street fighting

Which one of us is out of danger? We’re all subject to pre-assault or surprise attack by anyone and anywhere outside the house, even if you don’t want to fight, you’ll sometimes have to face it because your opponent wants to.
You might win your opponent in size, however, this is not the only measure of the balance of forces in the battle, so if I had to fight a battle, and I felt sure that the inevitable confrontation; you have to know how to fight in a street and follow some tips that will you from the confrontation victorious or the surviving

what is street fighting?

This is a battle that usually starts unexpectedly and lasts very short – as some claim, no more than 5 minutes. If it lasts for a longer time, for example, more than 20 minutes, it is not a fight, but a beating. The fight often ends in injuries and can even lead to a fatal outcome for one of the opponents. Therefore, the main thing in a duel is to use all the opportunities to avoid it.

Here are 7 points of action in a crisis situation that will help minimize the risks in a street fight:

how to fight tips

1. Do not tempt fate!

Avoid a place where a fight literally begs for itself. Especially in the evening and at night. Suspicious eateries, night clubs, and discos, dark alleys, underground passages, notorious areas — these places are especially dangerous. If you are still in the wrong place at the wrong time, behave calmly, keep your head down. Try not to show your mobile phone, wallet, or car keys. You may be under surveillance, and if you feel too confident in someone else’s territory, someone may not like it.

2. Calm down your ego.

And in simpler words-cool your emotions and avoid collisions. This is a difficult situation for any man. You may have to apologize and leave, even though you are sure that the truth is on your side. Remember — this is not a sign of weakness, but a tactical maneuver that will help you avoid trouble. Or, at least, should make such an attempt…

3. Soberly assess the situation.

If your avoidance tactics have failed you, and your tactical retreats have only angered your opponent, who has admitted that you are a coward and a weakling, then you need to quickly develop a plan. Look around, make sure that somewhere within your reach are items that can be used for defense or attack.

If the enemy has a weapon, you are in a hopeless situation. If he is holding a baseball bat, knife, or other dangerous tools in his hand, do not turn on the hero. Here you will be the only diplomacy, or at least try to draw the attention of others. The more witnesses, the worse it is for the attacker.

4. Look at the nonverbal signals of the aggressor, the so-called body language.

It always sends a lot of signals before it attacks. It’s rare for someone to pounce out of the blue. If he wants to strike, he will clench his fists and teeth, and tighten his shoulders. If he is drunk or under the influence of drugs, he will certainly give himself away more clearly, so you will quickly notice.

5. Stun and surprise the attacker!

If all the signs indicate that peaceful methods can not solve anything, then try to warn him of the attack and attack first. If you hit, then hit in the chin, nose. Never forget the good old kick in the balls, “advises Wally” Weapons ” McDonald, a martial arts instructor from Rochester in new York state.

6. If you are peaceful and do not want to offend even a fly, then learn to Dodge and avoid blows.

This ability discourages people in battle. Every missed shot is tiresome and irritating.

7. Know when to leave.

If the enemy is outnumbered, or your chances of winning a fight you estimate as minimal, then try to distract your opponent and get away from the scene before it becomes the scene of the incident. IMPORTANT: if you know that you are not able to escape, trying to escape will only make the situation worse. It will also happen if you are driven into a dead end. “In the corners, people die,” says an old Boxing proverb. What’s the use of running fast if you don’t know where to run?

