How to stop blushing

Very often in stressful situations, people start to blush. Some have a slight blush on their face, but others turn purple. “Why does a person blush?” and how to stop blushing? Redness of the skin of the face can be associated with various processes in the body or with situations that occur. Regardless of you. After studying all possible available facts. You can identify the causes of this process and answer the question of how to stop blushing

Causes of redness

Some people can blush for almost any reason, and some only in certain situations. Let’s look at why redness can occur on the face.

  • The increased emotionality-a manifestation of redness when experiencing strong emotions,
  • Redness can appear when a person begins to feel shy, unnecessarily embarrassed.
  • Redness can occur when a person is worried, for example, before an upcoming performance. At the same time, his palms may also sweat, his heart rate may increase, and his blood pressure may increase.
  • Neurological cause-vasodilation is observed at a time of severe stress of the body.
  • The manifestation of strong self-doubt.

Reasons of a physiological nature:

  • blood flow to the vessels located on the face at the time of hypertension;
  • changes in the blood circulation process in the arteries, as well as in the veins;
  • violation of the tone of small vessels located on the face. This condition is called rosacea, while redness occurs from changes in temperature, excess of emotions, and sometimes without obvious reasons. Looking at a person with rosacea. You can pay attention to the presence of blood vessels on the nose and cheeks, sometimes on the forehead.

If you have problems with blood circulation or blood pressure. Then you need to contact a therapist who will prescribe specialized therapy. As for rosacea, it can be controlled on its own or with the participation of cosmetologists.

Red-cheeked sufferings

How to stop blushing

Surely among your friends and colleagues, there are people who constantly blush. And even when there is no reason to do so.

And there are those who, when cornered. Remain unperturbed or, when speaking to a huge audience, do not show a single gesture that they are worried.

The first category suffers enormously from its bad habit and dreams of finding a way to learn not to blush, even for a day.

Indeed, this habit is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance!

When I was in high school, we had a very unpleasant situation. We learned to embroider in our work classes. The quality and beauty of the finished work depended on the rating for a quarter.

And then a week before the work had to be handed in. One of the girls complained that she had lost a ready-made embroidered napkin.

The teacher made an interrogation in front of the entire class and one of the students, Natasha, although she said that she did not take anything: she blushed, was very shy, tried to stop the trembling in her hands and lowered her eyes.

Everyone assumed that these were signs that she was telling a lie.

But Natalia stood her ground: despite the tears in her eyes and red cheeks, she maintained that she was not guilty.

Both the teacher of labor, and the class teacher, and the parents called to school shamed her, they say, not only a thief, but also a liar.

It would seem that the conflict is over: the thief is found, the student who suffered from the theft of a napkin was decided to put 5 for a quarter.

But it was time to hand in the papers, and one of the girls who blamed Natalia the most brought the stolen napkin to hand in. Hoping that the teacher would not recognize it.

Getting rid of redness

How to stop blushing? First, you need to determine what type of problem: psychological or physical. Then it is necessary to visit qualified specialists who can prescribe treatment against redness.

If the reason is psychological, and there is no desire to go to a psychologist, spending your time and money, then there are special methods for training and getting rid of the constant blushing in public.

Method one: unmasking

Why does a person start blushing? In the first place, a person begins to blush due to the fact that he wants to hide the advancing redness. One of the most effective methods is the unmasking method. The essence of it is that a person, feeling the beginning of redness, first pays attention to it, which leads to a stunning effect – the redness subsides very quickly.

A ruddy, red face of a person indicates a natural expression of true feelings. That is, if he says something, but in the soul the attitude to the object of attention is the opposite, then redness begins to appear. Pay attention to your problem of blushing first-it is scary only in your thoughts, because others will not even give any hint of what they noticed, because they themselves have their own problems in their head and it is unlikely that any of them is eager to take on the problems of another person.

Method two: coolness

The essence of the method is self-control and composure in relation to the redness of the face. As you know, a person takes responsibility for what his subconscious generates. Just like the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is responsible for certain things that happen to people, such as hiccups, blinking, or talking in a rude way.

But how do you learn not to blush? It is easy to separate the subconscious and conscious processes in your head. Because a person can control, or at least try to control, the hiccups, blinking, and rude speech that the mind is responsible for. But it is impossible to control the subconscious, so once and for all it is worth saying that a person cannot order his subconscious to stop creating redness.

Method three: managing blood flow

Yes, perhaps managing blood flow sounds too unrealistic, but once you try, this opinion will disappear. For example, you can imagine a large fire near the frozen hands that can warm them. Having presented such a picture, the brain will send an impulse and blood will begin to flow into the hands, thus warming them.

In order to get rid of redness of the face, you should imagine a fire near your hands at the right time. Thanks to this, the blood will flow to the hands, and the face will take a normal look and get rid of redness. This method is very popular in the problematic issue, how not to blush when talking with the interlocutor.

