how to motivate yourself to study

The problem of motivation in studies is one of the most common problems for all students. Schoolchildren and students around the world are daily faced with procrastination, postponing things to later, precisely because of a lack of motivation to study. If you read this article, you certainly know this problem. Let’s take a look at this problem. First, we will list the reasons for the lack of motivation, and then in each paragraph, we will propose a solution to motivate us to study in this case.

motivate to study: Why does the motivation to study disappear?

Motivate to study: ou demotivate yourself with too much workload at the beginning of your studies

Probably everyone noticed that at the beginning of the school year, every schoolboy and student feel a surge of strength and motivation to study. You have rested, missed your studies, and are ready to jump headlong into your studies. But this condition is temporary. Often, after typing a lot of academic disciplines, additional courses, sports sections, you simply begin to exhaust yourself. There is no motivation! Your body is physically tired and your mental component is exhausted to the limit.

Solution: from the beginning of the study period, think about your workload at its peak. Do not overdo it with your training load to avoid burnout.

You’re not getting enough out of school.

All energy costs must be replenished. During school days, the load on your body, brain and nervous system is very large. You spend a lot of energy and strength.

Solution: do not neglect proper nutrition and try to eat at least 3 times a day. Pay special attention to water: always take a bottle of clear water with you. She participates in all the processes of our body, and dehydration slows them down, one feels depressed, tired, unwilling to be active. Sleep in the dark for at least 5-6 hours a day so that your body can function without injury.

You do not see the true purpose of your studies.

Our brain analyzes any activity from the point of view “I will now spend energy on this activity, and what will I get out of it?”This mechanism was established by nature and has been preserved to this day as one of the most important tools for survival. A person simply would not have survived by performing unnecessary and irrelevant actions for him. This mechanism is simply what is called “motivation”. Here is a simple example: you like website design and your parents force you to go to university to become a lawyer. It is clear that this is not your interest. And your motivation to study in this field will be very weak.

Solution: carefully consider your interests and goals in life. Analyze school and university subjects. Find the skills and knowledge you can learn from them and do your best to learn them. Know that you need it and you can forget about the problems of motivation to study. Improve your skills in what you are really interested in.

You do not get the results of your studies

It is very important to achieve results in all areas, especially in studies. For us, the most obvious indicator is the ratings. Therefore, when we get a bad grade, the motivation to study this matter decreases, and when we get a good one, we are sure that we have begun to better understand the subject and, as a result, the motivation to study in this matter becomes higher.

Solution: try to prepare for important classes and get good grades. Reward yourself for a positive result – give yourself the desire to repeat this result again.

And remember, only you have the right to dispose of your time and life plans.
Good luck in all your endeavors!


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