develop willpower

The question of how to develop willpower has been of concern to mankind for several years now. Each of us is faced with the fact that we can not persuade ourselves to do something or, on the contrary, refuse something.

These situations force you to look for ways to strengthen your own ability to withstand circumstances.

Research by many scientists has brought together a range of different exercises and practices designed to develop our ability to master ourselves. Each person can determine the most convenient way for himself and use it. A tailor-made exercise allows you to strengthen the desired area of the brain, depending on the characteristics of perception.

Develop willpower

Self-control (will) is the ability of a person to respond correctly to any internal conflict. All people are prone to various minute weaknesses, often not entirely useful and correct. Only a sufficiently disciplined person is able to fight these impulses and give life to his ideas.

An example is the desire to have a midnight snack or buy a fat pie instead of a healthy snack. We understand that this is wrong, but we are often unable to control ourselves. As a result, the body is injured and we are tormented by remorse.

Controlling our own impulses is what makes us fundamentally different from animals. If you do not train him, there is a chance to harm not only yourself, but also those around you. It is about the importance and methods of will formation that will be discussed in this article. You will find many useful tips and understand why it is so important to say “no” to yourself in time.

Why is it important to develop willpower

First of all, you need to understand that self-control is not an innate quality, it can and should be improved. In fact, it is the foundation and support of your personality. The more time you spend on developing this ability, the more chances you have to succeed in any business.

During his life, a person sets himself many goals. But most of them turn out to be inaccessible. Or does it seem so simple? In fact, most people simply give up what they started, submitting to their momentary impulses. Laziness, fear, temporary interest in something new – all this prevents us from becoming the person we sometimes see in our dreams. Therefore, it is very important to develop willpower before it is too late to change something.

Qualities of willpower and their development

How to develop willpower

The formation of self-control begins in early childhood. A child from 3 to 4 years is already beginning to understand what can and can not be done, despite his personal desires. More active development of self-control, which will play a major role in the future, occurs during adolescence. Upon reaching adulthood, a person is supposed to have enough endurance to be able to resist himself.

But not everyone can really improve this quality to the desired level. In some cases, the Will is repressed by more authoritarian parents. As a result, self-discipline is absent and only individual qualities are developed. In order to acquire the maximum ability to define tasks and complete them to the end, it is important to develop each of these qualities.


Autonomy begins in early adolescence. But the problem is that for most children this quality is ruined by prohibitions, punishments, and ignorance. As a result, at a more mature age, the manifestation of one’s own thoughts, ideas, and desires becomes a difficult task.

However, autonomy can develop in a short time. This does not require any special qualities. The main thing is to find a starting point from which to start. It can be almost anything:

  • The decision to change jobs, balanced and unshakable.
  • Opening of an online exhibition of their works.
  • Buy a subscription to the gym.
  • A vacation not spent as usual. For example, a long trip instead of a trip to the country.

The main thing is that you make any decision yourself, without tips and tricks. All responsibility for the result will lie with you, and rightly so. The ability to take responsibility for one’s actions and deeds is the basis of independence, without which an adult can not live fully.


This quality of a person is on a par with independence. In fact, one is impossible without the other. It is the initiative that is responsible for taking the first step towards decision-making. When planning how to Develop willpower, emphasize the ability to defend your own ideas.

The main enemies of the initiative are laziness, fear and inertia. They can sit inside each person. The main thing is not to give them their personality to tear themselves apart. Otherwise, you risk spending your whole life waiting for the profits that suddenly fell on your head. And this happens only in fairy tales and films. In real life, you have to work hard on yourself.

The easiest way to develop the initiative in yourself is to find a job that will interest you and really captivate you. In this case, you will unconsciously try to develop it more than just routine work. Do not forget about creative development. An activity where you need to use imagination and fantasy helps to develop the ability to beautifully and interestingly promote your own ideas and projects.

Be persistent

It is very important to take the first step towards the desired result. But it is equally important to be able to maintain an interest in the case. Perseverance as a resolute quality is the guarantee that you will be able to carry out any business. It largely depends on the type of person. Choleric and bright people can begin to promote an idea quickly, interestingly, and actively, but eventually, exhaust themselves. More circumstantial individuals who have a good dose of patience and perseverance, as a rule, can not find the courage to start.

Most often this quality is called willpower. To develop this side of character, you need:

  • Train yourself to carry out any business you start.
  • Learn to eliminate ideas for which you do not have the strength and patience, especially if you clearly understand this.
  • When you are about to get to work, calculate the necessary time and resources. It does not burn and does not reach the end, it is enough to divide it into equal stages.
  • Be sure to stimulate yourself by thinking about the result of your work.

Self-control and self-control

Do not forget that indecision, fear, and inertia are inherent in every person. It is enough to understand how to develop self-discipline in order to overcome all negative manifestations in itself. Above all, remember that exercising self-control is a radical step out of your personal comfort zone. This is often difficult, uncomfortable, and with minimal comfort for the nervous system. But this is typically only for the beginning. With sufficient self-control, you will not notice any negative factors.

