how to win a fight

Today’s article will certainly interest many people. Each person must be able to defend himself and his relatives in dangerous situations. Today we will talk about how to win a street fight. Perhaps some moments will not be pleasant to everyone and will cause a shock, but be prepared for this.

In an extreme situation, you will not have time to think. Decisions must be taken as quickly as possible. Literally every second count, and if you are afraid, then the defense ability will be significantly weakened. You must take our word for it that during a fight, the pain will not be as pronounced as it may seem. Adrenaline, the concentration of which increases in extreme situations, will extinguish the pain.

How to handle a street fight?

If you want to know how to win a street fight, you must first have confidence in your own strengths. When you think that you can defend yourself or your girlfriend, your chances of successful confrontation increase significantly.

When a person is confident in his own strength, his way of thinking changes radically, and you will be able to better resist bullies. If you’re afraid, the situation gets worse. We are aware that this sounds banal, but you need to work on yourself psychologically.

Many people know guys who are alone able to attack several attackers at once and disperse them. In addition, it does not need exceptional physical data. It’s all about trust, which helps him in difficult situations.

If you are arguing in an enclosed space, for example a cafe, try to sit back at the exit. The fight may well end after a hit, and you will probably have to leave the room after that. Do not think that leaving is fear. This is completely wrong and there is nothing wrong with leaving if your opponents are dishonest. If there is more than one person attacking, or if you are threatened with weapons, it is better to leave the premises immediately.

How to win a street fight – the main rules

How to win a fight Movement

win a fight movement

It’s not about dancing, but simply changing the direction of your movement to prevent your opponent from shooting accurately. In this case, it is important not to lift your feet off the floor, which will maintain stability. See how professional boxers behave in the ring. They actively move, and their feet do not leave the floor.

It is very important to remain as mobile as possible without losing stability. We recommend doing exercise at home to understand the capabilities of your body. Never try to hit a large number of strokes, because they require a lot of energy. If you want to know how to win in a street fight, be patient and wait for the moment when the attacker makes a mistake. Each of your shots should be as accurate and strong as possible.

How to win a fight: The basics of military equipment

First of all, you need to learn how to properly squeeze the fist. If you have the opportunity to fill the space between your palm and fingers with something, be sure to do it. To solve this problem, you can use any objects at hand – sand, newspaper, coin, hat, etc. This will allow you to increase the power of the blow.

But using his thumb for this is pure madness. If you hold it in the palm of your hand, it will be injured after the first blow. When making a fist, your thumb should be perpendicular to your index finger. Thus, you will not only deliver more powerful blows but also prevent the opponent from grasping the palm. Also, during a stroke, you should not bend your wrist so as not to break your arm.

What techniques can be used in a street fight?

Let’s start our conversation with blows, which are many. Each of you at least once saw a fight between boxers or representatives of other martial arts. During the fight, they use various techniques and their combinations – hooks, body shots, uppercuts, straight lines, etc.

In street fights, side hooks are most often used when the strike is issued with a large amplitude. They can be very effective if you have a certain level of training. Otherwise, you have to refuse them for several reasons:

  • require a lot of energy;
  • are free;
  • able to get you out of a stable position;
  • reveal your defense and literally cause the enemy to counterattack.

How to take a hit in a street fight?

how to win a fight

Maybe you saw a big movie called Million Dollar Baby? The hero of Clint Eastwood tells his ward (she was brilliantly played by Hillary Swank) that to minimize the strength of the opponent’s blows, it is necessary to perform a counter-move. In practice, this is what happens – by shortening the distance, you reduce the strength of the blow.

However, you will also have a hard time countering. Be close to the attacker, but after all, victory in a fight is not always achieved thanks to blows. Even an aggressive defense can calm the ardor of the opponent and he will be forced to retreat. At this point, an accurate blow can knock him out.

Try to keep your chin as close as possible to your chest and move in such a way that the enemy adapts to you, and not vice versa. During the fight, you need to maintain balance not only physically, but also emotionally. If you are not overthrown and return the attacker, then the initiative will come to you.

You should not use techniques that you know only in movies. Lowkics or knee blows can be very effective weapons, but only when executed by an experienced fighter. At the same time, you can train them with the help of a punching bag. At some point, you will be ready to use them in a street fight.
During a counterattack, aim for weak points, but do not expose yourself to the media. If you hit an opponent in the stomach or leg from a distance, you will not get significant benefits. Targets include solar plexus, nose, eyes, kidneys, neck, and face.

Even if you cling with your attacker or even fall to the ground, it is important to remain calm. If you are caught, they will not be able to strike and you will have the opportunity to free yourself. If you find yourself on the ground with an enemy,

you need to do one of the following 3 things:

  • do not allow the attacker to be on you;
  • turn on your stomach or on your side, trying to get up;
  • fight and try to reject it.

Once on the stomach, protect your head from blows. It is best for this to press the chin against the chest and tighten the neck with your hands. If you get hit in the head, you need to reduce the distance from the attacker.

If the enemy was behind you and caught, there are three effective ways to free you:

  • hit the leg with your heel with all your might;
  • try to hit your face with a dry blow with your head back;
  • twist your fingers so that the enemy loses its grip.

When to run away from a street fight?

In some situations, it will be correct to withdraw from the battlefield. Do not consider this an unworthy act, because your life may be at stake.

  • If you are faced with a stronger or better-prepared opponent, try not to be touched by him and find a way to equalize the chances, for example, throw sand in your eyes.
  • More than one attacker-stand in a corner so that opponents can not attack and encircle at the same time. You need to treat them in turn.
  • The attacker is armed – try to increase the distance as quickly as possible and at the same time find the shield. If a knife is used as a weapon, use any improvised object so that the blade remains stuck in it, and not in your body.

In conclusion, I would like to recall once again that only a self-confident person can emerge victorious from almost any damage. You want to know how to win a street fight – throw all your aggression on the attacker. If you are sure that the attacker is stronger than you, do not give him a reason to check it also.

Do everything to unbalance it and calm the ardors. Be sure to pay attention to the objects that surround you, because they can become weapons. A street fight is not a ring where the fight follows certain rules. Your life is at stake and must always be remembered.


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