How to believe in yourself

Self-confidence is the most important factor of success in any business. If a person loses self-confidence, even small obstacles become insurmountable to him, and every failure is perceived as a complete failure. When faced with serious disappointments, people often give up, give up their goals, and live the life they do not want. But once you have regained self-confidence, it turns out that achieving the desired results is not so difficult. In the modern world, full of competition and difficulties, everyone faces failures, but only those who do not doubt themselves manage to meet the challenges with dignity. Therefore, today we will talk about the reasons why inner self-confidence is so important, and how to believe in yourself, even if life regularly throws reasons for doubts and disappointments. We will guide you through a few simple steps to help you develop your self-confidence to cope with any life situation.

Why is self-confidence so important?

First, let’s separate the concepts of “faith ” and”trust”. The second word usually implies that you simply have no reason to doubt. For example, you can be sure that you can easily do the usual work, make soup, or make a pie. This confidence is given to you by experience and a clear understanding of the actions necessary to achieve the desired result. And generally, performing such actions is simple.

But there are tasks, the complexity and feasibility of which are difficult to predict. And if a person is not sure that he can cope with it, it is much more difficult for him to start a task and work effectively on its solution. In such cases, self-confidence is necessary. It was faith that helped the greatest personalities in the history of mankind to cope with difficulties. All artists, writers, scientists and researchers worked without knowing in advance what results they would get.

There is no beaten path to achieve great goals, and sometimes it is necessary to move forward, armed only with faith in oneself. There will always be enough obstacles and unexpected turns along the way. But the whole history of mankind shows that only those who really believe in themselves and their own forces become great.

How to believe in yourself: 10 tips

Accept yourself

Our expectations are often high. And if the goals are not achieved in the end, it has a destructive effect on faith in itself. Therefore, initially, you need to learn to wisely assess your own abilities, without ignoring weaknesses and shortcomings. Set yourself only achievable goals and do not fight for a lack of special talent. Recognize your weaknesses and learn to use your strengths effectively.

Stop depriving yourself of small pleasures. Congratulate and reward yourself for your good work, and learn to accept compliments and gratitude from others. Buy good things, cook delicious dishes, enjoy the world around you, play sports, and be sure to take care of yourself. Having created the most favorable conditions for your own development, it will be much easier to gain confidence in yourself. And believe in yourself

Stop complicating things

Problems must be addressed as they arise. Therefore, always consider the current task in the most simplified version, this will allow you to solve it quickly and at a minimal cost. If you deliberately convince yourself that the task is difficult, it will take much more resources to solve it. By learning to make life easier for yourself, you will always feel more confident.

Create a reward system for yourself

The most powerful source of motivation and emotional energy is dopamine, a special hormone synthesized in the brain. It stands out when we feel satisfied with a job well done, as well as in most activities that bring us pleasure. By rewarding yourself for your important achievements, you further stimulate the dopamine reward system, which will add confidence in yourself.

Do not think about failure

There is no point in thinking about your own mistakes and failures. Therefore, if an unpleasant event has already occurred and nothing can be corrected, immediately throw it out of your head. Think about what your life will be like in 5 years. Most likely, the problem that has occurred will no longer be significant. So why think of her, wasting emotional energy, now? Try to follow a simple rule: if you have unpleasant thoughts about the past, move on to pleasant thoughts about the future.

Set yourself the right goals.

To maintain self-confidence at the right level, you need to constantly set tasks for yourself and solve them effectively by applying maximum effort. It can be both minor daily tasks and global tasks, which will take a lot of time and effort to solve. It is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

  • find small tasks for you every day;
  • keep to-do lists and be sure to mark completed tasks;
  • try to set yourself simpler tasks that require little effort;
  • praise and reward yourself for every activity you do.

It is very important to feel the material impact of performing small tasks. Simply scratching the finished tasks in a notebook increases the feeling of satisfaction (by the way, a paper notebook is much more effective than an organizer on your phone).

For even greater effect, small stickers can be printed. Performing small tasks, you can glue these stickers on a special sheet, and when it is completely full, please yourself with a pleasant purchase. With each new sticker, you will feel the progress and the approaching reward.

Help those who need it

Many people need help. At the same time, many of us wish to help, but simply do not know how to do it. But finding a way is not so difficult. There are special groups on social networks that allow you to choose the type of charitable organization that suits you best. You can take care of the elderly, toddlers, disabled children, or animals abandoned by their parents simply by allocating a small amount from your monthly budget. Doing good today is easier than ever

Stop looking for the culprit

Sometimes it is difficult for us to admit our mistake and it is much easier to blame the first person who encounters or blames the circumstances. But strong and autonomous individuals are responsible for their own actions. Learning to be responsible for your mistakes will allow you to gain much easier confidence in yourself. Remember that self-pity is incompatible with adequate self-esteem.

Get rid of fears

Fear of failure is the main cause of self-doubt. Every time you have doubts, analyze your feelings, and try to understand exactly what fears are behind this insecurity. It may take an effort to get rid of it, but it’s worth it!

For example, many people avoid relationships because they are shy about their appearance and body. But this problem is so easy to solve – just sign up for a gym or start running, and in a few months your figure will become noticeably more beautiful.

Adopt a hobby

Self-confidence can be suppressed by routine, unloved work, and simply the lack of interesting activities. Unfortunately, an adult rarely has the opportunity to change a boring job for something newer, since it is impossible to immediately receive a normal salary level in a new field of activity. But how to believe in yourself in such a situation? The best way to break this kind of routine is to find an interesting hobby. It is not necessary for this to be a practical activity. You can set yourself to dance or music, learn to draw, or do something with your own hands.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Such comparisons do not make practical sense and greatly harm self-esteem because usually, we compare ourselves only with the best. Seeing that someone is better than us in a certain job, we get upset not to think about how good he is for other things. As a result, there is always someone who is smarter, more attractive, slimmer, more energetic, and more efficient. Although they are usually different people, our self-esteem suffers greatly from such comparisons. Therefore, do not compare yourself with others, but focus on your own strengths.


Self-confidence is necessary for each of us. It helps to cope with the most difficult tasks, moves forward, and succeeds in all areas of life. The greatest characters in history reached the top only thanks to self-confidence. Everyone should believe in himself, even if he does not intend to become a world-famous writer, artist, or scientist. If you want to become a truly successful person, remember the 10 tips to believe in yourself from this article, and it will be much easier for you to succeed in all areas of your life.


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