Method four: calm

This method is based on the phenomenon of auto-suggestion. If a person feels agitated before an important speech, report, or other activity in front of the public, while preparing, then he unconsciously sends a signal to the brain that during the speech the speaker has the same state of excitement as during the preparation. Based on this, to solve the problem of blushing, you just need to present a calm and confident performance during preparation. In this case, the brain will send an impulse that is responsible for the lack of excitement.

Method five: back to the past

The essence of the method is that the person remembers the past times when he blushed. Then he looks at it from the side. Now it is important to realize the possibility of changing memories. Remember again those events, but remove the redness and excitement from them, and that everything ended perfectly. This exercise sends a signal to the brain that there was no history of anxiety. Only the mind will “remember” this. The subconscious mind will be convinced otherwise.

Method six: focusing on the subject

Having mastered this method, you can forget about the excitement and the symptoms that it entails. This method is suitable for those who are afraid to perform in front of a large audience in a large hall. The speaker draws attention to numerous looks and faces, which confuses and makes his face redden.

To avoid this, it is enough to imagine that the auditorium is empty, with only one speaker standing on the stage. Also, another small trick may be that the person standing in front of the audience focuses on a single object or place in space. Using this method, you can become a professional in your business.

stop blushing: Exaggeration of redness

A person who is prone to blushing has only two problems: the appearance of a ruddy complexion and the reaction of others to it. According to numerous studies, the second problem is the most serious, because crimson confuses the person, and he tries to hide it or even get away from the interlocutors. This leads to problems with society because the situation calls into question communication with peers. In this case, social phobia develops.

This behavior is wrong, because in any case, you do not know the attitude of others to the affected issue, they may not care or they like it. A good solution to this problem is to ask your social circle how they feel about blushing when talking. The answers will differ from the expected ones. After all, in ninety-nine percent of cases, blushing only beautifies the appearance, makes it more cute.

Physiological problem

If the problem with blushing is not related to psychology, then it means that it is physiology. There is a well-known disease called rosacea. It is a vascular pathology that occurs due to poor blood circulation. In this way, the face can blush not only with excitement and embarrassment, but also from temperature changes, heat, frost and other factors, and sometimes no reason is needed for this.

Pathology itself is not dangerous. Dangerous consequences of neglect. If you do not pay attention to it, the vessels will burst, forming vascular stars, very noticeable and difficult to mask. In addition to rosacea, there are other physiological pathologies that must be addressed by a qualified doctor to take action.

How to behave at the time of a redness attack?

There are situations when a person is in a noisy company or any other place where there is a huge number of people and suddenly, out of the blue, his face starts to turn red. What to do and how not to become an object of ridicule? Act as follows:

  • if no one paid attention to your redness, then immediately drink a glass of cold water, this will help stop the redness;
  • breath as deep and often as possible, but unnoticed by others;
  • pretend that you got a speck of dust in your eye or you just choked;
  • when you feel a rush of heat, then immediately clear your throat;
  • if you pay attention, try to comment on the appearance of your redness;
  • girls can use concealers (for example, Foundation);
  • in front of the mirror, conduct daily training to eliminate redness, bring this process to automation.

We are all completely different, so do not be shy about the characteristics of your body. Redness of the face is not such a serious problem, it will not be difficult to eliminate it. The main thing is to follow our advice and you will succeed.

stop blushing : The solution of physiological problems

The main solution to physiological pathologies is a visit to a doctor or cosmetologist. They can have a positive impact on the problem by changing your diet, lifestyle, daily routine, as well as applying medicinal treatments. Like any pigmented rash, the appearance of pathologies is primarily associated with the lack of proper nutrition. From the diet, it is necessary to urgently remove all harmful products, be sure to exclude the use of alcohol and tobacco products.

How to stop blushing Basic tips

Basic tips that can help to stop blushing:

  • First, you need to drink a large amount of clean water (not liquid, namely water).
  • Secondly, when the blush begins to form, you can drink a little ice water, this will help stop blushing for some time.
  • Third, the breath should be deep.
  • Fourth, pretend that you got a speck in your eye, or you choked.
  • Fifth, take the redness of the face as an advantage, a highlight.
  • Sixth, ventilate the room or turn on the air conditioner to reduce the temperature, because the vessels in the heat greatly expand, causing redness.
  • Seventh, clear your throat when you feel redness.
  • Eighth, make it a habit to do something that causes embarrassment or excitement, in which you blush.
  • Ninth, start commenting on your purple complexion.
  • Tenth, start to smile broadly, to divert attention from the redness.
  • Eleventh, the use of masking cosmetics will be an excellent solution to this problem.
  • Twelfth, work out the technique of eliminating the red color of the face in front of the mirror to automatism.

Finally, be yourself and don’t be shy.


it is important for a person to learn to accept himself with all the advantages and disadvantages. If you are constantly embarrassed and blushing, try not to focus on it. And if you are worried about the opinions of others, simple tips will teach you self-control techniques and stop blushing


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