What is the Best Martial Art for a Street Fight

a lot of you guys want to get into martial arts but you don’t know where to begin so I’m going to be breaking down individual martial arts talking about the benefits of each of them.


you think of boxing you think of punches take a street fighting you think of punches, okay so boxing is going to go over all of that it’s going to teach you how to slip how to move good footwork rolling under punches and blocking punches.


so a lot of times in a street fight you’ll get pulled down to the ground and its ground fighting I got to know how to defend yourself on the ground only thing about street fighting and I always say you never want to go to the ground because if there are other people around they can be stomping on your head that is no goodBrazilianJiu Jitsu based on the principle that a person with a weakly developed physique can successfully defend against a stronger opponent using the proper technique (painful techniques and suffocation), and defeat him.

traditional wrestling

 you join your highschool or just find a club wrestling team this way you can learn how to defend against takedowns or if you have to you know to take people down on top of that conditioning you know the weight training just wrestlers are tremendous athletes so you’re going to be in the tip-top shape they’re going to be strong you’re going to have high endurance you’re going to be able to take people down at will and you’re going to be able to defend against takedown.

street fighting tips

Keep your distance

Do not let the Gopnik close to you, always keep it at arm’s length. Keep in mind that if you let your opponent get too close, you risk missing the worst blow – a blow that you won’t see – an important aspect of the fight. Keep it with the opponent, do not let him get close, and if he still comes, then try to break the distance with all your strength: push, kick, move away from yourself.

What to do if a fight is inevitable: how to protect yourself properly?

fight moves

If the Gopnik got aggressive and climbs to fight, then here are some self-defense techniques from the most common blows:

Elbow protection

the only thing to do is to do it correctly: try to cover the maximum part of the face with the elbow, that is, the chin, nose, and temple must be covered.

Approaching the enemy

If you need to wait a couple of minutes before the police or your friends arrive, you can approach the enemy: take it by the jacket or t-shirt and hold it tight. Lower your head as low as possible so that your fists cover your chin and nose.

It’s simple: as soon as you see a blow coming at you, immediately press your elbow to your face. This is a very effective protection against almost any impact.

Protection from blow in groin

In this situation, the Gopnik will not be able to do much. The only thing they are afraid of is a kick in the groin. Therefore, you should always stand in a Boxing stance: legs shoulder-width apart, left in front, right behind, knees bent. And of course, you need to watch the legs of the enemy and immediately interrupt his attacks with his feet.

Tips and warnings

  • It’s a good idea to get some training and self-defense to be more prepared for the Times that you may have to defend yourself.
  • Don’t always act like that unless you have to.
  • Don’t aim to kill. If you hit somebody in the head, in the middle of the chest or the throat might kill them.
  • If you see someone who needs to be defended, defends them.
  • When you fight a killer for something that’s worth it and don’t use your powers for something trivial
  • Don’t flaunt your power. there are those who are stronger than you.

The best way to learn to fight is to fight real and real.

learn how to fight

If you’re looking to learn some skills to avoid being hit, it is a good thing, because you learn a mechanism to defend yourself, you will need more experience in these situations. Also, the development of your skills, you must continue getting in trouble with people better than you, which means receiving a lot of strikes and punish yourself.

How do we make that happen? To get into the battles: well, you can interview each of you find in front of you but may lead to your doom, especially if they have a deadly weapon tucked under clothing.

The next best option is probably finding a fight club close to you. Most cities have such clubs, but they’re not necessarily easy to find. Instead, you can agree with a number of your friends to set up your own Fight Club. This is a good way to get better, but it’s also a good way to get seriously injured, and at least the chances of dying are slim.

The third best way is to find someone to teach you the art of street fighting. Street Fighter has fewer rules and includes learning methods to burn fighting won’t use it unless there was no one trying to hurt you.


you will learn useful combat techniques that will not exist in traditional martial art. You get into fights with others, you’re less likely to get seriously injured than real battles. She’s unlikely to die because of this.

The negatives:

when entering into a real battle, you have to avoid many of the techniques that you learned, which means you’re not progressing very well. You’re more likely to be seriously injured than traditional martial arts.

There’s always the famous martial art, and now it’s Krav Maga art, and before it was Thai boxing.

Considering the fact that you meet committed to the “rules”, yes, it’s definitely different from a real battle, but think about it as if it were a tool of training is set to true, as in real when you find someone standing in front of you, simply deal with him as you are dealing with machines training. Traditional martial arts will teach you how to punch.

