Goal Setting Strategies

Goal setting strategies create the easiest way for your achievement. It helps you to find the goal that will not depress and make you stress. You will find the goal affordable with your own capability.

Some people do not like to set their goal since they consider the goal turn their task to be difficult. They are afraid of failure so they choose to do anything they want spontaneously. They leave setting the goal and let the completion of their task flow without any direction.

In fact, the goal is your most important thing in your achievement. The goal directs you to the right track, help you to act effectively and minimize your wasted time.

Goal setting strategies will help you avoid the fear of your goal. It helps you discover the goal that truly you, the one that will make you comfort to achieve. You will find the goal not as your new task load but it is only another pleasure to enjoy. You will be happy to have and chase it.

The Goal Setting Strategies will involve a few factors below :

  1. Setting the goal into action-oriented. The goal should give you clear action to do each day. It should create you a step by step process to do if you wish to achieve the goal. It will be helpful to avoid your confuse determining what you need to do in the day.
  2. If you have to set multi-goal then you should arrange it base on its priority. Define its urgencies and benefits that matter, and then select the one that will affect your life most as your main priority.
  3. The goal should rely on your own resource. Think about the goal that has a strong relationship with your personal skill or knowledge. It is easy to use and spend less money. Any kind of goal setting strategies will not work well if you rely on others.
  4. Set the goal realistic but it should still challenge you. It does not mean you should set it easy. Your goal should not extremely exceed your ability. It should challenge but also still attainable with your capability. This will maintain your motivation, hope, and avoids you from feeling frustrated.
  5. Set your goal inspirational. It should arouse your passion and drive you to do any effort to achieve it. Your goal could be a long and tiring process. If you do not have any passion for it, you could give up the process in the middle of your way.

  6. Original, It should be truly you, come from your own wish, and base to your own life principle. It does not come from your boss’, your friends, or your family.
  7. The goal should solve your problem. It should become a solution for any kind of problem that bother you and a way out for any conflict.
  8. Promise yourself a reward if you succeed in achieving the goal. You should thank your own performance for any success that you reach. You can celebrate it in your favorite luxurious restaurant, take a vacation to your favorite beach, or just buying yourself a new shirt.


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