how to become more social

How to become a more sociable person? How to improve his social life? In this article, you will find answers to these questions.
You don’t have many friends. You don’t communicate much, but you want to make a difference. What to do? How to start?
First of all, I want to say that you are not alone. Many have similar difficulties. We like to have a lot of friends. But it can be difficult to change something in your behavior. We often do not know constructive ways to achieve this. Therefore, if our advice on how to increase social activity will help you find new knowledge, we will be very happy.

Try saying yes.

Well, or for starters, watch the movie “always say yes” with Jim Carrey. How many times have you refused invitations to go somewhere? Many people are afraid of New meetings and begin to do new things for them. How do you know if you like it or not? Don’t be afraid to try. You can learn unexpected things about yourself.

Make more effort to connect with existing friends

Do you have any friends? Maybe a little, but there are some. communicate more with them. If you make the effort and go out more often with them, you will have more chances to meet new people. Let your friends know that you are ready to meet and chat. Become available for communication and they will invite you more often.

Communication must be your priority.

You will have to work hard to change your social life. Take time to interact with people. Take steps to socialize, meet, and walk more often. Well, of course, you don’t have to. Changing or not changing your life is only your choice.

Find old friends.

Social networks are a great tool to recover contacts. Odnoklassniki, Contact, Facebook … There are many options. But, in fact, finding a friend online is half the battle. Very few go through the next step: make an appointment in person. Do it.

Do not be afraid of rejection.

This is a decent obstacle to the development of the social activity. People often ask themselves questions: “What if he (she) says no? What if I stop them? What if they don’t like me? “…But it may never happen. And if so? What are you gonna lose?

Be positive.

No one likes it when someone constantly groans, complains all the time. People communicate most often for fun. Stay positive and optimistic when communicating with other people. Do this, and you will notice that people are much more willing to start communicating with you and there are more friends.

Listen to people and be ready to help.

Of course, it is impossible to always be happy. There are also problems. Friends should be able to help. But it is also sometimes necessary to make an effort to listen to the person and give him a helping hand. A small circle of reliable and close friends is more important than having a wide circle of casual acquaintances.

Find a leisure club or exercise.

This article is already on your list, is not it? Doing sports or visiting a club, you will definitely meet new people. This is a good opportunity to turn some of them into friends.

Try not to be boring.

You need to be able to talk to people about different topics, not just about yourself. Try to learn to read body language, be attentive to the expression of the other person’s face, in order to understand whether or not he likes the topic of conversation.

Look outward, not inward.

The easiest way to interest someone is to show them that you are interested in them. Try not to look for a friend, but to become a friend. Show real interest, then they will be interested in you.
Do you have any tips to improve your social life? Share with us!


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