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Today I want to write an article in the same style, based on personal experience and refuting the traditional ways of finding work for the soul. And How to find a job you love

When I was tired of working in the financial sector, like many people in this situation, I thought — what would I really like to do? Without answering this question on my own, I dumped it on the Internet in the spirit of the times: OK, Google, how do I find a job I like? Google gave out a lot of information. Only it didn’t help me much, and here’s why.

What is usually recommended in such articles?

whomever did you want to be as a child?

Childhood, they say, is unselfish and not clouded by everyday problems, and therefore, it is children’s dreams that will lead you to your real vocation. Great, I remember exactly what I wanted to be as a child. An astronaut and a Princess. I don’t remember exactly whether or not both professions are at the same time, but at my current 38-year-old age, they look a little questionable to implement.

I wanted to become an astronaut when I reread the science fiction books by Belyaev and Krapivin: to search for new worlds, surf universes, heroically create a bright future for earthlings — it seemed romantic and right thing to do.

And I wanted to become a Princess solely in order to wear beautiful floor-length dresses and ride a horse, always white, around my own Kingdom. In my opinion, this dream appeared after the movie “Three nuts for Cinderella”, if anyone remembers such.

What now? Now I don’t really want to explore space, I prefer earth nature; I don’t really like long dresses — I prefer jeans with sneakers. So both of these dreams, although they remain touching memories, did not help me find a new occupation.

Ask yourself: what do you love most? to find a job you like

find job you like

Write a list of three or five or ten favorite Hobbies and think about how you could earn money from them? What are the professions related to your Hobbies?

Most of all I love: reading, writing, traveling, and cats. There are the following professions that accompany my Hobbies.


editor of other people’s texts. No, and no again. It’s definitely not my job to edit someone else’s mistakes.

Write book reviews? To be honest, I’m not sure that you can earn money with this, but it’s also not something that your heart is set on. I don’t want to make reading a duty.


writer, copywriter, translator.

Copywriting, by the way,is the closest thing to my heart. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, studying content exchanges, demand, and literature. But something in my heart was absolutely against it. I realized that since writing has always been my biggest and most cherished dream, writing custom advertising texts and articles for me is akin to betraying this dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider high-quality copywriting a very worthy occupation. But this is just my cockroach: I am afraid to write texts to order. I’m afraid that this will become a routine, kill the magic and the desire to write what you want.


there are many options here, by the way.

— Travel journalist for geo national Geographic magazines (this is cool, Yes; it also implies an epic mastery of photography).

  • Author of articles for travel sites and travel agencies (which is great, because it combines two of my Hobbies).

— A tour guide or guide in another country (but this is not a job in travel, but an opportunity to earn money abroad).

— Photographer. Stewardess. An employee of a cruise ship…

All these professions imply that you will have to spend most of your time traveling and treat your surroundings in a practical way: look for angles, interesting places to review, and non-trivial attractions for tourists. It’s all great, Yes. But what I like most about traveling is a leisurely contemplation of nature and architecture, away from the tourist trails and in the most tourist off-season. In addition, with a teenage son and a Siberian cat, I can’t afford to travel around the world all the time.


veterinarian or breeder. Oh no. Both professions are not immediately. The vet makes me like an elephant ballerina. Everything about treatment, injections and, God forbid, blood, I’m afraid of panic. Neither the breeder: otherwise all the kittens will simply remain with me because I will not be able to part with any fur masses.

What is the bottom line? All that I like is not very suitable for the dream job. It turns out that it is not enough to look for something to do in the sphere of your hobbies. It is also necessary to Cross Character traits, Personality type, and personal cockroaches. Here the following frequent tips come to the rescue.

Take the test for career guidance

Passed. In principle, a good way. Gives out a wide variety of options. Various tests suggested that I work as a journalist, lawyer, scientist, creative Manager, interior designer (which is quite “hot”), but they did not find out the main thing: I am a Terry introvert. Any work with people I prefer to work alone, ideally-remotely, and with correspondence on Skype.

One of these tests gave me the following verdict:

“People of this type are distinguished by analytical abilities, rationalism, independence, and originality of thinking. The ability to accurately formulate and present their thoughts, solve logical problems, and generate new ideas. They often choose scientifically and research work and conditions that give freedom for creativity. Work can attract them so much that the line between working time and leisure is blurred. The world of ideas may be more important to them than communicating with people. Material well-being for them is usually not in the first place.”

And as a suitable profession, I was offered the profession of web Analytics. Let’s say it looks like the truth, but it’s still not the same. I always wanted to be creative, and if you choose a business to your liking. Then it should definitely contain a decent share of creativity

Other common methods

Asking the opinion of relatives and friends, moving forward a year or five, and presenting myself in a new capacity, thinking about what I would like to learn-also did not work very well for one reason or another.