The art of punching someone who is not well trained or a martial arts practitioner can be taught here. If that’s what you really want to learn, they can teach you the basics well, and well, like what part of a fist should you use to hit your target? How should your body move or not move, and how much power is placed?

Street fighting rules:

Every man should be able to fight. This banal truth pushes us into sections and gyms. Even if we are just pumping our muscles, we subconsciously hope that we will be, if not more technical, then at least stronger or faster than the likely opponent. But brute force is not enough. Here are some basic principles of combat.

  1. Act only offensively.
  2. Focus all your strength and attention on the attack and attack quickly.
  3. Move only in the field of battle, attack and hit the enemy in open positions, not closing in a blind position, and do not make clinches.
  4. Attack suddenly and try to deceive the enemy about the plan and location of the attack.
  5. Distract the enemy on separate defenses and hit in these moments of distraction.
  6. In the closed position not to attack, move and attack rapidly.
  7. Attack so that the opponent loses balance and stability.
  8. Never frighten or tease the enemy in vain, so as not to break away from the main task – to win.
  9. Don’t March in vain, and get ready for the actual assault.
  10. the Demonstration must be one with the actual attack and constitute one operation with it.
  11. Each operation has only the necessary demonstration: remember that only by demonstrating, you can not win.
  12. Do not attempt any special defenses and closures, defend yourself with a maneuver; your legs are the best defenders, and keep your fists for blows.
  13. Challenge your opponent to a particular action, if only you can turn it to your advantage.
  14. All actions must be sudden, surprise-the key to the success of the attack.
  15. When attacking, be able to quickly focus all your forces on the point of attack.
  16. The thing started don’t leave unfinished, calculate forces and deciding to bring the action to the end.

17.Eye, speed and onslaught – the three basics of tactics:

a) the eye.

If you can’t judge everything by eye, then no amount of weight and accurate information will help you. Learn to evaluate everything by eye without error, starting from the space and ending with the strong-willed efforts of the enemy. It is important not only to determine the enemy’s strength by sight but to be able to see and assess the situation at a glance. Learn to act with your eye.

b) Speed begins with accuracy and ends with a friendly action of all forces.

Force is estimated not only by the definition of mass, but also by the definition of the mass’s ability to move quickly. Speed increases strength.

C) Onslaught

once started, the movement should not be stopped by any obstacles, not to mention the withdrawal and reverse movement. Not stopping, not backing up, but just constantly pushing forward – that’s what the onslaught means. Only the fighter reaches victory, whose energy can not be broken against any obstacles opposed by the enemy. What is the will to win, such as the onslaught: if the will is only for one blow, then you can not resist the pressure of a stronger than one blow.

  1. Remember that the one who attacks earlier and faster is a more skilled fighter: learn to start the fight earlier than your opponent.
  2. When you went out to fight, you do not need to make extra movements: there should be no more movements than the intended operation requires. Excessive movements and jumps only show that the fighter does not know what to do.
20.When you are preparing for an attack, remember that it can give you a lot of surprises, be prepared for them, calculate:

a) what will be the protection,

b) what will be the answer,

C) where to send the main forces, i.e. the second strike from the reserve,

d) what direction to take after that to continue the attack.

  1. keep your Head straight in battle, slightly lowered down, look directly into the eyes of danger, do not bend and do not close your eyes – this is a sign of insecurity.
  2. If you want to unravel the enemy’s plan-look him in the eye, if you want to hide the plan from him-do not look him in the eye.
  3. focus All your attention on your own strength and actions, and only watch the enemy; beware of doing the opposite, the cowardly thinks more about the actions of the enemy than about their own.
  4. Learn to focus on combat, not to see and not hear anything from the outside who does not know how to do it, he will become confused and will not know what to do – whether to sit in front of the enemy, or in front of the audience, or to make any reception – all of it will mix, and the battle will end in defeat.
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