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Judo is a Japanese name that means ‘gentle way’. It is classified as a combat game. And the Use of hands and feet for defense is allowed. By use of throws, chokes, and joint locks to overpower the opponent with minimal effort. Knowing these skills and techniques and master them can take years’ training to perfect. So Matt D’Aquino is a skilled pro-level judoka. Author, and coach. with 11year’s experience. He writes a judo training book step by step about introduction to handling various exercises on judo training called “workouts for judo” to make it easy for those who try to learn and understand and become great and competition judoka. So in this article, we are going to talk and review the workouts for judo.

What are judo training course (WORKOUTS FOR JUDO)?

The workouts for judo written by Matt D’Aquino. It is a program that will increase your efficiency with minimal effort. It’s an ebook based on a philosophy for Judo training off the mat and explains all the required physical training to give you strength.

The eBook also has a section on how to avoid injury with a list of effective warm-up exercises that will prevent any muscle injury.

Features of Workouts For Judo

  • JudoTraining exercises to develop your skills and techniques.
  • warm-up exercise to avoid any muscle injury.
  • develop a routine to get into the right mental state to focus all your training when fighting.
  • exercise to increase your body’s strengthen

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  • The PDF book is easy to read and understand.
  • The creator is an expert judoka and an accomplishment athlete
  • When you buy this book you don’t need any additional training equipment
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • This book gives you a big value compared with his price. Just For 47$.


  • It requires a lot of effort . the Results depending on the amount of time and effort invested in training and learning.

Where you can buy the judo training course (Workouts For Judo)?


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