What should I do? I don’t know if I was just lucky or if the system worked, but I was lucky enough to find my favorite case. I am in love with my new profession as an interior 3D Visualizer, and every new day that I spend creating my 3D worlds, I am infinitely happy. But when I started looking for a job that I liked, I had no idea about this profession at all.

How did I come to see her? I tell you and suggest that you try to repeat my path.

Create an image

Find a time and place where no one and nothing will distract you. Forget about your childhood, about “it is necessary” and “it is accepted”, about loans and rent, about your education, about red diplomas and other crusts, about many years of experience in the profession, forget about everything. If you are reading this article, it means that not everything in your life suits you and it’s time to imagine a new life.

So imagine that you have already found your dream job, no matter what it’s called at this stage. Take a piece of paper (it is better to write by hand than to type on a computer, here special neural connections of the brain are turned on) and describe: how do you see yourself in your new role?

For me, the ideal job is me, a laptop, a cat, a quiet workplace in my apartment or in a small house, my family nearby, and nothing more. No tedious trips to the office, traffic jams and crowding, no God forbid open-space, meetings, meetings, business meetings, dozens of colleagues, hundreds of reports and a bunch of bosses. No more overwork and staying up late — how many years of my life have I wasted on this!

Kind of work: something highly technical to use the brain; something creative enough that it is not cramped or boring within a given framework; something quite extensive, so that you never stop learning and that there is no limit to perfection.

What is the ideal job for you?

Find out what it’s called

Now that you have formulated a future image for yourself, try to identify the work that will lead you to this image. There are several ways. Try everything.

It’s all about filters. If you already know what industry you would like to work in, look for it. If you don’t know, check it out. Most likely, you can hardly imagine what a variety of professions are required now and will be greatly surprised by their assortment.

The main thing at this stage is to crush in yourself “I can’t do it” and “I can’t do it”. You now just need to determine the name of your dream profession.

Find a job you love as a freelance

look for your dream job on freelance exchanges.

I recommend that you monitor demand on four exchanges:, The last two are international and are suitable for searching if you speak English at least at the school level. But it will greatly expand your search capabilities.

See what projects are required by customers, how much they are willing to pay for them,and what are the main requirements. Something from the demand you will definitely like.

Here is a quick selection of the most popular queries: site design, creating landing pages, editing videos, promoting an online store, maintaining groups in social networks, copywriting, creating logos, and many, many others. From non-trivial I came across these: to make a calculation of smoke removal, create a car booking system, go to the library…

If you have a specific goal, such as living and working on a constant journey, start by searching and reading blogs of people who inspire you and are already doing it.

Most often, in their blog, authors directly or indirectly indicate their occupation, you only need to read carefully.

If you are bold, original and dream of doing something very unique, look for lists of unusual professions.

If you don’t like anything 100%, choose the most suitable job as your starting point, even if you don’t like everything about it. There is one trick that is described in the following paragraph.

Believe in the universe and space of options

This is difficult at first. The secret is that as soon as you start walking the road from point A to point B-to your dream job, completely new opportunities and options suddenly open up for you, which could not have opened up at the initial point A. You meet someone, you learn new information, you get new offers that you would never get without moving. So, if you failed to find your desired option and you are unable to plan all the way to the end, but you feel intuitive that a step in the right direction — trust that feeling.

It was this step that led me to my dream profession. I started my career as an interior designer. Understanding its basics, requirements, and methods of training, I came across a description of the specialization of the interior 3D Visualizer, and the inspiration came immediately — this is it!

So will you: start the path, start training, communicate with new people, with professionals and mentors, and this path will open up many other forks for you. You will definitely have something to choose from!

Try on a profession

Getting The Dream Job Infographic

To find a job Try a new job profession. Sign up for training courses. Get an internship, trainee, or professional assistant. Feel your feelings. The feeling of excitement, the desire to learn more and more nuances, the desire to grow and develop in the chosen direction did not leave you until the end of the course or practice? Hooray, you have found your business!

If the left and you are disappointed — well, it does not matter! It’s great that you tried it, otherwise how else would you know it wasn’t yours? Crossing out options brings you closer to the most cherished one. In addition, you have gained useful experience and new acquaintances! You can take a break and try something else.

Take a big step towards your dream and find your dream job

So, have you found a job that suits you? Congratulations! The most important thing left is to take a step from the dream to its fulfillment. Do it! Just prepare yourself properly first. Work in your chosen field in the evenings, on weekends, on holidays (this is temporary), earn your first money, first clients, and first experience.

At the current stage, make savings in the form of a financial cushion for the first time (ideally for six months). Have the patience and support of your family. Believe in yourself. Remember that at first, it will be difficult, very difficult, and unusual, but if you do not give up at this stage, then everything will work out.

Are you all done? Bingo! Get a bonus as a gift — happiness. I’m not kidding, to do the business of your dreams, to accept positive feedback from customers, to grow and develop professionally in your chosen field, to earn your favorite thing — this is the real happiness available, in General, to each of us.

Join us! Share your achievements, doubts, victories and difficulties. And find a job that you like


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