combat hand to hand

Self-defense training is essential for survival and can make all the difference in a do or die situation. There are a number of ways for self-defense and hand to hand combat techniques form an important part of it.

When faced with a situation in which your life is threatened. You would like to have the best form of defense, which would naturally be with the help of guns and other types of weapons. This may, however always be possible and there would be the time when you would be alone which no weapons at hand and we forced to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

All the soldiers and security personnel are taught the use of firearms of all types and all the survival strategies. Which includes hand to hand combat techniques. But these days it is also common to see many people in civil life also trying to learn them.

Steps On Hand To Hand Combat Techniques

This is so because of the uncertainty of life due to the rising incidences of crime all around us. It is therefore better to be prepared for such a situation and learn some of these than to be caught unawares. These are –

Element Of Surprise

this is among the most important part of hand to hand combat techniques. The Biggest surprise to any enemy or criminal would be to be caught unawares about what expertise in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, while using various techniques, retain the initiative and strike where it is least expected.

Hitting Early 

you must start hitting as soon as possible before the enemy can gauge your intention and even know what you are up to. Catching him unawares and hitting him relentlessly is the best way to finish a combat early.

Making a Lock 

in simple terms, this amounts to making the enemy’s body parts like legs and hands immovable by using certain special techniques. By immobilizing your adversary, you would be able to achieve success in any situation.

Make the Enemy Imbalanced –

almost all types of martial arts and hand to hand combat techniques are based on retaining your own body’s balance and at the same time making your adversary imbalanced. This is done by various techniques that are taught during your training.

Be Offensive

 it is well said that the best form of defense attacks. Hence, it is a good policy to be offensive right to the start. One should follow a technique that is offensive and a perfect way to ensure your own protection.

Proper Training

it goes without saying that simply knowing the hand to hand combat techniques would not adequate unless they are practiced regularly and earnestly.
These are just some of the important hand to hand combat techniques that one must incorporate into regular training practices.


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