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Inner peace. For many, this state seems simply boring. Apparently, in peace, there is no place for pleasure and joy. Is it really? What is inner peace? This is a conscious state of psychological or spiritual calm, despite the potential presence of stressors. Thus, peace of mind is usually associated with Bliss, happiness, and contentment. However, this condition does not exclude the presence of life problems. So How to find inner peace?

Note that the first sentence refers to “potential stressors”. Not a single person can exclude 100% of thoughts about “what if tomorrow I fail the project”,” what if tomorrow a loved one falls ill”,” what if I lose my job”… So what is the meaning of inner peace ? The goal is to maintain balance even with such thoughts. You can become more sober and thoughtful, but you always stay at rest. This is a certain art that takes time to master. But the result will be your long-term happiness.

To understand its essence, you can compare our mind with a cluttered room. You eat, sleep and work in this room, and despite all your efforts, you hardly have time to clean it. You delay cleaning until the day you firmly decide to do so. The room is updated, but the next day everything starts from the beginning and after a week you return to the starting point.

Cleaning is an art, as is the concept of inner peace. This is what you learn and retrain to do all your life. The day you stop practicing, your mind begins to return to unnecessary thoughts that make it very unattractive.

When your peace or happiness is threatened, the first thing that comes to mind is to “find a quick solution”. Most often, these “quick fixes” consist of watching a TV show, eating ice cream, drinking alcohol, and living at night. In the morning you sober up, and you are again filled with sadness and emptiness, but much harder than before. This is a vicious circle that severely affects millions of people on Earth.

We cannot realize that all “quick fixes” only exacerbate the situation and have nothing to do with inner peace.

Find inner peace:Why inner peace is so important:

  • You begin to see and appreciate all the little things you never thought would be important, such as the ability to walk, eat, breathe, have a roof over your head, and even the ever-rising sun.
  • You learn to be patient because the day starts and ends the same way for everyone. No one can jump back or forward.
  • You will learn to make the most of every moment, knowing full well that we will all leave this world one day.
  • You learn to walk towards your goal one step at a time. We all know it, but we never do it until we have found inner peace.
  • You begin to see dramatic changes in health and well-being. Food and alcohol are no longer the way to salvation because you realize that they are not the key to a happy life.
  • Your relationships become more positive as you learn to enjoy every moment with those you love.
  • Your health improves and the aging process slows down.
  • You begin to take control of the aspects of life that you can control, especially your habits and lifestyle.
  • And You feel more confident to accept the challenges and tasks you usually avoid.
  • You are calmer in the face of unpleasant events and losses, without pretending that everything is fine with you.

How to find inner peace and happiness

Of course, we cannot give a universal recipe that suits all those who seek peace and happiness. However, we can offer tools to help you make the search path simpler and more efficient:

Clear the” room ” from the mind

If your” space ” of mind is cluttered with thoughts and problems of work and family, then you simply do not have room for other topics. Unfortunately, you can’t just say to yourself: “Hey you, come on, stop thinking about it!”Changing the way you think requires patience and practice. You need to consciously remember to think only about what you can manage. Even the most successful people fail. So take some time and effort to clear your mind of unimportant questions and make room for more necessary topics.

Take responsibility for your actions

You have to be mature enough to be responsible for everything you do (especially mistakes and failures). But without accepting all your sides (positive and negative), you will not be able to find peace of mind.

Accept that you are not omnipotent.

None of us can control absolutely everything. Stop blaming yourself for what you can’t prevent. Accept that you are only a human being.

Your problems don’t define you

Faced with the tragic events of life, many begin to look at themselves through the prism of these situations. This is not surprising, because others do the same. Remember: you are not your problem. You may suffer from anemia or have lost a loved one, but this is only a part of your life that does not define everything else and, of course, does not define you. Remember this and see how others will change with you.

Set your limits

We all like to be free and do what we dream of, so borders can sometimes look like our enemies, but they are not. Instead, boundaries help us maintain control and accountability. Therefore, the sooner you start setting boundaries, the better. Start by limiting the time you watch social media and TV, and the time to talk and work without meaning. Then move on to more serious questions.

Take a break

Even the equipment begins to overheat and “slow down” when used for a long time without interruption. Go for a walk, go on vacation, read what you like, dream …

Plan your time well

This council is not a challenge, but it helps to maintain and find inner peace. Have you noticed how nervous and disorganized you are when you are late for an event or can’t prepare a project on time? The tension is irrelevant. To reduce the level of stress, always allow time with a margin – arrive at the meeting 15 minutes before its start, Reserve 1-2 days (or more) in the project plan for possible delays. Even if something goes wrong, you will still have the opportunity to understand the situation. Take control of your time and notice how much calmer you will feel.


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