how to speak more clearly

Are you afraid to talk a lot, to talk too loud or too softly when you talk to people? You may not be able to speak clearly when you don’t feel safe with others, or you may be able to speak in a hurry because you fear wasting someone else’s time. Fortunately, whatever the reason, the art of speaking clearly and fluently is easy to learn.

If the person you are talking to does not understand what you are saying, they may feel uncomfortable. He may think that he will not be nice enough to ask you to repeat or tell you that you are not sure what you are saying. In the case of negotiations at work, this way of communicating can seem unprofessional and seriously harm your career.

If you express your opinion clearly and calmly, and your statements are in the right tone and rhythm, you can relax the other person and make him comfortable. This will make him happy to listen to you, receive and understand all the information provided. A clear and confident statement makes you more authoritative, so develop your oral skills.

Learning to speak clearly is easier than you think

You can begin to develop your oral skills and correctly use your voice in various situations by imitating television speakers or speaking in public. Just by observing others, you can make effective changes in the way you communicate.

Each of us can speak clearly

It is possible to speak in an interesting and clear way, even in an ordinary daytime conversation. The ability to clearly articulate helps to organize your thoughts, tell compelling stories, inspire others, and successfully implement ideas.

Everyone needs to learn to speak clearly, and if you want to start now, here are some examples to help you speak more clearly.

Listen to people who speak well

Stop for a moment and think about the environment in which you work. You may like to be surrounded by eloquent people, but you need to be surrounded by people who often swear, mumble, talk too fast, too loud or vice versa – too calmly, or be one of those who like to make unnecessary statements.

You should know that the style of communication is contagious, and sooner or later, whether you like it or not, you will adopt some of the traits of the people around you. Therefore, if you want to speak clearly, listen to people who clearly articulate their thoughts, and you will unconsciously master this skill. Listen as often as possible to speakers, teachers or actors who speak fluently, because after a while you will begin to memorize elements of their elegant speech.

Learn more than the social media statutes

If your daily reading consists only of messages from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., then you limit your vocabulary. Rather read relevant books, such as classical literature, as well as well-written articles.

Start using synonyms

Is your language too simple? This can interfere with the clear transmission of information. For example, if you usually use the word “said”, your listener will not have a clear idea of the situation and will not know that someone “said”, in fact “whispered”, “shouted”, “pleaded” or ” asked. “Have you noticed the difference?

Get into the habit of using alternative words, and if you just learn to gradually involve them in the conversation, you will give them more dynamics and put the context of the situation in a better light. It’s about being more creative.

Speak clearly without shouting

People are more likely to listen to you if they do not have to lean towards you and bring their ears closer to your mouth, and when they are not overwhelmed by screams.

The volume (too low or too high) can distract attention from the message. Do not talk to the person next to you as if you are talking to a group of people scattered over a large area, and do not talk to a group of people as if you are talking to the person standing next to you.

Do not let the words come out of you

When you talk, take your time. Words should come out of your lips freely and in turn. Talking faster can, in fact, lead to a slower conversation because you may need to repeat sentences for others to understand them.

Slower speech will also give the message a higher status. Note that people with a higher social status take their time and pronounce the words at a regular and balanced rhythm. Therefore, train yourself to pronounce each word, because then your speech style will improve and it will be much more pleasant to listen to you.

Use the right tones

You can use a sharp voice to call your dog, not people. If you follow the previous advice, a slower speech frequency will naturally decrease the tone of your voice.

Of course, each of us has its own voice. However, if you think that your tone is high and can cause discomfort to your listeners, make a conscious effort to reduce it.

Think before you speak

Each of us needs a little relaxation and spontaneity. There’s nothing wrong with being free to talk to friends when we sometimes say words before thinking about what we mean.

However, in other situations, such as during an interview or speech, it is better to think first about what you say.

First, think about what you think about this issue, gather the necessary knowledge, and then express your opinion.


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