The ideal training for self-control is a sport in all its forms. The main thing is to set yourself certain goals and stubbornly achieve them. For example, learn how to lift a certain weight or perfect your shooting accuracy. It is quite possible to set higher results, for example, to run a marathon or become a participant in a local competition. The main task, in this case, is by no means to retreat.

Start planning

Without the habit of concentrated work, you can be distracted by small things. This greatly interferes with the achievement of the goal. Developing willpower means learning to limit yourself to these little things at a time when you are busy with a certain task. Planning things to do allows you to filter out what is not worth your attention at the moment.

Stephen Covey, an expert in time management, talked about a simple scheme with which you can organize all your possible tasks and activities.

  • Important and urgent. This category should include what requires your immediate attention. For example, force majeure, delays, and any critical situation. The development of your own projects should be included in the same category.
  • Important but not urgent. It is a search for new connections, useful knowledge, and connections for development. Making plans, by the way, also belongs to this category.
  • Not important, but urgent. There should be your personal calls and meetings, communication on informal topics that do not directly affect the work.
  • Unimportant and not urgent. This category is probably not for business, but for idleness. This includes watching movies and TV shows, surfing social networks, playing computer games, etc.

It is more convenient to draw up such a plan for a maximum of one week. Then you can control and regulate your own actions in accordance with the developed list. At first, this rather hard diet will be uncomfortable, but over time you will get used to the rational use of time.

Correct planning of the day

Many pieces of training and personal development consultants teach us how to plan your day. This is a very correct observation, but it is necessary to take into account some peculiarities of such planning.

First of all, remember that the daily schedule of each person is individual. The fact is that each organism has its own biorhythms, time of activity and regularity. These criteria are very important to consider when developing a work plan for the day.

It is worth observing yourself for a while, recording the peak of activity. Already on the basis of this finding, an approximate timetable can be drawn up. As you follow it for the first few days, make adjustments and adjustments to make your schedule as comfortable as possible. Thus, you will not only develop willpower, but you will also be able to increase your own efficiency.

Good habits

Developing good habits is another step in answering the question of how to develop discipline. This process is quite difficult and requires perseverance on a daily basis. But as a result, you will receive excellent training for such qualities as concentration, responsibility, and attention. The main thing is to choose a healthy habit that will become your daily exercise device. However, there may be several:

  • Keep a journal. This will help you control your daily activity. Based on the ratings, you can refine your work to make it more rewarding and less tiring.
  • Analytical accounting. A useful activity that helps not only to learn self-control but also to save significantly.
  • Morning workout. The habit of doing the simplest exercises every day will give you a revival of vivacity and teach you to follow the daily routine.
  • Replenishment of the dictionary of foreign words. Make it a rule to learn 3-4 new words every day. In this way, you will stimulate memory and, as a result, you will get another resulting quality in your wallet.
  • Read 1 book a week. This will teach you not only how to strengthen the will, but also significantly expand your horizons and erudition.


The ability to meditate correctly solves several problems at once. You will be able to relax even after the most difficult stressful situations, strengthen your health, mind, and increase your personal effectiveness. As for willpower, meditation is a great way to do your daily passive training.

Basically, self-control is the ability to manage one’s own thoughts and emotions. That’s what meditation teaches us. By devoting only 30 minutes a day to such activity, you will get a strong nervous system and the ability to withstand any stress. Along with this, the level of your self-control will increase significantly. In addition, the ability to effortlessly direct thoughts in the right direction will positively affect the achievement of efficiency at work.

Balanced diet

We have already figured out how to learn to direct energy in the right direction. It is now important to understand where to find enough energy to achieve new goals and objectives.

The body receives energy through food. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of what you eat. Eliminate fast food and too fatty foods from your diet. You also need to control your sugar intake.

Try not to have snacks on the go. Set aside enough time to eat in peace. This will help not only improve the functioning of the digestive system but also train you to order. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables (some can be eaten raw). Fish and lean meats will benefit your brain. Also do not forget about water. The norm of an adult is from 2 to 2.5 liters per day.


As we noted above, sport is the ideal training for willpower. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of species you choose. Running, swimming, riding-everything will also be beneficial. It is also important to organize and follow the training plan. Do not allow yourself to miss classes. Only serious illnesses or injuries can be an important cause.

Psychologists say that it is better to engage in a group. Thus, you will not find yourself just new friends and like-minded people. The motivation to succeed increases significantly when you have an “opponent” in front of you. Healthy competition invigorates and encourages you to seek better results.


When you discover how to increase your ability to control and discipline, do not stop at developing a single quality. The issue of self-control of pumping should be approached in a comprehensive manner. Only in this case, you can take full control of your emotions. The psychologist and Ph.D. Kelly McGonigal believe that willpower is like a mental muscle that must be constantly pumped.


  1. genetic, but which also is possible to develop by raised awareness, disciplined practice, and extending one’s comfort zones by exposing oneself to challenges. Willpower is a mental capability, and if leaders


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