increased self awareness

If a person is serious about improving something, one of the first steps that he must take is to know where he actually stands, and therefore he needs to improve self-awareness before he can achieve self-improvement, here are some tools that can Use it to make a person more aware and increase self-awareness :

Tools to increase self-awareness

1- Record the achievements in the achievement book

Recording and writing down a person’s accomplishments. Such as registering all exercise. For example, it will enable him to repeat old exercises and see the progress that he has made. Psychologists have found that this method is very useful. Especially when repeated on a weekly basis. When someone goes for example To the gym next week. And look at the weights he raised in the previous week. He will try to achieve a small increase, and it is very simple, and this achievement book helps to avoid wasting time, and by using this basic tracking, clear improvements can be made every week.

2- Annual Reviews Reports

At the end of each year, an annual review must be performed, as the person summarizes the progress he has made in business, health, travel and other areas, throughout the year, and this gives an opportunity to track and measure the achievements he has made in life, and these reports will at least compel the person to Track and highlight the most important issues he has undertaken.

3- Track time

A person must track how he spends hours of work each week. Perhaps someone has long thought that he is using time on productive things, but when tracking the time he spends, he may discover some interesting ideas, such as how many hours he spends on social media, and when tracking Time Everyone will have a clear idea of ​​how to spend their time, where they really stand, and so they can start making calculated improvements.

The importance of self-awareness

If a person is not aware of what he is actually doing. It is very difficult to change his life in any degree of harmony. Trying to build better habits without self-awareness such as shooting arrows at night. A person cannot expect where he is throwing it. And he will not be able to confirm a place has been hit The goal. Moreover, is that there are very few people who do the right thing naturally, without measuring their behavior. For example, people who keep a number of high-calorie meals without worrying, because each of them knows how much they eat exactly. This results after months of counting calories and measuring meals I made them develop the ability to judge their meals appropriately.


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