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How often do plans remain plans? When is Monday when you start running and playing sports? You can postpone classes indefinitely, but not depending on the situation, the problem is always the same-lack of motivation. If You don’t know how to motivate yourself to lose weight. This article will help you get into a working mood and bring the start of your planned weight loss closer.

What is motivation and how to find it

A popular term that is often found on screens, radio stations, and magazines. Coaches and even psychologists like to repeat it. But what does this motivation mean? In short, motivation is an internal motivator of a person to perform any actions. Motivation covers all aspects of human life, from earning money to playing sports.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight and not break down? There is no one specific motive since each person has different goals. At the exit, everyone gets one thing-the the loss of extra pounds (this is the result). And the goals for which this was done can be many:

  • Getting rid of complexes;
  • Establishing a personal life;
  • Socialization in the society;
  • Achieving career success, etc.

Motivation is a psychological process. Therefore, before you start training, you need to know how to psychologically motivate yourself to lose weight. There are a lot of tips, but the main 2:

  • Imagine how life will change after losing weight.
  • Imagine how future life with excess weight will turn out.

The psychologist’s advice is based on the motivation to lose weight, based on visualization: the client analyzes the opportunities that open up to him after losing weight; considers the risks and difficulties that warn him about obesity.

Before you set goals and figure out how to psychologically motivate yourself to lose weight, you should consider an important aspect: the goal should be really achievable and specific. You need to really assess the capabilities of your body and calculate the free time that will be devoted to training.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight and not break down – tips from psychologists

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If attempts to lose weight on their own regularly fail, it is advisable to contact a psychologist who will work with You on the problem “from the inside”, after which you can start training.

Advice from a psychologist on how to motivate yourself to lose weight has helped hundreds of women get their bodies in shape. The most common fear of women is the fear of failure or standing out from the rest in the gym. The psychologist helps you work out disturbing thoughts and direct them in the right direction.

Other girls have a different problem – they simply do not know how to motivate themselves to play sports. Psychologists help you find an internal stimulus and start training. If You are one of these girls, you will need the best tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight:

  • People in the body can not always choose stylish clothes that look perfect on slim girls. Buy your favorite jeans or dress 2-3 sizes smaller, and You will have the first incentive to lose weight.
  • Women whose weight is much higher than normal are susceptible to a number of diseases associated with obesity. This is a powerful engine, so as not to ruin your health.
  • Every girl needs the attention of the opposite sex. You can dissuade yourself from this for a long time, but the fact remains that most ladies lose weight under this pretext.
  • A dispute or rivalry. Many people want to prove their “strength” to a friend or surpass the ideal form of a work colleague. So why not try it?
  • Many crumpets lead an asocial lifestyle, afraid to once again appear in public and catch the eye of passers-by. Almost everyone is not satisfied with this situation, they dream of expanding their circle of communication, but are forced to suppress their desires due to complexes. Therefore, the desire for the newness of life also works.

Choosing the most powerful reason to motivate yourself to lose weight, start a program to fight excess weight. It will be selected by a fitness instructor or nutritionist. But at this stage, there is a risk of failure. You can’t count the number of diets and sports that have been abandoned halfway through. To avoid adding to these statistics, learn the secrets of a psychologist,

how to motivate yourself to lose weight and not break down:

  • Find a companion. Joint sports activities will be more fun, and a responsible friend will control regular visits to the gym.
  • Pay for classes with an instructor or purchase a gym membership. Few people want to lose the money they paid and use their time conscientiously.
  • Keep a blog. Informing your subscribers about the process and results of weight loss will deter You from skipping classes or eating harmful products. There are many specialized forums and communities on the Internet where You can consult with the same people and get support from them.
  • Keep a food and exercise diary. You will see the gradation of your efforts in your personal diary. And when you see what results have been achieved, you will not want to stop there.
  • Hang an image of an overweight person on the refrigerator that you find distasteful. Visualization works wonderfully – night snacking will stop.

