We all know the state where the head is dizzy from things to do, but there is simply no strength to confront them. Then we sit down, dissatisfied with ourselves, and the work continues to accumulate and accumulate, and the more it is, the harder it is to start. How can you help yourself to overcome this condition? and how to motivate yourself to work

Motivate yourself to work: Visualize the future.

Try to go back to the time when your work was already finished. How will you feel? What are you gonna do? Is there something in your future that you really want, and the only thing that prevents you from getting it is the backlog? Keep this tasty goal in front of you and it will help motivate you.

Don’t do anything.

Yes, now this is a fashionable trend to motivate yourself – to feel what a real “do nothing” is. Do not watch TV, monitor, and certainly do not enter social networks. Do not talk to anyone, do not go out for smoking, do not drink tea. Sit down, or even better, get up and stand there for about 10 minutes. Very soon you will realize that you need to force yourself to mess around because you want to start doing at least something – so enjoy this moment. Repeat this exercise every time you feel the need to be absent from work.

Divide goals into tasks.

Often the volume of work is so large that you do not even know where to start. And it’s scary to start. There is a good way to do this: divide the entire workload into small parts. For example, you have a general cleaning of an apartment – divide it into several parts: wipe the dust, wash the jambs, then the floor, remove the curtains, etc. it’s easier to start when you know which step comes after which step.

Use envy as a motivating factor.

This is not about black envy, which pushes people to do unseemly actions and prompts them to put the word in the wheels of more prosperous colleagues. Now let’s talk about this feeling when you ask the question: I can not do this? Am I worse? Make a healthy competition for the person you want to look like, get the same success or even more.

Turn your work into a game.

Give yourself points for each task accomplished. And when you get a certain number of points, reward yourself. Choose for yourself what you want more: save money for the upcoming holiday – for every task you perform, you will have more extra money to entertain yourself during your vacation. Or treat yourself to a tasty treat that you do not normally buy. Or go out of town with friends, where you could not in any case get to because of the abundance of work. Choose for yourself what will bring you additional pleasure in life.

Work for yourself and your development.

Each time you ask yourself the question: What Will I learn today by doing this work? Where Will I become stronger, better, and more experienced? This will help you live every day with conscience and take every step. This will help you appreciate what you are doing, even if it is the most monotonous and already disgusting work. Raise the bar a little higher every day and win a small victory every day. Turn everyday life into a triumphal march of your development!

Get inspired!

It is often communication with colleagues, competitors, or just geniuses of their company who are not related to your work but are examples for you. Look at their work, see how they have a daily routine, how they live, what their plans and life values are. You can learn a lot for yourself and your own ideas by drawing inspiration from people who have already accomplished a lot.

Remove the rubble.

Usually, a huge amount of energy is spent on experiments that are not completed here, it is not finished, there is still the last stage … So start with this. Perform an audit: maybe something can be delegated to assistants, but something can be completely abandoned. And finish the rest so that it does not remain in your unconscious memory and does not draw energy. Then there will be a strength for new projects and beginnings.

Abandon the goals of others.

Think about what you live for. What do you like in this world and what do you consider “not yours”. Who you want to be. Perhaps you will find that goals are imposed on you in your life (by parents, society, friends). Throw them away. This psychological burden thrown from your shoulders will open you new opportunities and new desires, you will want to do what your soul will really be satisfied with.

Remember that life is ephemeral.

I sincerely hope that each of us will have a long one. But no matter how much time we have left, there will always be little if we sit empty and worry. How would you like to see your life and yourself at the very end, what do you want to accomplish, what do you want to leave in your memory? Such thoughts are very invigorating and give a huge impetus to the realization of their plans and desires.

To motivate yourself to work Do it now!

Sometimes it seems to be the stupidest advice ever, but in fact, it has a deep intention. Sometimes it is only by making an effort on yourself, taking yourself by the skin, and starting to work, you can motivate yourself to continue working. Appetite comes during work. Already taken a small step motivates us to continue moving forward.


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