a jacket, a towel, and as an option, a belt as a defense. By the way, the latter method is quite popular among masters of hand-to-hand combat. The belt should best be made of normal leather, and therefore quickly pulled out of the pants. You should not laugh here, since this is a real way to escape from an attack.

With a belt, you can lash the enemy in the eyes, and most retreat, this is one of the options for losing the orientation of the enemy. And when folded in half, it becomes the grasping device of an armed hand. When striking a blade from above or from the side, you need to move your entire body away from the angle of attack.

And at this very moment, the belt can make a grab for the hand, and then making circular movements with the whole body, it just wraps the opponent’s hand. And you can wind it so tightly that the blade is likely to fall out of his hands from the pain. But you need to perform all the movements very quickly. An untrained person is better not to do this!

How to protect yourself from a knife attack if there are several attackers

This situation can be called almost hopeless, without special training. If this happens on the street, it will already be easier, open space is your “friend”. Be sure to try to move away from your opponents and use your peripheral vision to make sure that you are not taken into the circle. If there are attempts to do this, take a couple of quick steps back. Keep everyone in sight. And wait for the moment to escape.

Once you’re surrounded, you’ll be in trouble. In this situation, it is useless to defend yourself, it is better to give what they demand. Or run away from them at lightning speed, provided that you run quite well. Do this, do not lose your composure, choose the smallest and smallest of the attackers and at the first opportunity, rush at him knocking down, and again run and only run without looking back.

Believe me, life is more expensive than any “trinkets” that you have. And don’t get into trouble yourself. You should not walk in the dark on the back streets. Better make a detour through a lighted, crowded area. Take care.


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