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Few people have long-term plans. An even rarer phenomenon is the setting of life priorities and ways to implement them, time limits. Making a life plan can be difficult. This is an important and time-consuming process, but necessary. After all, this is planning the main events of your life: what, how, and when will happen, what results will bring.

Of course, such a plan is not a guarantee that everything will be implemented. But the very existence of life planning makes it more likely that desirable things will happen, rather than random ones, influenced by other people’s emotions or decisions.

It is very important to put together your own vision of what is happening, and not spend your entire life following imposed patterns. Making a plan means clearly thinking through high and inspiring goals for 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or more. An example of the first building of a plan from famous people was Benjamin Franklin.

It is much easier to live with dreams that have come true and no hopes, complain about fate or believe in luck. But this is ineffective. The plan is concrete, a throw into the future, made with your own hands. There are only a few people who truly live in the future. After all, it is determined by our actions today.

make a life plan: Why you need a long-term plan

need of lofe plan

Every person has 24 hours in a day. But everyone uses them differently. What one person can do in this time, the other will not do even in a week. It’s about the right allocation of resources: time and effort. One will view life as a long-term project that requires attention, and the other will simply live for today, thinking little about their future, without making any plans.

Of course, the results will differ. No one wants to be a failure, stuck in a routine of meaningless Affairs, with zero contribution to the future. Life planning is relevant for those who want to achieve a lot, are willing to work hard and take it seriously. As they say, success is not determined by the original highest and most beautiful of dreams and the actual results achieved.

Proper structuring is designed to create an optimal list of things to do, a common vector of life that will determine your values. This approach does not exclude rest, on the contrary, sometimes makes you relax, even if you do not want to, but there is a need for it. The use of this method develops self-control, promotes self-esteem, gives optimism and concentration.

Debunking the myths about planning

Life priorities and goals, aspirations, and dreams. How can you make a plan and think about the right execution? This may seem absurd to some.

Here are some myths that people associate with planning:

Systematization breeds boredom

A fundamentally wrong judgment. Life priorities and their placement, clear planning, allow you to free up space for bright emotions and more events. This means the disappearance of chaos in actions.

Limiting development

If the plan is small, nondescript, and uninteresting or just not your goals, then this creates boredom. If you colorfully describe everything you want to achieve and look at the allotted time, you understand that it is not so much. After all, everything requires attention. Therefore, the development will occur at twice the speed!

The plan cancels creativity

You can make a scheme of actions not only 1 time. It can be adjusted at least every six months, making a new vision of the situation. Also, no one prevents you from creatively design it and develop critical thinking with a variety of approaches to implementation.

Planning kills the enjoyment of the present
Many people do not know how to enjoy the present at all. If you understand how to properly plan your time, allocate resources, your activities, and Hobbies, free time will never harm your main goal.

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Principles of building and make a life plan

us, becoming a guide in the dark, when the forces leave. Then, rereading the important points, there is a chance to gather and continue, this is a kick to action with your own hands. How to make the right plan for the year, so that it expands our lives, gives hope and freedom, and does not drive us into certain limits.

How to plan correctly? First of all, life planning begins with making plans for today. And it ends in decades. This is a multi-step process. The whole pyramid is based on your true values. They are the only ones that count.

Basic principles to make a life plan:

Taking into account the length of life

A goal achieved within a month with pleasure will be much more useful than through compulsions and restrictions, but the result will be achieved in 2 weeks. A slow pace is more reliable than sprints.

Without pain, there is no growth

It is reasonable to work a little harder and meet the goals this year that will open up new prospects next year. To miss opportunities because of laziness, to be afraid to experience stress-not for fighters.

Permanent conversion

If at first everything is based on a dream, then after a while, during which you have taken actions to implement it, there are results. New people, ideas, prospects that you never even had to dream of!

No over-exertion

The measure is important in everything. Forcing yourself is good, but the approach must be reasonable. It is easier and more effective to run several kilometers every day than once a week – a whole half marathon.

Step-by-step instructions to make a life plan

There is nothing better than starting with how to make a plan for the year. This will help you keep your life under control, even in times of change.

So, where to start to make a plan for a year or more:

Understand what role you are in

There are important and minor aspects of your personality. Everyone plays a certain social role. You can be a student, someone’s daughter, and mother while being an artist, lover, business Manager, thinker, mentor, cheese lover. All this is what fills your days. You should choose the roles that are most important to you.

Decide what you want to be in the future

Choose the roles that you want to develop as much as possible so that they are associated with your personality. Simultaneously view what negative aspects you have, where your energy is spent. Perhaps if you shift your energy from them to achieving your goals, the work will go faster?

Analyze your motives

There is a reason why you want to achieve certain goals, how your life priorities were formed. Try to understand what will happen when you implement them, what emotions will arise. How important they are, whether you want to implement them all your life. For yourself, for society, or for specific people. Honesty with yourself is a guarantee of success.

Write down your conclusions

Having analyzed the motives, it is easy to make up your life goals and tasks in planning the future. After realizing your true values, write a list based on them.

The purpose of the distribution by categories

This is an important planning stage. It will help you not lose sight of any of the important aspects of life. Write down everything you want to achieve in categories such as career/vocation, family/society, knowledge/intelligence, health/spirituality.

Set a time frame

After setting a specific goal, determine the exact date when you want to achieve it. Let’s say you go to Nepal for a week before June 2017, lose 5 kg by spring, develop and pass a project on geodesy before the end of the fourth year.

Building small steps

To move in the right direction, you need to understand how to plan for achieving your goals. The steps required for acceptance depend on what level you are at in the present. Do you have to start from scratch or do you already have certain developments? Develop a clear strategy for achieving each goal in chronological order and prioritization.

Constantly check that your life plan is up to date

Life does not stand still and so does man. It is normal that something can change. Periodically reviewing your life planning, you can understand whether you follow it or not, whether you are happy, whether there are prerequisites to change something in your goals. Do not be afraid if your life priorities have changed the vector, and you want to change something. The plan is important for tracking your success and achievements, updating the causes of failures.

The plan is necessary in order for a person to feel better, be filled with positive emotions and have their own motivation, move forward, and not slow down.


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