how to develop a sense of humor

Do you still not know how to join a new company with a couple of good jokes and do not know how to treat the troubles in life comically? Then my article is for you. Today I will tell you how to develop a sense of humor that will allow you to easily and on the go compose funny jokes. You will learn what to avoid in your comical statements and what rules to follow.

After my article, you can be the center of attention in the company, because comedians are the people who attract the entire audience and give them the most relevant jokes.

What is a good sense of humor

A sense of humor is an excellent quality of a person that makes it easier to relate to failures and problems, perceiving them from a comic point of view.

Comedians are very sociable and friendly people who are always in the center of attention. They are unique because of their special view of each situation and the way they present it to the public.

I’m sure you understand, friends, that this approach is much easier to live with. But is this a natural quality, or can it be developed? I will answer you: as much as possible!

I remember a few years ago in my circle of acquaintances there was a guy who took everything lightly and never considered himself a failure. Every trouble in his life he played out in such a way that it became a funny case to remember in the circle of friends, and not to cry over it. This person always had a smile no matter what problems. And you know what? Communication with him was always a pleasure!

Of course, each of us has his own jokes for his circle of friends. But in order for these jokes to be understood by others (many), this must be achieved. Someone is given this from birth (as my old friend), and someone is trying to achieve such results.

Today we will learn to win the audience with our humor. Start.

How to learn and develop a sense of humor correctly

As a rule, people with the ability to joke have the same cheerful parents. And, in my opinion, it is important to develop a sense of humor in a child from childhood. But if you have not been given this since childhood, we will learn it now!

Remember jokes and funny situations that you read or see. At this point, it is still important to be able to tell them. There are some friends who start telling a joke, end up forgetting the ending or important phrases, and everything loses its meaning. And some of them can’t continue their story because of their laughter. Although the latter is sometimes even more funny than the actual joke from the narrator.

  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Stop feeling ridiculous all the time. When you’re learning to skate and you keep falling or going to work and a passing bus throws muddy water from a puddle over you, don’t think everyone is looking at you with derision. Don’t make such situations the tragedy of the world scale. Smile and tell yourself: “Well, how did it happen?ยป And then tell your friends about it with a laugh, so you will overcome the fear of looking ridiculous. Approach everything with humor.
  • Become sociable. If you have something to tell your friends or colleagues, don’t be afraid to put in a word. Just don’t forget that your jokes should be appropriate (we’ll talk about this later).
  • Enrich your vocabulary and read books. I have already said that it is important to be able to tell a funny story correctly. And the richer your vocabulary, the more colorful you will make your story.
  • Build associations. Learn to think associatively. This is the key to good humor. If you’ve noticed, many public comedians are able to compare things that are far from each other.
  • Make appropriate jokes. Situations are different, and your humor may not always be appropriate. You may be in the wrong company or setting.
  • Everything comes with experience. As soon as you become more relaxed, fill up your stock of funny stories, start noticing how often you speak out even in the unfamiliar company, and try to maintain a conversation with humor.
  • Positive attitude to life. The more cheerful you are, the easier it will be for you. If you lament for life, constantly complain about failures, then your rare funny stories are unlikely to be of any use. Today, sarcasm is becoming more and more popular. So if you are not happy with your life, complaints about it can be wrapped in subtle humor.
  • Don’t be upset by your failure to understand your sense of humor. Even popular comedians do not always manage to make the whole audience laugh, and someone simply does not perceive some of their jokes.
  • Also, in addition to these recommendations, read the article “10 secrets how to quickly learn to make funny jokes + video by Pavel Volya”.


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Common mistake

When developing a quality such as the ability to joke, remember that you need to be able to use it correctly. If you randomly insert your jokes everywhere and always, it is unlikely that people will appreciate it.

we develop our sense of humor and avoid awkward situations by eliminating the following mistakes:

  • Religion. In society, in general, it is not necessary to raise this topic, in order to avoid disagreements and heated disputes and to joke about it even more. If you are an atheist, and you generate some funny, in your opinion, joke, you can hurt this religious person. And a joke should never be offensive.
  • Political view. This is also a rather sensitive topic, and not everyone will be happy that you will ridicule their political position.
  • Country and nationality. Not everyone can laugh at the problems in their country, and ardent patriots will simply be outraged by your chosen topic.
  • The suffering of other people. It is wrong to make a mockery of a person who has a misfortune. And for sure your humor will not be appreciated in the company, and the object of the joke itself-even more so. Don’t want to cause a negative reaction? Then don’t hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Disadvantages in appearance. The transition to personality is always a complete failure. If you decided to make fun of the weight of a girl you know or the small stature of your friend, you have not mastered your sense of humor at all. Such jokes will not bring you success, but, on the contrary, will leave an unpleasant impression about you.
  • Own superiority. As in the previous two paragraphs, this topic is not popular with the public. If you laugh at how smart you are, and everyone else is a fool and has not achieved anything in life, only really fools will laugh at it. The others will rudely put you in your place and most likely end all communication with you.
  • Dealing with your boss like a friend. Humor with such a person should be very careful, do not overdo it. Otherwise, today you joke about his weak ability to be a Manager and tomorrow-sit without a job.
  • A leader who knows no boundaries. The Manager should also always have a framework of decency in his head. You can present some situations with light humor, or you can go too far and touch your subordinates to the quick.
  • Intimate topics. Now there is more and more humor on the screens without any borders. Comedians allow themselves to make masterly jokes even on the most unpleasant topics, and not all the public supports this. But if public people earn money and popularity from this, then you can earn a ban on appearing in a company where such an anecdote was unsuccessfully told.

The topics you choose are really important. And your success will depend directly on them. What else can help you improve your sense of humor?

How to improve your sense of humor: recommendations

women laughing

To develop your sense of humor, you need to use it frequently. Now we will discuss how to use this skill correctly.

  • Pay attention to the audience. Always generate their own stories based on the preferences of the public. On men’s topics, joke with men, for women, choose more sensitive topics.
  • Choose a convenient place and time. Be able to shoot a funny joke in time when the situation in the company has become tense. Many people will appreciate it. This is especially true in unfamiliar companies, where people do not know what to talk about, and there is a long silence. You defuse the situation, everyone is grateful to you and everyone notices you.
  • Don’t forget about topical issues. Rising utility bills, broken roads-this is what worries many. Everyone will understand this and laugh if you present it correctly.
  • Laugh at yourself, but don’t make fun of others. It is also important to understand the measure and not make a complete joke of yourself, otherwise you will no longer be taken seriously at all.
  • Create up-to-date jokes. Your humor should be understandable to most and relevant. It is worth avoiding hackneyed stories that are already tired of listening to.

Everything we discussed above will help you raise your level of humor. After all, you probably just never tried to do it.


Friends, you probably have come across such people in your life who always and easily create a funny joke out of a simple situation on the go. These people with a sense of humor are very lucky. After all, it can help out in many moments: in uncomfortable situations, it will help to smooth out the conflict, defuse the situation.

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