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We are all worried about the safety of ourselves and family. We must know how to defend yourself and protect your family and deal with dangerous situations and know how to prevent our family. And you must be sure that you have a way against the dangerous situation. And You should always prepare yourself with appropriate self-defense techniques and systems. So Family Self Defence help you and teach you how to how to defend yourself self and protect your family and maintain your family safe. Unlike other self-defense programs, this program teaches a limited number of basic moves that will disrupt any attacker. So let’s see the family self defence review.

how to defend your self and protect your family program:

What is the Family Self Defence program?

The Family Self Defence is a course with PDF format teach you the most effective movements and techniques that can help you protect yourself. It’s easy to learn that even your kids would be able to understand and apply these techniques with ease.

The Family Self Defence eBook can be your Big solution in dangerous situations. Frank Bell, decided to give us and with us all his years of experience in self-defense to be able to live in safe and without worrying

Who is Frank Bell :

Frank Bell is the creator of family self defence product .all this thing began when Frank and his family gone through a horrible incident. On the 23rd of December, Frank and his wife lit up the Christmas tree. They were wrapping gifts for their two daughters. At that time, two unknown men entered their house. And the only thing Frank could do was to look at her helplessly. So after this incident Frank Bell decide to start studying the tactics using which he can overcome the opponent in such a situation.

What should you expect from family self defence

By buying this product you will start to learn the different techniques and know the information about self-defense.

  • In 2 hours you will learn how to beat any person even the bigger guys than you and whether they are armed.
  • Why why you should never think of using your fists to fight the attacker because it’s could easily end up with serious injuries to your hand.
  • You will learn the “lazy man” method to make some master killer moves without putting much effort.
  • The “vision field expansion” to see and analyze what is happening around you. This method it’s can be used when you are facing a group of peoples.
  • “The Body’s Natural-Fulcrum” that can hat will bring anyone to their knees.
  • The deadly joint manipulation methods
  • How to deal when being held at gunpoint.

Some Benefits of Family Self Defence product:

  • Great Defending tactics: Frank Bell spent three years, to learned around 1800 moves. After that he concludes that they have only three methods that can make the difference and you can win in every situation. You will have 1800 strategies in a single product.
  • Easy for everyone: Just 10 minutes DVD, which doesn’t demand a lot of time.
  • Be confident: By knowing all the techniques you will be sure that you have the ability to deal with any dangerous situation and it helps you to overcome your fear of fighting.


  • a Simple method even kids can learn it.
  • Very cheap just 37$
  • available in video format.
  • will discover the secrets to self-defense


  • is only available online as an e-book.
  • You won’t have any physical trainer


If you try to find methods or how to defend yourself and protect your family so you must own the Family Self Defence program. It’s a great online guide that gives the knowledge that supports you to yourself away from any dangerous situation. And don’t worry if the program doesn’t show promised outcomes. The system appears with a money-back policy so that you can get a refund.

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