How to attract money

Money is one of the most mysterious things in the world. Some people get them easily and without visible stress, while others are exhausted for years for a pitiful penny. Why does this happen? How to attract money by knowing the folk signs? What is the right way to manage money? Our ancestors knew the answers to these and many other questions. No wonder they observed for years the connection between words, thoughts, actions, events and drew their own conclusions.

How to attract money by FOLK methods

There are folk remedies that are aimed at attracting money to the House. These are plots, rituals and simple advice.

The most important of these is that only the one who knows how to give is the winner. It is not in vain that most of the powerful in this world regularly make huge contributions to charity . They know very well that what they have spent will return to them a hundredfold. But it is not a question of surprising the higher powers with the magnitude of their gifts. The main thing is to regularly give a portion of your income to people who need help. It is believed that twice the amount will soon be returned.

There are many traditional methods that can help you increase your wealth. If you made a lot of income, take a silver coin and put it under the threshold. In this case, you should say : “I’m in the house, the money is behind me.” Experts say that such a ritual will help preserve and increase the state.

In order not to lose money, you can not give anything on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is especially true for hairdressing and manicure salons, where people leave parts of their body. Thus, they give up their luck, weaken their defenses and risk losing everything they have.

The moon has long been considered a symbol that attracts money. To use its power, to the new moon, you need to take out a coin and say: “the month is born, money is added.”

In addition, some things will help to attract money to the House. For example, you can have a frog figurine, which in many cultures is a symbol of wealth . To enhance the effect of the amulet, you need to put a bill under it and regularly tell him about your plans for the future, the appearance of additional amounts in your wallet, and thank him for the growing wealth.

You should never pick up small coins and bills on the floor, it is better to bypass them so as not to scare away luck and not waste it on insignificant coins . But the big ones, on the contrary, need to be taken – this paves the way at home for cash flow.

A surefire way to get rich quickly is to adopt a stray cat. The presence of a tailed Beetle in the house, in principle, has a positive effect on the well-being of family members.

How to attract money: CHOOSE A WALLET

How to attract money into your life? You need to start from where you will store them. This is a wallet.

Its appearance is incredibly important. When choosing a wallet, pay attention to the fact that it must be made from natural materials. It can be leather or fabric, but not synthetics. In order for the money to be kept in the wallet, the corresponding energy must flow freely. Everything that has nothing to do with nature slows it down, weakens it, and sometimes even pushes it away.

Material wealth is inextricably linked with land and metals. To emphasize this unity, it is necessary to choose the right color that attracts money. Shades of brown, red, yellow, orange, silver will help make your wallet interesting for them. You can stop at one or two, but no more.

People often buy a wallet and then use it for years. Old, shabby, but such an expensive thing that I really do not want to throw away. That’s a big mistake. Money prefers new and beautiful things. Therefore, it makes sense to update your portfolio regularly. It is not necessary to buy something very expensive, no one canceled the advice to live by your means, so go for a solid option that will retain its decent appearance for a long time.

Money likes to count. And order. Therefore, invoices should always be presented at their value, and coins should be stored separately.

There are traditional ways to attract money. For example, it is read that ordinary horseradish significantly increases the concentration of material energy. A small piece of this root in a separate pocket should soon fill the wallet with large banknotes. The same role is intended to play an irreplaceable part. Its purpose is to ensure that the wallet never remains completely empty, because, as you know, nothing is attracted to emptiness. Many people carry with them a lucky bill that they believe to be such for a personal reason. People claim that this is a powerful talisman, thanks to which a person will never be left without funds. Even if there are few, there will still be enough for the most part.

We save money

It is not enough to attract money, it is also important to save it. To this end, there are also folk signs and Means. The main thing is that money should always be with you. That is, keeping them in a bank is a very bad decision.

At home, you need to have a piggy bank. It should be large and beautiful, preferably bright. And It is ideal if wishes for wealth and luck are written on it. It is important not only to buy this piggy bank and forget about it but to put it in the place where the eye often clings to it and put money in it as often as possible. It is not necessary that it be big bills, just small things.

