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Now we will consider the most effective methods of self-defense and fighting moves from special units that are suitable for ordinary people in a street environment.

It is important to understand that the techniques and fighting moves that you will see today must be practiced, otherwise, if you think that once you see them you can easily repeat them, then you make an obvious mistake and in a real battle, everything may not turn in your favor.

Self Defense Techniques and fighting moves :

How to free yourself from a grip on the neck?

How to free yourself from a grip on the neck

This technique is quite effective when a person has not yet managed to completely put his hand in the lock, then of course nothing will help you. Therefore, this technique should be well worked out with a training partner.

But one day it will help to get out of the capture of a person who does not really know how to do it correctly and with the help of such a movement you will be able to get out of the strangulation.

When they grabbed you by the tits

When they grabbed you by the tits

When they take you by the breasts, or want to do a choke before, as non-professional fighters usually do, then the opponent opens his whole body and unprotected sore points.

[Bugs] – never get involved in the melee, because some people can carry dangerous piercing and cutting objects. So many fighters on the street have been stabbed.

His solar plexus, liver, thoracic region, and head open immediately. Therefore, you should not hesitate and attack immediately until you are knocked down or another capture is made.

For example, one of the most effective attacks would be to hit your opponent’s ears with your palms. In this case, he will be stunned and you will have a few moments for a new attack. OR it is better to immediately leave the conflict places, which I recommend, by the way.

[Mistakes] – never try to beat unknown and untapped techniques, always use what you know how to do. Otherwise, many people simply hurt themselves and put themselves in a more losing position, because the reception does not work.

Well, if you do not see any more options, act to the end, until the enemy can not attack.

When you are attacked with weapons

When you are attacked with weapons

do a very good technique that does not always work and that you also need to train it is a blow to the muscles of the opponent’s forearm. In this case, we perform a pointed attack on the inner side of the forearm. Where the muscles and tendons that clench the Fist are located.

[Errors] – do not hit above the opponent’s knee. Otherwise, the leg is easy to grasp and you get injured or you will be thrown to the ground.

When a blow is dealt. The enemy will probably simply not be able to hold a knife or other weapon and drop it.

Practice this technique and you can easily neutralize the attacker who produces a regular boxing punch. In general, this is the very first blow for many not particularly experienced people.

It is advisable to work this technique from two positions when a person strikes with the right and left hand. Then you and your muscles will remember this attack and at the slightest movement of such a blow. You can reflect it without hesitation, as noted above.

fighting movements

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