Gradualness is the key to success. You can’t go far on enthusiasm alone, unfortunately, not many people remember this. Setting global goals for themselves, women give up what they started very quickly. Therefore, the restriction in food intake should be gradual. If you are used to eating delicious food, gradually reduce your favorite foods from the diet. If you abruptly cancel the usual dishes, the body will experience severe stress and prevent You from continuing to fight with excess weight.

The same applies to physical activity – if You are not used to running, do not try to spend half a day on a treadmill or under exercise machines. Increase your training time every day by half an hour – this is the only way to move painlessly to a new daily routine.

Top tips for motivation from women who have lost weight

Who but women who have gone all the way to shedding extra pounds, know better how to motivate yourself to lose weight and not break down. Few people have gone this way the first time, so everyone has their own effective ways to motivate themselves to lose weight and not go off the right road.

Setting the right goals

The answer to the question of how to motivate yourself to lose weight, so as not to break down, begins with determining the correct goal. What is eating You the most and will become the main motivator for action?

Tips on motivation from weight loss and psychologists are reduced to setting achievable results of weight loss. Short-term goals (losing weight for a Birthday, getting into a holiday dress or a swimsuit bought for a vacation) are the best in this regard. Do not chase the dropping of tens of kg, 2-5 kg per month is enough, provided that you regularly follow a healthy diet and exercise.

Before you motivate yourself to lose weight, it is important to understand that you will not be able to get rid of annoying kg forever. Maintaining perfect forms requires regular visits to the gym, weight control, and compliance with the PP

What should I do if I lose My temper?

Knowing how to motivate yourself to lose weight, You may face a violation of the program. Therefore, every woman should know how to psychologically motivate herself to lose weight, so as not to break down, and what to do if you can not avoid breakdowns.

  • Health is the most important thing in life. Therefore, think about what diseases will turn out in the future of today’s weakness.
  • Do not pursue strict restrictions and minimization of the diet. Lack of food makes a person hungry and angry, which increases the risk of nighttime stress eating.
  • Reward yourself for your achievements. We are not talking about fast food products, but about small women’s joys – new perfume, underwear, or a bag will lift your mood.
  • Distribute the load evenly. Classes in the gym three times a week (instead of daily training) will not ” exhaust» You are ahead of time and the body will not meet with overload.

If You do break down once – it’s not a big deal. The main thing is not to turn this into a systematic violation. You need to find out the reason for the breakdown, which caused the interruption of a healthy lifestyle (physiological or psychological reason).

The American practice is encouraged the phenomenon of “CITEL” — “the boot” day. The bottom line is this: once a week, you can treat yourself to forbidden food. The main thing is to determine in advance what you have long wanted to taste and not to overdo it with the amount.

The most common motivation mistakes

Most make a mistake at the first stage of weight loss. This is the wrong motivation. It is expressed as follows:

  • high expectations (if you are aiming to lose 10 kg in a week, Your plan in advance is a failure. Physiologically this is impossible or these kilograms will quickly return back);
  • self-deprecation and focusing on your shortcomings is not motivation (such thoughts will not only reduce self-esteem but also “drive” the brain and it will refuse to move in the right direction);
  • increased loads of provoke rejection and the appearance of hatred for sports. Therefore, if you immediately started with intensive training, there is a high chance that you will soon give up this business;
  • lack of specifics (clearly aware of your problem areas, You will help the instructor choose the current weight loss program);
  • doubt and attitude to defeat (thoughts that it is unrealistic to lose 15, 20, 30 kg will not help you improve your figure);
  • no goal.


Thus, weight loss and motivation are interdependent concepts. If Something prevents you from starting to fight with excess weight, consult a psychologist. An experienced specialist will identify and eliminate problem centers. Do not forget that weight loss is a complex event that affects not only physical activity but also nutrition, rejection of bad habits. Compliance with the regime, additional procedures. Set achievable goals and do not doubt your success!



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