You need to keep your money in one place. It should be very insulated and dark. Money does not like Vanity. It is better if only one person touches them. However, this must be done regularly.


Most popular methods of saving money are associated with the table. It is believed that in no case should you leave empty dishes on it. Especially during the night. It must be put in the locker. It is not recommended to allow yourself to throw money on the table – this has no place; you should not sweep the crumbs off the floor and use a table instead of a chair.

You should never give someone an empty dish, you need to put a coin in it. It is also not worth giving seedlings and seeds without payment. As a result, one will not produce anything, while the other will run out of cash flow. Everything related to growth is closely related.

Experts advise against lending money. Since it is usually difficult to refuse relatives or friends, especially when you have free funds, you need to make sure that you never transfer large bills to other hands. With them, luck can leave the house, and with it Prosperity.

It is not recommended to borrow money on payday. They should spend at least a day at home, get used to the owner, so that later they know where to return.

If there is no desire to lend funds, you can never explain the refusal by their absence . Regularly talking to others about his empty wallet, a person risks staying with him.

Money can not be given, despite the fact that recently this is a widespread practice. If it is necessary to do this, they must be placed in an envelope and only then handed over to the wrong hands. In general, whenever money is given, it must first touch an intermediate surface. For example, at least one table.

Cleaning is a great way to attract money home

The house is the most important place for a person. It is in him that all the energy flows that surround each one are concentrated. Therefore, it is very important to keep it in order. And know how to do it correctly.

First of all, you need to remember that the House should be tidy and clean. Money will not want to arrive in an uncleaned place. By the way, this applies not only to the material, but also to the emotional. If you have constant quarrels and misunderstandings, do not expect the appearance of material well-being.

Start sweeping your house from the front door. This is done so as not to sweep away your luck. The same applies to the time of day after sunset. You should forget about cleaning during these hours.

You should only have one broom in the House. According to popular beliefs, if there are several, luck loses its strength, dissipates, and can completely disappear.

Store the broom upright with the broom facing up. In this case, wealth is drawn to housing and does not emerge from it.

If someone leaves the house, you can not start cleaning until they have arrived at their destination. It is believed that this will help him in his journey and will not let his wealth fly away.

How to know that money is close

There are also popular ways to know that money will soon appear in the House. Everyone knows the very first sign of this – when the left-hand itches. Many people make fun of her because it rarely happens. However, they themselves are responsible for this, because they do not follow simple advice. If your left hand is combed, you should immediately clap or hit it on the table. It is not recommended to tell anyone about your feelings – this is a sure way to scare off luck and stay even without what has already happened.

If indoor plants have bloomed in your house, wait for the receipt of material benefits. Remember that pots can no longer be moved. The ideal option, when a cactus blooms, is so rare that it always portends pleasant changes and events.

Seeing in the house a butterfly, bird or bat that accidentally flew into it, do not rush to chase them or even more to kill them. People say that this chance personally honored you with his presence and brings you a lot of money. In order for everything to go smoothly, it is enough to open a window and give living things the opportunity to fly away on their own.

A FEW MORE TIPS on How to attract money

There’s a lot of talk about positive thinking these days. However, few people know that this has long been a popular way to attract wealth and luck. Since people constantly looked at their lives, they could not help but notice that money never goes into the hands of those who think badly about their life, the future or the money itself. Therefore, you must always repeat that everything will certainly turn out well. You should never say that material wealth is bad. Does he appear with such a negative attitude?

If less money in your hands than it was calculated, you should not swear, it is better to try to make more effort to increase wealth. Negative attitudes can lead to the fact that money begins to bypass its abuser.

You should not be sad when parting with money. When you pay for utilities or purchases in stores, pay debts, you need to say goodbye to them mentally and express confidence in their upcoming return in a larger amount. It does not hurt to imagine how much joy the acquired things will bring.

People have come up with many methods to attract and save money argent.Si you use them, material well-being will be ensured


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